USC Tops Perry's List

Detroit defensive end Nick Perry took his official visit to USC this weekend and now has the Trojans as his top choice. "My top three is USC, Michigan and Miami. Right now USC is at the top," Perry said.

Pete Carroll has consistently landed one of the top recruiting classes in the nation by keeping the best talent in the state of California and getting a handful of the best out-of-state recruits in the country on a yearly basis. Last year Carroll was able to go into Michigan and secure a commitment from wide receiver Ronald Johnson. Carroll has returned to Michigan in 2008 and is looking to land one of the best defensive end recruits in the nation in Nick Perry.

The four-star defensive end from King HS in Detroit made his first trip to the west coast to officially visit USC this weekend. Perry came out to Los Angeles with his brother and the pair was very impressed with all that USC had to offer.

"They have a good school with a good academic foundation. As far as the coaches and players, I really felt comfortable that they would take me in as one of their own," Perry said. "I got along with the coaches pretty good. They are very good coaches."

"I got to talk with a lot of the players, and the players at my position. They seem to have a need for defensive ends and for me to come in and have an opportunity to play."

The 6-foot-4, 235-pound defensive end is a very versatile player and was able to sit down with the USC coaches and talk about how he would fit into their defensive scheme.

"Basically I am not going to be playing just one end spot. I am going to be playing both sides. I may be dropping back into zones. They are going to continue to talk about it as we go," Perry said.

Perry said he really felt at home around the USC coaches and liked that they were able to be so open with him. "I felt comfortable around them. The way they talk is the way they are going to be talking to me if I was there. There won't be any changes in the way they talk to me now; to the way they will talk to me in the future," Perry said. "So I could see myself playing for them."

When asked what the highlight of the trip was Perry replied, "Everything stood out. I mean not to far from Los Angeles you have Hollywood where all the stars are at so you are around great people. So everything was good. My overall visit was great."

The only drawback of the entire trip was the distance. "Distance is a factor. Probably the only flaw is that it is so far away and it's kind of hard for me to get home but other than that I am going to feel at home there," said Perry.

Fellow Michigan native Ronald Johnson hosted Perry on the visit and was able to ease some of his concerns about being so far from home.

"He (Ronald Johnson) talked to me about the distance problem. He said he got homesick and wanted to come back but in the long run he got over it and that was the best thing for him," Perry explained.

Perry plans on visiting Michigan and Miami before making his final choice on Signing Day. He said that Michigan, Michigan State, USC and Miami are all in the mix but after his visit to Los Angeles the Trojans are now in the lead.

"My top three is USC, Michigan and Miami. Right now USC is at the top." Top Stories