Nick Perry: "Wherever I Feel Comfortable."

Detroit defensive end Nick Perry is one of the most sought after uncommitted players at the U.S. Army All-American game. The athletic defensive end will choose between USC, Michigan, Miami and Michigan State. "Wherever I feel comfortable is where I am going to be," said Perry.

Detroit defensive end Nick Perry is one of the most sought after uncommitted recruits participating in the U.S. Army All-American game. The 6-4, 220-pound linemen from Martin Luther King High School has showed his versatility this week by playing at outside linebacker. "It was a shocker to me when I heard that I would be playing linebacker for this game," Perry said.

Perry said that even though he prefers to play defensive end in college he would be willing to play linebacker on the next level if needed. "I would be alright with it. I just got to take the time out and work at it," explained Perry. "I would have to do a lot more linebacker drills and get quicker."

No matter what position he has to play for the West squad, Perry is taking it all in stride, and just enjoying the chance to showcase his talents against the nation's best high school players. "I'm just having fun being able to play with these great players. I am really enjoying the opportunity to play in this game," Perry said.

Most colleges project Perry as a defensive end and at this point Perry has a top four schools that consist of Michigan, Miami, USC and Michigan State.

With just about a month until letter of intent day Perry will be busy the next few weeks taking his official visits. When asked what schools he will visit Perry replied, "USC, Miami and Michigan are going to be upcoming in this month. SC is set up I think the 18th of this month," said Perry. "I haven't been out of the state so it will be a lot fun."

Perry was asked what stands about the Trojans and explained, "They have a great program over there, and as far as the depth chart I really could see myself playing early and a better shot at making it to the league (NFL)."

Perry felt it was an honor to receive an offer from the Trojans. "It's kind of rare for Detroit player to get an offer from USC. So I am just going to take that as something to hold on to real tight."

College football fans may have to wait until letter of intent day to find out where's seventh rated defensive end is headed. "Whenever it feels right, but it is going to end up going up until close to letter of intent day," said Perry. "Wherever I feel comfortable is where I am going to be. Being comfortable is going to be the biggest thing, wherever I feel like home." Top Stories