Quoting Carroll: Final Rose Bowl Practice

Pete Carroll describes Rose Bowl practices leading to the 'Grandaddy of them All' and discusses the near future for this team. News on Patrick Turner, Chauncey Washington and more.

Final Practice Quotes from Pete Carroll:

"This is Bowl bonus Thursday here, this is a second Thursday. This is a tradition that we started way back at the Orange Bowl, the first time around. It's a format we use, to clean everything up and get a lot of situations knocked out. We try to get real serious about the execution-the guys did it almost perfectly today."

"We had a great Thursday and a great wrap up to the preparations. We're ready to play in all areas, and hopefully that should set us up for a chance to play really good in this ball game, that's the whole idea. I couldn't be more pleased with the attitude and the sincerity that the guys have brought to the preparations and the fun we've had out here, everything is going great, we'll see what happens."

Has a Decision on Keith Rivers Starting Been Made?

"Not really, we'll take it all the way up to game-time, see how he's doing in warm-ups. But he's going to play for sure, he deserves to play. He's worked hard enough and obviously we want to get him out there."

Patrick Turner Update:

"They tried hard yesterday to get him, I don't know what the result was today, I know he was working at it again. He still isn't full speed yet, so it's going to be hard for him to be able to contribute much. We'll see though, we'll leave it out there for him to still help us some if we need him. As of now, we have to go ahead with the guys we've got. We're going to be rotating the guys at his position."

"There'll be a number of guys who will play at that spot, David (Ausberry) will play a lot and RoJo (Ronald Johnson) will play a lot over there. Vidal (Hazelton) will move through there, we'll be rotating our guys."

End of Practice ‘Senior Tunnel':

"On this practice, it's a tradition, it was really good, the thoughts passed when they get together in that huddle for the last time on this practice field. Through stretching and a lot of things, they're very proud of their time here and they deserve it, they've earned that and it's really awesome to see them appreciate all they've done together. This is just a little symbolic tribute on their way out the door, but it was still fun."

Concerns About Illinois Leading Up to the Rose Bowl:

"We have to see what they've changed, from what we've prepared for. When you have a month or six weeks, there's a lot of things they could have adjusted. So we have to go into this game very open to the little nuances that they've fixed." "They've had great success, there's no necessity for them to change. But coaches get an opportunity they may have a little something here or a little something there. So we have to be well-versed and analyze real well early in the game, what they're doing differently on both sides of the ball, all phases."

"We know they're a really good team, they've got guys that can make plays. We've got to be able to get them on the ground and do a nice job discipline wise in all phases. We want to perform really well. We want to play our game really well. The precision we've seen on the field will get us great play from our guys. If we can take that to game time, we'll be alright."

Did the Trojans Make Changes for Illinois?

"We've done some things, we always do, it's been entire spring practice is what we just went through. It's fifteen days we've worked out here, so that's a lot of time. We're always adjusting and fixing things, doing what you have to do for the game plan and also for our personnel. We're always moving, it's a dynamic thing, it's not exactly the same all the time." "The fact that we're playing in a 3-4 defense in this game shouldn't bother anybody…"

Significance of this Game:

"To me it's a really big deal that we go out right, it was a great benefit to do well in the Rose Bowl last year, and you take that with you to the off-season. You want to win that last game no matter where you're playing and what's at stake."

"This is really important in that regard, we want to feel good all the way through the off-season, and finish off recruiting." "We've worked really hard, and we're a better team than we were since the season ended. With that thought, if we just take it to game time, we'll be alright."

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