Quoting Carroll: Wednesday Practice

With the Rose Bowl less than a week away the USC Trojans returned to Howard Jones Field on Wednesday for a short practice before heading out to Disneyland. Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after practice to get the coaches thoughts on Illinois, Keith Rivers and much more.

Pete Carroll on Wednesday's practice:

"This is officially game week for us and this was like a Monday for us so we did Monday preparation and started all over with the game plan and just started right from the beginning again in all phases. Even though we have been through it once we are going to do it again and repeat it and try to keep a great focus when we are here on the practice field."

Pete Carroll on the Trojans' injured players:

"Well he ( Keith Rivers) made it through today and got some running in. Keith (Rivers) did okay and Chauncey (Washington) did alright, Chilo (Rachal) got his work today so everybody but Patrick (Turner) got good work today. So that's a real good positive step. I told these guys in the meeting that they got to get going now. They got practice and they got to get back out there and show that they are back. The other guys have been working real hard for their playing time too. So in essence they just threw the gauntlet down fellahs it's time to compete and get your way back out here and if they can they will and today they made a good showing."

Pete Carroll on Keith Rivers' health:

"He's going to play. He's going to play unless he can't make it through the week but we are counting on him playing. He made it out today and was ready to go. He wasn't all braced up or anything so he made a good step for this week for showing he can play."

Pete Carroll on Chauncey Washington:

"He feels a lot better obviously; today he was running around taking all the snaps. So there is a good chance that he will be able to play a regular amount in the game which would still mean we would rotate guys in."

Pete Carroll on Illinois' passing game:

"The quarterback has done a great job with their throwing game in compliment to the runs. They can throw when they need to and they have thrown it really well in their really tough game against their top opponents."

Pete Carroll on what Keith Rivers has meant to the USC program:

"He has been a perfect player in the system. He's done well in everything. He's a great kid, he's a great worker, he's a good student, he's a terrific competitor and you can always count on him. He's got all of the qualities that you hope your players have and he also respects what he has done and what he has been through here and he is very humble about things. He's just a model Trojan and we have been very fortunate to have Keith (Rivers) and to watch him do this. It has been just a joy to watch it happen."

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