Quoting Carroll: Friday Practice

It was a chilly afternoon in Los Angeles as the Trojans prepared for the Rose Bowl with another hard hitting practice. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after Friday's practice to get the coaches thoughts on Patrick Turner's injury, Fred Davis and much more.

Pete Carroll on Patrick Turner's injury:

"It's not looking very good for him to get back if he can't practice. He's got the game plan. It's been a long time that he has been out. He's trying, he was out there working with the trainers today. I'll get the report on it. He did see the doctors it's just when he can feel like he can go and get up to full speed and he isn't there yet."

Pete Carroll on who will replace Patrick Turner:

"Everybody's going to rotate through. All the guys will play. Rojo (Ronald Johnson) will play more and you will see more David Ausberry for sure."

Pete Carroll on Fred Davis:

"He was chosen as the Most Valuable Player by our players. That says a lot. He meant a great deal to this football team and had a fantastic season. He had very consistent numbers throughout the year. He kept his average per catch up. Really the run after the catch was really impressive and really became a guy that we were trying to get the ball to because he was so effective. Whereas in year's past the tight end was always a solid part of our offense he really became a featured part of it because he warranted it. He's had a great year and I think he has peaked at the right time for us. We needed him desperately this year with the young wide receivers transitioning and he came through."

Pete Carroll on Fred Davis' transition from playing wide receiver to tight end:

"Just at the line of scrimmage stuff is a big transition for a guy. He played quarterback his senior year more than he played wide receiver. So that's a big transition getting into a stance and blocking, blocking big defensive ends and outside backers and all that. He has always been a willing blocker and he always did alright at it. It just took him a while to incorporate where he can be a blocker and be a catcher and do all the stuff. He's used all of his background and when he got comfortable blocking probably two years ago he really became a complete player."

Pete Carroll on the play of the scout team:

"Aaron (Corp) has been great this week. He has run all of this stuff that they have done in their offense so he has done a great job of it. At times he is too good for us. It has been a real plus for us. It has been hard to defend him. His offense out of high school did everything that they are doing here running and throwing so he felt really comfortable. It was a good competitive couple of weeks for him."

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