Recruiting Chat Transcript 1/15/2008

Recruiting Chat Transcript from January 15, 2008, featuring National Recruiting Editor, Allen Wallace, West Recruiting Analyst, Brandon Huffman, SCPlaybook Analyst, Kevin Carden and Clay de Leon. Recruiting chats will be held every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. PST.

Chat Transcript Tuesday, January 15, 2008

deLeon is now a Room Moderator in usc
deLeon: Evening, fellas

deLeon: Kevin Carden, Brandon Huffman and Allen Wallace should be here soon
goscx: on to the second season!

TexasTroy: hello!!

deLeon: Hello Mr. Huffman
HectorSpectre: aloha
deLeon: aloha hector
Huffman: Hey Folks

HectorSpectre: hello
Carden: Hey guys how is everyone?
TexasTroy: great
RICO4SC: Looks like I made it just in time
Don777: Doing well, how about you Kevin
deLeon: Brandon can you color your font? like red or something?

Carden: Busy week with Norton staying, Rachal going, Meyers enrolling, etc...
HectorSpectre: is it true you are Bruin? LOL
jamesone: fight on
Huffman: How is this?
deLeon: now now hector
deLeon: yeah thats good
HectorSpectre: Jes asking
Don777: Status on Rowe?
TexasTroy: lol
Huffman: I'm a Cougar first and foremost :)

deLeon: :D
HectorSpectre: Fight On
Carden: Alright guys we have Brandon Huffman and Allen Wallace joining us so feel to ask them questions
Carden: Rowe is still in school the Daily News report was wrong
jamesone: so bad

HectorSpectre: Upddate on TJ
osheajackson: how solid are Casey and Telemaque?
Don777: Cool, is he eligible?
Huffman: I'd be shocked if Casey and Telemaque went anywhere else

RICO4SC: What do you think is the likelihood we sign Omar Hunter?
TexasTroy: why is telemaque rating Oregon #1 in recent interview????
Carden: Well we haven't got an answer on that yet but he is still in school
goscx: any chance on Kavienga to usc?
Don777: Thanks Kevin

Huffman: I know that some of the recruits that were at the UnderArmour Game in Florida were working on Hunter really hard.

AlumniPark: yeah that kaveinga was strange
scgrad97: What's our chances with Perry?
Carden: There is still a chance with Kaveinga he really like Norton
AlumniPark: some SC recruits, brandon?

osheajackson: Would a Hunter visit out here be legit or some Urban Meyer ploy?
Huffman: Kaveinga wont be done until Signing Day, IMO
Huffman: Yeah, Matt Meyer and Khaled Holmes
AlumniPark: cool
Huffman: they were all on the same team

goscx: Hunter is a Gator
Carden: Well any visit is good but the word is Hunter has been solid to Florida for weeks
HectorSpectre: update on TJ Bryant

Wallace is now a Room Moderator in usc
deLeon: Hey Allen

Don777: How many more scholarships will we give? I figure we have about 9-10 more
deLeon: Thanks for showing up
Carden: Welcome Allen
Huffman: Hey Allen

scgrad97: Guys, what's the word with Nick Perry??

Wallace: Hello guys. How is everybody?
AlumniPark: Kevin, what do you know about Perry?
deLeon: Good nice to see you
Carden: We could give 10 or more but it is a mystery as to how we could get that
many unless some last minute offers go out

Carden: Perry is giving SC a serious look
Carden: He played OLB at the USAAB and looked very athletic in coverage
osheajackson: Would a good official this weekend seal up Perry?

goscx: will Barkley go anywhere but USC? Would like to see Boyer at USC too, that guy can play
Carden: he will be a DE in college and would give SC two ultra-athletic DE's with Griffen and Perry

RICO4SC: It seems we're just on the outside with the remaining big 5 or so recruits who are still undeclared. Will we just have a small class by choice or will we actually land some of these guys like Hunter, TJ, Perry?

Carden: Boyer will walk-on at SC or go IVY League most likely

osheajackson: I hope we keep it small instead of giving out last second offers
scgrad97: With just weeks remaining, would you venture a guess as to the remaining schollies and who gets them???

goscx: I know the bruins are trying w/ Boyer
Huffman: I think Boyer will walk-on at SC. He doesn't want to leave the area
Huffman: He's still on UCLA's board, though, and if they lose some folks, he could get that offer
Carden: I think we land 1 or 2 of the national guys more than that would be a very pleasant surprise

Huffman: But I dont think he's going to be far
TexasTroy: You don't think Telemaque is a lock to Oregon based on recent interview???

osheajackson: What's the order of liklihood with the Out of State guys? Perry, Harris, TJ, Hunter?
deLeon: Why all the soft committs on ucla's board (seriously)

Huffman: I think Telemaque signs with SC
TexasTroy: ty

Wallace: As far as Perry goes, it's hard to be optimistic for USC because his childhood favorite is MICH, only 45 mins from home. When I last spoke with him in Dec. he said MICH ST held a slight lead. He visits USC on 1/18 and I think the trip will tell the tale. USC could sure use him to bolster up a class that hasn't had any commits, at least publicly, since 12/1, when Khaled Holmes went public.

Carden: The order you have them in looks about right
Huffman: With UCLA, the soft commits are because guys are taking trips
deLeon: Yeah, SC is moving slowwwww
deLeon: I see BH

Huffman: Thats the policy of Scout...From that list, I'd say a couple could reopen things up, but the rest I think stick with the Bruins
Huffman: The most bizarre recruiting class so far is Washington State
deLeon: Why?

Carden: The USC guys looked very good at the US Army Bowl
Huffman: They have no one really and now they're hitting the JC ranks really hard
deLeon: Aha
Huffman: But the reason it was weird is because they basically didn't recruit anyone during the summer and fall

osheajackson: Who's coach did they hire again?
Carden: Kalil and Smith are monsters at tackle
deLeon: Yeah, Kevin, they looked good
Huffman: They hired Paul Wulff from Eastern Washington

Wallace: I also believe Telemaque will end up at USC. They could have probably helped themselves there with an earlier offer, but they've always been very careful about evaluation and don't like to rush it.

RICO4SC: If you think Perry is our most likely commit on that short list and Allen thinks he's a long-shot, that doesn't sound too promising.
deLeon: Telemaque sure looked happy at Christmas practice at SC
Carden: lol

AlumniPark: Allen/Brandon, what's up with Barkley, I though he was going to announce last fall?
Huffman: He told me in the summer that he wanted to wait until the spring to announce
Huffman: Spring of 2008

Wallace: Remember, I haven't spoken with Perry since mid-December. That's a lifetime ago in recruiting. He hadn't set a trip up to USC at the time.

TexasTroy: How is our status with JC guys: Attrail Snipes and Devin Johnson?
Don777: Have we offered Attrail?
scgrad97: Who is Freddie Smooth???

Huffman: I've heard that Devin Johnson may not be able to transfer because of grades...I've also heard Snipes is waiting for a Pac-10 offer, and UCLA is a possibility because Neuheisel was one of his coaches in HS.

TexasTroy: ok
Wallace: It's hard to say how USC is doing with the JUCO guys. They are very hard to reach as compared to the high school guys. Can't really help you with Snipes and Johnson.

TexasTroy: I'll tutor Johnson if he needs it, he's a Defensive End!
slc24: How did Wes Horton look at the Army AA game?
Carden: Horton did a lot to improve his stock. He played a lot of DT in HS but looked very good back at his natural DE spot at the Army Bowl

osheajackson: Is it true that TJ Bryant is looking at Miami and SC mostly, or is anything with him a pure guess?

Carden: He more than held his own and sacked Dayne Crist a few times in practice
Huffman: He probably has wanted to hit Dayne for four years, but never could :)
deLeon: Sacking Crist should earn him an extra star
Carden: Its hard for SC to get JUCO guys academically

slc24: that's good because we're kind of thin at DE. Do you think he could play next year if he had to?

scgrad97: Allen/Brandon/Kevin, can you tell me about Freddie Smooth??

TexasTroy: Did you guys see Oshea's question on TJ Bryant?
Carden: Finau is another JUCO guy that will have trouble getting into SC because classes dont transfer

Carden: What was it?
PCdynasty: How big do you think this recruiting class will be? What is your best guess on the remaining class?
TexasTroy: is it true he is looking at Miami and SC as his top, or is he just tough to read??

Carden: Horton could play just because of depth issues but I don't think he will be an impact guy like Griffen

pronolo: How did Brice Butler compare to the East wide-outs at the AA Game

TexasTroy: TJ Bryant that is...
Wallace: I hear T.J. Bryant might be a good bet for USC. Hard to believe Tallahassee Lincoln's best would head out this far but USC has been very successful over the years at hauling in far away out-of-staters near the end of the recruiting process. He'll be one of the more interesting kids to track from now until LOI Day.

Carden: Butler was the most polished WR for the East
deLeon: Freddie Smooth is not an SC guy, according to his bio

TexasTroy: I enjoyed watching him play, even from the nose bleeds!!!
Carden: He was one of the top receiver no doubt. His game is just farther along than most guys in terms of route running and knowing how to find the holes in a zone
pronolo: thank you
osheajackson: Will be nice to have another Steve Smith type receiver
TexasTroy: It seems Jurrel Harris has known where he wants to go for a while, would you say that it is most likely SC??

Carden: he really impressed

Wallace: This is one of the more mysterious recruiting classes that USC has put together. They'll have to cover an awful lot of ground if they expect to fill up. Not sure if they will resort to list 2-types if it becomes apparent that their chief targets aren't coming. Wish I knew who the secret commits were - but I don't.

scgrad97: Freddie Smooth is supposed to be visiting SC on Feb.1
HectorSpectre: tell us about Jarrell Harris deLeon:
Cool SCgrad97
osheajackson: I'll believe we're getting a guy from Bama when I see it on signing day
Carden: Harris will probably visit on the 25th now
Huffman: I kept hearing Auburn or Alabama for Harris at the Under Armour Game
Carden: Yeah it is nearly impossible to get a kid out of BAMA
slc24: Does Kalil seem to be a good locker room guy like Ryan was?

NakedAlien: Are there any 2009 recruits who are considered SC locks? If not who are the closest to being locks? Thanks.

Carden: Yeah all the other players at the Army Bowl were saying how funny he is

Carden: I don't think he is as fiery as his brother though
Huffman: I'd say Barkley is one 2009 lock
HectorSpectre: Any idea why Mallet chose Arkansas over UCLA?

deLeon: Barkley would be nice

slc24: Ressed Pronolo, I saw him play against Herbie Verschmells, he absolutely dominated him

Huffman: I think if SC offers Vontaze Burfict, he'll take it
jamesone: ucta

Wallace: I've always been skeptical of Alabama as a source of talent too, but rumors of Trojan success there refuse to die for people like McClain and Harris. I'll believe it when I see it. They'll have to be some very strong-minded kids to escape the wrath of the South. You just don't leave Alabama easily if you are a big-time football recruit.

osheajackson: Will Burflict get in?
Huffman: But I know he has serious academic he may go to Arizona State with the rest of his teammates

Carden: Yeah ASU got some good pickups lately
Carden: Bass, MaGee
Huffman: The key for ASU will be getting them in school, which is easier said than done on a couple of them
slc24: Any word on Coach O's plans for next season

osheajackson: ASU has worries about getting people enrolled?
Carden: lol
Wallace: I've had people with the Mater Dei community tell me that Barkley will choose USC. That was some time ago, however.

TexasTroy: I meant Jurrell Casey earlier, is he looking food for SC??

Carden: Barkley definitely comes around SC a lot and seems to be a lock

Carden: Yeah I think Casey ends up at SC
Carden: And we really need him in this class

Huffman: If Barkley went anywhere besides SC, that would be a stunner. The only school I heard outside of the Pac-10 he was looking at was Tennessee before Cutcliffe left for Duke

PCdynasty: Any chance for Omar Hunter?

Wallace: I think Casey is surely headed for USC. Only thing I question is his qualification stature.

Carden: Hunter=Florida
HectorSpectre: what does that mean in plain talk "qualifications stature"?
TexasTroy: his ACT sure looks low....Miami low

Wallace: I think USC has only a very slight chance at Hunter. Geography will keep him in the South, probably at UF.
slc24: Any word on the top Jr's?
HectorSpectre: ouch

osheajackson: I fail to understand why Hunter is even tripping here if he decommitted from ND because of distance
deLeon: Yeah thats funny
TexasTroy: 13, but it says he was supposed to retake on Nov 2?

Wallace: Qualification stature = academic standing
scgrad97: What do you guys think of Malik Jackson?? Apparently, Carroll is in home with him tonight.
HectorSpectre: Grades, not Test scores?
deLeon: He's a lock then scgrad, lol

Carden: SLC Juniors QB- Barkley, Forcier RB - Cierre Woods WR- Carroll, Shaq Evans, Flournoy, TE- Presley
Huffman: I really like Malik Jackson...But he has serious academic issues himself. Both he and his brother do
deLeon: Low test scores and grades Hector
Carden: Jackson has grade issues as well but could be a late add if some d-line guys fall through
HectorSpectre: great to hear...
Huffman: Other top JRs: Levine Toilolo, Jordan Barrett, Dasarte Yarnway,
Huffman: We'll have a pretty detailed list after Signing Day

TexasTroy: any truth to rumors in Gator land about Beal looking at PCU or SC??
Wallace: Malik Jackson looks like a strong prospect to me, regardless of his ranking. If he qualifies, he'd be a steal.
deLeon: Things have sure changed with early signings

TexasTroy: sorry, PSU
Wallace: I don't think Beal is second guessing himself.
deLeon: I'll get the transcript to him, hector ;)
Carden: SLC on D - Burfict, CB Cliff Harris looked good at the junior combine
deLeon: I'm working on the transcript as we speak
HectorSpectre: please tell him I said aloha

TexasTroy: I read in the forum that Meyer was downgraded to 4 star?? Why??
scgrad97: Thanks Allen, what can you tell me about Jackson?? Strengths?

Carden: Not sure on Meyers he was at the Under Armour game. What did you think of him Huffman?

Wallace: In the pre-season, Casey's core and test were 2.7 core/13 ACT. He was supposed to retake in November but have no result.

Huffman: Cliff Harris was the top DB at our combine last spring, as a sophomore...then did really well at the B2G camp
osheajackson: 13 is not high

PCdynasty: Telemaque says that Oregon is in the lead. Does anyone want to play for SC this year?
deLeon: 13 is a little low
deLeon: I do, dynasty
HectorSpectre: a little?

TexasTroy: I'll handle the water
HectorSpectre: lol
deLeon: lol

Wallace: Jackson seems rangy, strong and tough. Likes to mix it up. Good overall athleticism and strong at the point of attack.

slc24: What do you guys think of Robert Golden

AlumniPark: What's the story with Joe Adams, is he solid? or what's up with him?

Huffman: I've been a big Matt Meyer fan since early in his junior year. He was hurt most of the year, and only practiced sparingly during Under Armour because of foot pain
TexasTroy: ty
scgrad97: Thanks Allen.

Huffman: Golden is the best CB in the West, has been all year. I know USC and UCLA are making a late run, but he's solid on Arizona
Carden: I really, really like Golden. He was the top DB at the West practices. He made play after play. Same with Rahim Moore at safety

scgrad97: Is Meyer better suited for guard or Tackle?
Huffman: Golden was the best CB at the Army Combine last year, IMO (better than Cissoko) and backed it up
pronolo: Why do you think USC didn't go after Golden
Carden: He had at least 1 INT at every practice

Huffman: I think Meyer can play either spot, but he said they will likely have him at guard. I did a feature on him for SC Playbook Magazine and he talks about that

Wallace: I'm very impressed with Golden. He didn't disappoint in the least in my opinion. The only DB I like in the west more is Rahim Moore, SuperPrep's Farwest Defensive POY.

scgrad97: Thanks Brandon.

Carden: Huffman also has a good video interview with Meyer on our site
scgrad97: Is that the next issue?
Huffman: Matt Meyer is also probably my favorite kid off the field in this class, and in the top 3 since I started this a few years ago
jamesone: what about Campbell
TexasTroy: nice
HectorSpectre: At some nice thing to say about Matt
Huffman: Meyer will be the March issue...A feature on the Simmons Family is in the Feb issue
HectorSpectre: of Playgirl magazine?
Carden: Campbell is a guard. He started slow at the Army Bowl but picked up as the week progressed
Carden: Yes Hector

HectorSpectre: My daughter thinks he's handsome johntrojan

Wallace: I think Adams is solid with USC. Official visits can always change anything, but Arkansas is getting all the best skill kids from in-state, except Adams. That bodes well for the Trojans. I'd be very surprised if he switched.

Carden: He will needed to get in shape to play at college level
TexasTroy: is Roderick Davis in the hunt for us at all?
Carden: I agree on Adams

NakedAlien: Is Adams coming in as a CB or WR?
Carden: CB but could switch. Arkansas is saying he could play WR for them

Huffman: I think Rod Davis sticks with A&M
Huffman: I like Casey more than Davis anyway
Wallace: Adams told me he was coming to USC to play the slot position on 12/20.
TexasTroy: good to know
Carden: really
TexasTroy: ty

PCdynasty: Feelings on Telemaque?
Carden: USC
NakedAlien: Can Telemaque play or Corner or is he a Safety?

osheajackson: Can Marshall Jones possibly move to corner?
Carden: I think safety
Carden: on Telemaque

osheajackson: And is Gable open to moving to CB?
slc24: How did Ayles look at the Army game?
TexasTroy: Under Armor right?
PCdynasty: Why does Telemaque now say Oregon is in the lead?
AlumniPark: Gable is open to staying at tailback
Carden: Yeah Under Armour
Carden: Not much talk of Gable switching within the program

Wallace: Spoke with Telemaque on 12/28. SC led slightly. He was speaking as though he were a safety. That's where I like him as well. Great hitter.
deLeon: He's been a leading rusher for two years (gable)
jamesone: only RSF

Huffman: Ayles was the best offensive player at the Under Armour practices, and it wasn't close

TexasTroy: Think he can contribute as true freshman? Looks like a beast

Wallace: Will be trying to reach Telemaque tonight. If I can reach him, will pursue Oregon angle and his thoughts re playing CB.
TexasTroy: tell him I said hey
deLeon: Good, Allen

scgrad97: Would Manti Te'o be considered a "lock" for SC?
Huffman: I think Ayles will be a nice replacement for Davis...He's really improved his blocking and his separation from backers. Dude catches everything thrown to him

Carden: Hard part for TE's as freshman is the blocking aspect usually
osheajackson: Te'o looking to BYU as well, right?
NakedAlien: Any second tier prospects that may get a late offer?
Huffman: BYU will have a say in the matter for Te'o
diamond2: Will we get Robbie Boyer to walk-on?
slc24: Brandon What type of TE is Ayles, who does he remind you of?
alan/kevin/brandon is malik jackson athletic enough to play slb

deLeon: Hector you know Manti?
HectorSpectre: yup
Carden: I like Jackson as DE
Carden: and we need DE's at this point
deLeon: Do you talk to him about recruiting?
Huffman: Jackson is probably too big to play SLB
HectorSpectre: He's a Rutgers lock
deLeon: lol
Huffman: He's a better pass-rusher, you won't want him in coverage. You want him chasing down QBs
HectorSpectre: USC leads BYU
deLeon: Cool
HectorSpectre: maybe

Huffman: Boyer is a very strong candidate to walk-on unless he gets a late offer from a Pac-10 school
HectorSpectre: It's a long ways off
Carden: Boyer is a good possibility to walk-on

Wallace: Ayles will be a great TE at USC. I love the way he moves with the catch. Reminds me of some of the older SC TEs like Rakhshan, Cornwell and Obradovich, etc., but even more athletic.hakshani
diamond2: thx
TexasTroy: LOVE THAT!

HectorSpectre: Watch to see what other Polys USC gets in next years class. Could be key
TexasTroy: Kid is like an angry viking on the field!

diamond2: how do we look for Burfict?
PCdynasty: Is Rey Maualuga still firm with staying his senior season?
diamond2: the LB from Corona
Huffman: Burfict has a long way to go academically, but I think SC wil be 4,0very involved if he gets things straightened out. But ASU just made themselves a factor
deLeon: Why do you guys think he'll walk on doesn't he have offers? Or is he the cousin of Barkley? Is that the guy?
Carden: Yeah Barkley's cousin
Huffman: Boyer's offers are Air Force and Harvard...And I spoke to his dad last week, and he said he'd rather walk-on than go far

Carden: He is very smart kid and could go Ivy League though
Carden: I think SC

diamond2: is Randall Carroll more of a db or wr?
Carden: Carroll was one of the top WR's at the Army Combine. He is a speedster
RICO4SC: I'm drawing a blank on Manti Teo. Is he a senior? What position? Does he have an offer?
deLeon: Jr.
Huffman: Te'o is a junior and is the defensive version of Barkley
HectorSpectre: SLB
scgrad97: Would a ucla offer be enough for Boyer?
Huffman: Offers from everyone and anyone
jamesone: JR LB
Huffman: If Boyer got a UCLA offer, he'd take it
Huffman: He wants to stay in-state. Stanford may still be an option too

RICO4SC: Thanks. Sounds great. I hope we get him!
scgrad97: Could that influence Barkley??
HectorSpectre: yes. Barkley would then want to beat UCLA even more badly
osheajackson: Is there any chance Chow ends up at UCLA?
Huffman: It may, but I doubt it
Wallace: Boyer shows a real knack as a possession receiver. He'd be a stong walk-on addition I believe. Dad is a nice fellow, but I've never spoken Robbie.

NakedAlien: Any word on new assistant coaches coming in or assistants leaving?
diamond2: has anyone seen Dillion Baxter if so, what's his running style?
Huffman: I put some film of Baxter on his profile a few weeks ago
diamond2: ok thx
diamond2: is J Cassey ours or the Ducks?

scgrad97: Any word on Carl Smith coming back? I've heard rumblings.

Carden: I haven't heard anything lately on Smith
slc24: Is there any chance Derrick Coleman switches to SC?
scgrad97: ok, thanks
Carden: He was at a few practices this year. Good guy
diamond2: any word on Donovan Warren transferring?
Wallace: No info on coaching moves. Might depend on if the NFL comes through with offers.
NakedAlien: Is SC in contact with RB Darrell Scott at all?

scgrad97: Who would you compare Cierre Wood as a runner to? Is he better suited for CB?
Carden: Huffman probably has better info on Coleman
diamond2: could we offer db Golden from Fresno?
Huffman: Wood is a running back...It would be a waste to put him at CB

AlumniPark: Norm Chow back to USC, Offensive assistant to Ricky Rosas
TexasTroy: yes
Huffman: Allen did the most recent story on Derrick, and I believe he said he was fully back with UCLA
Wallace: I don't believe there is any chance that Derrick Coleman will change his mind.

jamesone: YES!
Carden: Rosas is going to be Head Coach when Carroll leaves
cu007611: besides the 14 commits, how many more will sc have to close recruiting and who are your guesses we end up with?
deLeon: I think he's being groomed, that's why PC is thinking of moving
deLeon: LOL
HectorSpectre: PC is going to the Edmonton Eskimos

KingofTroy: Hello Kevin, Allen, Brandon and Clay, how do you see the class closing out?
deLeon: It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks
HectorSpectre: yup
Carden: Telemaque, Casey-SC Malik Jackson- possible
KingofTroy: no hunter
Carden: I don;t think so Hunter to Florida

Huffman: I think Jackson sticks with Fresno in the end, though, because of his grades
Carden: yeah
diamond2: hope we get Perry from Michigan and the LB from alabama, Harris
KingofTroy: too bad

AlumniPark: 10 more scholies more or less?
TexasTroy: I'll take one
Carden: Yeah
cu007611: I heard a report that VT favors Oregon. is that true?

Huffman: Well folks, gotta run to a parent teacher night at the kids school

Wallace: Question of the day. Mysterious class. Not sure how strong SC will end up. There are obviously some secret commits out there who are being very quiet. If that isn't true, there will be some very disappointed Trojans.

deLeon: Thanks brandon see you next week?
Carden: Thanks Brandon!
scgrad97: Thanks Brandon
cu007611: thanks brandon
Huffman: Thanks for having me and see you next Tuesday

deLeon: 0k
TexasTroy: THANKS!!!!
diamond2: thx
KingofTroy: thanks brandon
Wallace: Later Brandon. Hope all is well.

scgrad97: Allen, any idea on secret committs?
deLeon: It's a strange year end, Allen, I think PC will pull a couple commits, but there aren't many left
deLeon: Maybe some secret 2-3 star fellas?
diamond2: Without naming names, do you guys know of silent commits?
deLeon: Yes
deLeon: Without naming names, of course
diamond2: good
AlumniPark: lol
diamond2: lol

cu007611: besides T.J. Bryant, are there any cb left?
Carden: I think Carroll most have some guys he is confident with or he would be offering some 3-stars right now that would jump at the offer
scgrad97: Maybe he's saving some for next year.

diamond2: does sc go after robert golden?
deLeon: I think it's going to be a fun signing day,
Carden: Like last year there will be some surprises at the end
HectorSpectre: Thanks a lot you guys. That was really great. Good night.
scgrad97: Surprises like Tupou would be nice

deLeon: Nite
cu007611: How's our depth at cb?
Carden: I think they are making a late push but unfortuntaely it is probably to late on Golden
Carden: He was one of my favorite players this year
diamond2: k, thx

Wallace: Same old names. I've heard both the guys from Alabama were coming to USC. That's just too hard for me to beleive. If true, it'll show there's more power to the USC punch than many still believe. Coaches like Orgeron and Kiffin inspired a lot of recruiting confidence because they were very visible.

scgrad97: Kevin, was it his grades or just late evaluation??
Carden: He and Rahim Moore are two guys that really stood out at the Army Bowl
cu007611: What about the guy from Hemet?
slc24: I think some 2 and 3 stars are good for a team. Teams can get to many players with superstar mentalities.
Carden: on Golden?
deLeon: That's the thing, difference between recruiting this year and last: Lane Kiffin is gone
scgrad97: yes
Carden: I think just late
scgrad97: thanks
Carden: For some reason SC and UCLA were late to get on him
diamond2: any news on norton's staying or going?
deLeon: Staying
Carden: Staying
diamond2: thx
deLeon: He's got some unfinished business (read: NC)
Carden: He said he has "unfinished business"
Carden: Norton is a very good coach
scgrad97: And recruiter
Carden: the players and recruits love him

diamond2: if we dont get Barkley, who's our next qb recruit?
AlumniPark: Maualuga says he wants an NC and returned because Norton returned

Wallace: Kiffin was an amazing recruiter. Very different from Orgeron, who was the best I've ever encountered. But Kiffin was the silent killer - and also a fantastic evaluator and mature beyond his years.

Carden: Right now I would say Forcier
KingofTroy: are there any transfers in the future?
AlumniPark: yes
scgrad97: How's Brenan doing as recruiting coordinator??
deLeon: ok, but he's no kiffin/ogeron
Carden: Anyone who wants to know more about Orgeron read Meat Market by Bruce Feldman
jamesone: SO-SO
diamond2: my son played against Forcier in jr all american, I know he had a future
Carden: I just started reading

Carden: Yeah he looks good zachp4

norcal: Any word on JC lineman from Moorpark , Norton ?

Wallace: Brennan's a very good recruiting coordinator I think. He'll be judged on LOI day, however. He gets mentioned fairly frequently by recruits as someone they like from USC.

ATrojanVictory: Hey guys a little late... What's the latest?
scgrad97: He seems to have a lot of energy PCdynasty
BigBlaowSC: Hi it possible to get a quick recap on what's been discussed so far?
Carden: Norton is staying the Moorpark linemen is enrolled
AlumniPark: 10 new silent recruits,
AlumniPark: can't repeat it though
diamond2: does Gable stay at rb or move over to db?

zachp4: allen what is your gut feeling on Telemaque
cu007611: recap please
AlumniPark: gable likes tailback diamond
ATrojanVictory: Thnx
cu007611: is the report true that Telemaque is favoring oregon?
diamond2: ok thx
zachp4: any possibilty on Ed O joining the staff
scgrad97: Thanks guys and good night

mattpcs: for us late guys could you tell us who else will sign?
Carden: Quick Recap - Telemaque, Casey to SC most likely. Hunter to Florida Norton Staying, Rowe still at SC. Malik Jackson a possibilty but grades an issue. Boyer could walk-on Barkley closest to lock in '09

deLeon: I'll put up a chat transcript at around 9:00 depends how long it takes
cu007611: omar hunter will sign
cu007611: nick perry will sign
cu007611: tj bryant will sign
zachp4: thanks
cu007611: not sure if to usc though
AlumniPark: lol

wamu1975: wes horton's bro to transfer in?
zachp4: any surprises this year Kevin?
AlumniPark: yes surprises
Carden: Ed O is waiting to see how all the coaching moves around the nation shake out

Wallace: Once I was leaving the Laguna Movie House on PCH and ran into Ed O and his family at main beach. The Orgeron's were all eating pizza except Ed. He was talking to a recruit. Quickly, he put me on the phone. I didn't say much but hello. Then Ed jumped back on and continued his sales pitch. He was always working. Always. Relentless and uniquely able to sell recruits on his vision of what it really meant to be a Trojan.

zachp4: thanks
BigBlaowSC: thanks for the recap Kevin
Carden: Hope it helped Clay will have a full recap later
deLeon: I would love to have Coach O back
zachp4: Allen is this a bit of a down year for SC with two weeks left
zachp4: or will Pete close strong?
deLeon: We always look slow Zach, but it does look very slow this year
cu007611: i don't think this class would crack the top 10
deLeon: We will

Wallace: I recently spoke with Ed. He'd love to come back if the right opportunity presented itself. He has very warm feelings towards USC and Pete Carroll in particular.
deLeon: That would be nice
zachp4: good stuff

jamesone: TOP5
cu007611: top 5?
cu007611: really?
deLeon: If i were a betting man, I'd say 5-7

diamond2: Any news on how maurice simmons leg doing?
diamond2: hope Ed O comes back
deLeon: Kevin talked to maurice?
cu007611: of all the remaining prospects, who would be your top 2 if you had your wish?
Carden: I talked with Maurice at Army Bowl he hopes to be back for Fall

ATrojanVictory: Even though Uona Kaveinga is committed to BYU, is he still a possibility?
diamond2: will he stay out lb or move to safety, simmons that is
BigBlaowSC: Any info on this guy Freddie Smooth?

wamu1975: bryant, telemaque

Carden: He hasn't been able to do any real intense rehab yet
AlumniPark: there's that freddie smooth again

cu007611: i wish for bryant and hunter
KingofTroy: Casey and Hunter
diamond2: my wish, Johnson and bryant
Carden: Don't get your hopes up on Hunter mattpcs

Carden: Not much info on Smooth sorry
AlumniPark: I would love to be a fly on Carroll's wall the next few weeks
diamond2: or hester and bryant
Carden: Yeah Kaveinga really likes Norton and plans to still visit last I talked with him so

cu007611: what position would we really have a need on after the 08 season?
mattpcs: It seems like our biggest targets were brown,johnson,sabino and hunter and we lost them all
deLeon: Even after he committed, he said he's coming down, kevin?
mattpcs: this is avery different year
KingofTroy: If he visit, he's sc bound

Wallace: Yes, I would say this is a bit of a down year for the Trojans. How could it not be? They've finished 2,1,3,1,1 and 7 the last six years. A glut in talent is scaring off some. It's also possible the Reggie Bush debacle is hurting USC efforts, but that's just speculation. I think SC works a great plan. They try exceptionally hard for the very best. That means there will be big disappointments. But I'd be very surprised if the Trojans didn't surprise people at the end with some big time gets. Even if they don't finish strong here, they're class for '09 is looking so strong that it's hard to complain.

Carden: Yeah
cu007611: won't our LB be a ??? for 09 knowing that 4 LB leave after 08???
diamond2: I wish we fenced of So Cal like Ed O said to do, instead of all the national recruits
Carden: Very strong start to '09 class
Carden: LB class is strong in CA in '09

deLeon: This year recruiting also changed with so many early committs
Carden: plus Teo in Hawaii
deLeon: Same for next year
Carden: LB's will be a priority next year
cu007611: yeah but who starts at LB for 09? all our starting LB leave after 08??? no experience there in 09
ATrojanVictory: SC filled a huge need in the O-Line department this year.
Carden: The coaches love Malcolm Smith and Chris Galippo
deLeon: Kaluka, galippo
deLeon: Oh yeah malcolm
Carden: LB's will be fine
norcal: Is it true Barnett at ND is better prospect than McDonald ?
Carden: This year's o-line class is really special
deLeon: Kaluka has 2 more years. right?
mattpcs: why didnt the trojans offer mcdonald??
ATrojanVictory: no Kaluka will be a senior next year
deLeon: Wow time flies
Carden: Hard to say at this point. McDonald is a very good MLB but may not have the speed SC likes

cu007611: everyone says that our recruiting class this year is to fill our needs in the Oline. with 20 schollies or so, i was hoping we can fill needs for Oline and other areas. however, it feels like the Oline is the only area we can shine on this class

diamond2: does moody take punt and kickoff duties from mcknight and johnson next year?

Wallace: I've got to be off. Will try to get some updates for you on kids we have spoken of tonight. Take care. Allen

deLeon: Thanks allen
Carden: McDonald was overshadowed by Katoa, Mauti, and Prater at Army Bowl
deLeon: See you next week?
cu007611: thanks allen
ATrojanVictory: Thanks Allen.
Carden: Thanks Allen
diamond2: thx allen
KingofTroy: thaxs allen
jamesone: YES MOODY?

Carden: The class is still very good even if it doesn't rank as high as some in the past
Carden: We have a lot of really good players coming in
cu007611: unless we get a few more KABOOMs in the next 2 weeks, this recruiting class won't crack the top 10
deLeon: I don't think moody takes it
diamond2: I think Moody will be special
deLeon: PC likes vets whenever possible
Carden: Moody could contribute in a variety of ways
diamond2: like a Darren Sproles
deLeon: Especially on punts
Carden: could be a very good special teams player
cu007611: are there any JC coming in?

Carden: good comparison diamond
cu007611: Simi Kuli?
cu007611: Tevita?
Carden: Tevita probably wont get in because some classes dont transfer

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