Tyler Looking to Run in '08

USC running back Marc Tyler spent most of his freshman year recovering from a broken leg that he suffered while in high school. Once healthy he showed the speed and power that made him one of the top recruits in the 2007 class. Tyler is looking to make a major impact for USC in 2008.

Q: How has your transition been from playing high school ball at Oaks Christian to the college game?

A: "Obviously it's different going from high school to college. Guys are bigger, they are faster and also smarter. Especially coming into college with an injury, it has made things even harder, but I just had to work harder to get back to where I am now."

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment?

A: "Probably the size of guys, definitely the size, the speed too. Those two things combined."

Q: How hard has it been for you being injured at the beginning of the year, to have to sit back and watch all the other tailbacks compete for playing time, when I'm sure you felt you could have been right in the middle of the competition?

A: "That was real hard. Just sitting back in camp and watching, knowing that if I didn't get hurt I would be out there competing and in the running. It's just something I had to get over with and with the help of my family and my dad it was probably easier for me to get over but it definitely was hard just watching everybody."

Q: Once you got healthy you really opened a lot of eyes with how good you have looked out here. How do you see yourself fitting into the running back rotation next year?

A: "Spring is going to be a big time for me. I am really excited because I didn't get to practice in camp and I have never played in the Coliseum before so the spring scrimmage is going to be a big thing for me. I just want to stay in shape and just come out at spring and get rolling."

Q: You look to be a real tough inside runner but also have the speed to break off a big run. How would you describe your running style and what are your strengths?

A: "In high school it was more of getting outside and run away from people but in college everybody is so fast you have to get north. I still have the moves that I can make. People don't really notice that because I am so big but I still have the moves of my dad but I like to get north."

Q: Pete Carroll has said that you are already one of the better blocking backs on the team. Is that something that you take a lot of pride in?

A: "Yeah, definitely because my dad always told me that you have to be a complete back in the NFL. You have to be able to block, run and catch. So that's what I have always taken pride in. I still think my blocking skills need a little bit of work."

Q: Obviously your father was a star running back at UCLA and had a good career in the NFL. Do you ever feel any extra pressure following in his footsteps or is it a blessing having such a knowledgable guy to be able to lean on and ask questions?

A: "It definitely isn't pressure. I think it's fun just having your dad play in the NFL and then being able to try and do the things that he did. It's obviously a good thing to get help from him. He has always been there helping me since I was little."

Q: What has been the most important thing that you have learned from your experience this year?

A: "Probably just watching the older guys, watching how they work and how they do things. I have probably learned the most from that. Lawrence Jackson has been good to me all year just telling me how you have to work and Thomas Williams, too."

Q: This was your first time getting to take part in the Rose Bowl and festivities that go along with it. How has your Rose Bowl experience been?

A: "Growing up in California the Rose Bowl is right here and that's always something you want to play in, even though I'm not playing, just going to it and all the events that are happening. My dad played in the Rose Bowl, so he went to Lawry's and he did all that and so for me to do it too is kind of special."

Q: What can USC fans expect from the 2008 offense with guys like Damian Williams, Mitch Mustain, Broderick Green and yourself all ready to make an impact?

A: I think it's going to be a fire-power offense like two years ago when Reggie (Bush) and them were here. I think it's going to be a really good offense with more experience than this year.

Freshman tailback Marc Tyler was very impressive during Rose Bowl practices.

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