Photo Report: Trojans Beat Washington, 66-51

The Trojans got their first win in Pac-10 play Saturday by beating Washington 66-51. Kevin Carden brings you all the images from the Trojans victory.

OJ Mayo elevates over the defender and hits the jumper.

USC's Dwight Lewis had a team-high 17 points.

USC Head Coach Tim Floyd gives OJ Mayo instruction during Saturday's game.

Freshman forward Davon Jefferson returned to the lineup Saturday.

Daniel Hackett fights for the rebound.

OJ Mayo gets some rest during Saturday's game.

USC's Taj Gibson battles for the rebound.

Davon Jefferson takes the jump shot.
OJ Mayo drives to the hole.

Point guard Angelo Johnson gets the Trojans into their offense.

OJ Mayo playing hard on defense.

OJ Mayo had 15 points in the Trojans 66-51 win.

Daniel Hackett races the ball to the front court.

Taj Gibson fights for inside position.

Dwight Lewis looks intense on the defensive end.

USC point guard Angelo Johnson drives the lane.

OJ Mayo with the dribble drive.

OJ Mayo leads the Trojans offense. Top Stories