USC Recruting Chat Transcript

Allen Wallace, Brandon Huffman, Kevin Carden and Clay de Leon presents SCPlaybook Recruiting Chat for January 22, 2008. Get the latest information about the Trojans recruiting efforts.

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Recruiting Chat Transcript

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Now talking in USC


[Clay de Leon] Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

[1stTrojan] I read that Malik Jackson committed

[Clay de Leon] as it were


[Clay de Leon] 1st Trojan Malik committed where? to 'SC?

[1stTrojan] yes

[1stTrojan] Its reported supposedly in the Daily News

[Clay de Leon] Interesting....didn't think he was offered yet

[Clay de Leon] ah that explains it


[Logan8] Hello from Florida guys!

[Tripdraw] Scott wolf.. im waiting for CJ to suit up

[Tripdraw] CJ spiller i mean

[osheajackson] Wolf reported it?  Spiller to SC!!!!

[Tripdraw] haha

[osheajackson] Don't forget Desean Jackson

[Kevin Carden] Hey how is everybody tonight?

[Clay de Leon]lol

[Logan8] Ola Kevin

[Tripdraw] lendale on drugs?

[Tripdraw] hahaha


[Kevin Carden] Malik Jackson news

[osheajackson] Lendale should sue

[Clay de Leon] Hey kevin

[Clay de Leon]whats up with malik?

[osheajackson] can u confirm?

[Kevin Carden] according to the Daily News High School blog he committed to USC

[osheajackson] Does Wolf write that blog?

[Clay de Leon] who's blog is that?


[Kevin Carden] No but all the players on the visit said he would jump on an offer

[Kevin Carden] Ramona Shelburne

[scgrad97] Hey Kevin, is there a 5 star lineman visiting this weekend??

[Kevin Carden]

[Clay de Leon] you know the family said they wanted to sort things out before going public

[Kevin Carden] The visit this weekend as of right now is Joe Adams,Ayles, Holmes Jerrell Harris and TJ Bryant


[scgrad97] Are you hearing rumors, though???

[Clay de Leon] I posted an update to that Kevin


[Logan8] Any shot with TJ and Harris?

[osheajackson] that can't be wolf's blog b/c the writer seems excited about Jackson to SC

[usc484] Malik's brother, what happens to him? ASU?

[osheajackson] Is Omar Hunter gonna trip next weekend still, I'd doubt it?


[Kevin Carden] One second guys having computer problems

[scgrad97] Hunter to Florida

[speedshooter] Did Malik commit for sure?

[Clay de Leon] nevermind those are the five

[Logan8] Hunter not trippin . . .committed to Gators

[Kevin Carden] Hunter to Florida


[Kevin Carden] He has been for weeks


[Clay de Leon] urangajr, wuzzup

[Kevin Carden] SC is looking good at D-Line with Casey and Jackson all SC right now and a real good shot at Perry

[urangajr2] what's happening guys

[TexasTroy] good evening

[Tripdraw] sup

[Kevin Carden] hey urangajr2


Allen Wallace is now a Room Moderator in USC

[Tripdraw] So are the missions holding Uona away from us?

[Clay de Leon] hey allen

[Kevin Carden] Hey Allen

[Clay de Leon] glad to see u here

[speedshooter] What about Defense backs?

[Logan8] Hey . . . Mr. Wallace!

[TexasTroy] Neuheisel just hired Jesus as his QBs coach

[Allen Wallace] Hi there. I had a hard time hooking up here. I'm glad I got in. How is everyone?

[Kevin Carden] So the weekend was a real success Casey is all SC, McNeal isn't going on any trips, Perry was blown away

[osheajackson] cold

[Kevin Carden] Jackson either already committed or is close


[AlumniPark] Did you see the reverse field Perry did with Michigan, he told them he has no favoties

[TexasTroy] NICE!!

[AlumniPark] favorite*

[Kevin Carden] yeah I saw that

[speedshooter] Hope his grades are OK

[Tripdraw] hopefully he's not yanking our chain

[osheajackson] I'm surprised he didn't say Michigan led if it was their article

[Kevin Carden] i think he is really considering SC

[AlumniPark] it's tough for these kids, when schools call him up, they probably don't want to offend them

[Kevin Carden] He still has visits to Michigan and Miami so still a long road

[Allen Wallace] It would be great if Perry jumps over MICH and MICH ST to get to USC. Too bad MICH is only 45 mins away and that's his childhood fave.

[Tripdraw] good thing Rojo is here to show him it can be done

[scgrad97] Are you guys worried because Perry has two more visits left???

[Clay de Leon] I think Rojo hosted him, he said he liked that, right?


[Logan8] I'm concerned because Perry's parents didn't visit .

[Tripdraw] im always worried until the letters are signed and faxed in...

[Kevin Carden] yeah Rojo was his host and talked to him about the distance and tried to ease his concerns

[usc484] Any CBs out there to get?

[urangajr2] I think Perry was feeling a little home town heat. The Michigan board posted Kevin's article on the free board and it caused everbody to freak out.

[osheajackson] I don't think Vidal's parents visited either, no?

[AlumniPark] ha

[Kevin Carden] TJ Bryant and Curtis McNeal said PC talked to him about possibly playing some CB

[Logan8] Yeah . . . and Vidal's dad was a real obstacle!

[Clay de Leon] Vidal's dad was all over the place

[Tripdraw] any word on Adams?


[Matt] Isnt McNeal 5'6''? Hard to see him at CB

[Clay de Leon] he's tripping here this weekend, Adams

[Tripdraw] i hope he stays...

[Kevin Carden] Also Shane Horton is rumored to be enrolling in the next few days. He is a safety though

[Allen Wallace] I think MICH is the team to beat because of the distance. It's only natural. If MICH and MIA were trying to get Jurrell Casey, I'm sure they'd feel at a disadvantage.


Brandon Huffman has entered the room 

[TexasTroy] is Bryant going to visit?

[usc484] Any chance on getting that 4 star CB commit to Zona?

[Clay de Leon] yes Texas

[scgrad97] Was Shane admitted to SC???

[Clay de Leon] hey Brandon

[Logan8] Golden?

[Clay de Leon] Shane was at UNLV last year

[Clay de Leon] this yea

[Kevin Carden] Not yet, on Horton

[usc484] Yes Golden.

[Brandon Huffman] Hey guys...Sorry for the delay...Couldn't get chat to open

[scgrad97] thanks Kevin

[Kevin Carden] Golden? I dont think so

[Clay de Leon] its cool Huffman


[Logan8] Golden SEEMS solid to Ariz

[osheajackson] Allen - does the fact that Michigan basically has an entire new staff help with Perry?

[Kevin Carden] yeah Golden is a real player too. Its a shame we didnt get on him


[Clay de Leon] Carden, Huffman, Wallace is here, now what's the news, guys?

[Allen Wallace] I don't have any info indicating Golden might switch.

[Brandon Huffman] I talked to Golden last night and he said he's 100% solid to USC

[Tripdraw] i am happy Scott is not going to FLA... hope he goes to CU

[Brandon Huffman] Sorry i mean Arizona


[AlumniPark] wow

[TexasTroy] Dude....

[osheajackson] maybe we just don't do well with CB's whose name end in olden

[Brandon Huffman] Doh.

[TexasTroy] I have to put my clothes back on now

[Logan8] Brandon . . . don't you mean Ariz?

[Tripdraw] hahaha

[AlumniPark] ha me too

[Brandon Huffman] SC has made a late push for him, but he's solid to Arizona

[Kevin Carden] Joe Adams will visit this weekend as well sorry left him off the list

[Kevin Carden] Very true oshea

[scgrad97] Can you guys give an inside scoop as to any "surprise" visitors this weekend??

[Tripdraw] you guys see the Pete Carroll Mic'd up on awesome stuff

[Tripdraw] check it out after the chat

[Allen Wallace] I think Michigan's new staff gives them a better shot at Perry. Lloyd Carr was never known for his recruiting draw. Rodriguez is getting paid to keep the best at home and these are battles he really has to win if he wants to make people happy that he has come aboard.


[Kevin Carden] Huffman any news on Boyers visit to UCLA?

[usc484] Any chance at one of UCLA "soft" commits?

[Brandon Huffman] Yep, I did a recap this afternoon...Good trip, but no offer as of yet


[Kevin Carden] I dont know of any surprise visitors right now could be news later in the week

[Brandon Huffman] I dont really think SC is going after any of UCLA's soft commits.  Some of their teammates, yes

[scgrad97] thanks

[Logan8] So who gets V Telemaque . . . USC or Oregon ?

[Clay de Leon] which teammates?

[osheajackson] Any new news on Kavienga  - or is this a wait for the fax deal on signing day?

[TexasTroy] huh?

[lumbod] if we can't get CB's could there be some position changes?

[Tripdraw] Uono... are missions keeping him away ?

[Kevin Carden] Kaveinga has been very hard to reach since the trip

[Tripdraw] he could talk to stanley

[Allen Wallace] I'd be very surprised if USC came away with any of UCLA's commits. No info coming my way indicating that will ever happen.

[Brandon Huffman] Teammates of Milton Knox and Donovan Carter :)


[Clay de Leon] Let's get Chow from them

[Kevin Carden] Yeah he wants to go on his mission and USC and UCLA dont want that

[TXTrojan] Allen - where do you see TJ Bryant going?

[osheajackson] i'm over chow permanently

[Brandon Huffman] I still think Kaveinga signs with SC

[Clay de Leon] cool brandon


[Kevin Carden] Martin Coleman was his host

[Allen Wallace] I still think Telemaque will choose USC even though the last time I spoke with him he gave Oregon a slight lead. Geography works in USC's favor in this instance.

[urangajr2] Is Simi Kuli(sp) on SC's radar? He hasn't commited to anybody yet even though JC players could have for awhile now.

[Clay de Leon] the LDS guys got to him at BYU

[Kevin Carden] I think Telemaque will end up at SC it will be a battle though

[Clay de Leon] Telemaque and Kaveinga, two good bubble guys to get

[osheajackson] I'd love to have VT but I'm glad we sealed up Casey

[Logan8] I read that Uona K was going to wait until after college for his mission . . . even if he goes to the "y"

[usc484] What happens to Malik's brother? Fresno,ASU, JC?

[Kevin Carden] I dont see SC going after any JC guys right now

[TXTrojan] Telemaque's visit to this weekend will be important

cosmo25 has left the room

[Clay de Leon] I would think BYU would want him to go on a mission, no?

[Kevin Carden] Yeah I think Telemaque is a very important get

[TexasTroy] Is VT coming to us or going to Oregon?

[Brandon Huffman] I think Telemaque ends up at SC when its all said and done.  I think Marquis Jackson will end up at El Camino

[Kevin Carden] He said he would go on the mission the second semester of freshman year

[Logan8] Thanks for your input on V Telemaque Mods . . . you have a feel . . . we have to go by what he says

[scgrad97] Do you guys think that Malik qualifies?

[AlumniPark] Oregon will put the full court press on Telemaque

[Allen Wallace] I've never spoken with Bryant once, and that was back in May. He denied a leader then but the first school out of his mouth was FSU. Since he's from Tallahassee, it's another long haul that USC has to win against the entire SEC. The Trojans sure like to pick those tough battles!


[AlumniPark] he sees to like SC

[Clay de Leon] Mike, whats up?

[osheajackson] Not an SC question - but where do you guys think T. Pryor ends up?

[Brandon Huffman] I think Pryor ends up at a Big Ten school

[Allen Wallace] I meant I've only spoken with Bryant once - on May 20.


[altadenamike] I thought the chat was 3:00 pm our time...hello to you too!

[Allen Wallace] I think Pryor will choose MICH over OHIO ST.

[Clay de Leon] I saw you come in and out of the chat today

[Tripdraw] how was campbells visit

[Logan8] Pryor fits the spread


[altadenamike] ok, I need a recap of SC's recruiting..please.

[Kevin Carden] I only talked with Campbell's mom. She said he had a great time. I will call him

    after this and hopefully have an update

[Clay de Leon] they think Telemaque and Kaveinga to SC, Mike

[Tripdraw] cool kevin

[altadenamike] How good is de Malik Jackson? wow, on the kaveinga kid!

[Logan8] And they say Perry seriouly giving SC a shot

[altadenamike] clay, they?


[Kevin Carden] This weekend recap: McNeal - solid, Casey- SC, Jackson - SC, Perry - USC has a real shot will come down to SC, Mich, Miami Kaveinga will come down to Signing Day

[Clay de Leon] From what I've heard Malik is a player, grades is the problem

[osheajackson] Allen - another question on out of state recruits.  With a player like Jerrell Harris, does it help if there are two local schools in the mix, or just compound the difficulty?

[urangajr2] If SC isn't looking at JC players whats going on with Devin Johnson? He is listed as having a offwer.

[Clay de Leon] yea, mike, huffman, wallace, carden


[Tripdraw] i saw that too urangajr

[altadenamike] thanks!

[Brandon Huffman] Make no mistake, Malik is a bonafide stud.  But he indicated to me during the fall that he had some work to do.  That's rare for a player to do that

[Kevin Carden] Malik would be a real steal to get at this time. He is a very impressive pass rusher. He can play

[Logan8] Mike . . . guys in BLUE are mods


[Tripdraw] plus brandon

[altadenamike] I know Harris has family in LA...I think after reading his recent comments about lsu that he lands here.

[Kevin Carden] Sorry Urangajr I meant no real new JC guys they are going after

[Tripdraw] what he say about lsu

[Logan8] yep . .  sorry Brandon!


[TXTrojan] I doubt we would offer Jackson if we did not think he had a decent shot to qualify. Recognition by him of the issue is good news

[altadenamike] Will jackson go to JC for a year?

[Allen Wallace] The more schools in the mix, the harder it is. Kids rarely cross of a local alternative just because it's a close call between two nearby schools. Alabama is just a tough place to get a kid out of. You leave the state of Alabama, you better be ready for some real negativity, because fans there just don't understand wanting to leave – especially to come all the way out west.

[Brandon Huffman] I agree TX

[Kevin Carden] Very true TX

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[TexasTroy] There is another SC fan in Texas!!!

[scgrad97] remember Andre?

[Kevin Carden] SC waited on Jackson so to offer they must feel he can qualify


[altadenamike] Allen, they said the same thing about fred davis leaving ohio

[Brandon Huffman] It shows me he knows the issue at hand and he's working to get it squared.  Marquis acknowledged early on he's a likely JC player for the first two years.  The plan was Fresno CC, but if Malik ends up at SC, I think he goes to ElCo

[urangajr2] o whats going on with Devin, SC needs more DE's.....for depth.


[altadenamike] Are you saying SC offered Jackson?

[TXTrojan] As to Harris, I think its a plus that he is making his second visit, after paying his own way on the first.  That being said, we lead for Andre Smith until the night before LOI day.  As Allen indicates, its a "bear" to get a kid out of Alabama.


[Kevin Carden] mike according to the Daily News high school sports blog Jackson committed

[osheajackson] maybe with all the Julio Jones madness he can sneak out to SC under the


[altadenamike] I'm confused...Who is the Jackson with grade problems,and who committed to who?

[Logan8] We need DL because we will miss Big Sed!

[Brandon Huffman] Malik is the likely commit to SC

[Kevin Carden] Malik Jackson DE from Birmingham to SC but he has some grade issues

[Brandon Huffman] Marquis has the work to do in the classroom more than Malik

[Clay de Leon] Malik had low test scores, rumor is he committed, another rumor is the family wants to think about it before making it public

[TXTrojan] Twin brother who did not visit SC has the grade issues, although Malik still has work to go to qualify.

[osheajackson] U guys see in Kiper's latest mock he has BFD and Rachal in the first round

[Clay de Leon] kool oshea

[Kevin Carden] He had Rachal as #2 guard right?

[altadenamike] Thank you guys very much.

[osheajackson] yes

[Kevin Carden] no problem


[altadenamike] What about cb Bryant?

[Tripdraw] He also had Fred Matua as the #5 guard...

[Logan8] Maybe 9 Trojan standouts in the Sr. Bowl in Mobile opens some eyes in 'Bama

[Kevin Carden] All reports are the guys are doing great at the Senior Bowl especially Big Sed

[AlumniPark] sorry, did you guys talk about Joe Adams yet?

[Kevin Carden] He is going to visit this weekend

[TXTrojan] Allen - overall, how would you rate the talent in this year's California High School Class. Outside of the OL it seems down a level from past years

[AlumniPark] what do u feel about his committment?

[Kevin Carden] A good visit should keep him solid

[AlumniPark] tx

[scgrad97] Why is Jurell Casey rated so low this year??


[Allen Wallace] I think Ohio is much easier to recruit out of than Alabama. Just my personal opinion, which is heavily affected by what college coaches have told me over the years. I'm not saying it  can't happen. Just saying it is a really tough task. At this stage, USC doesn't really have any other options. They've chosen to get kids away from Alabama and Auburn. Shows a lot of confidence. But as we get nearer to LOI Day, you feel the decision has to have been made and is being kept secret, or that the farther away you are, the less chance you have as LOI Day draws near. It looks like USC will have to put together a whirlwind finish. They've done it before but these guys from Alabama have not been reachable by me on the phone so I can't say I've got personal info from them now.


[Clay de Leon] Allen: is Arkansas as tough as Alabama to recruit out of?

[Kevin Carden] Not sure on Casey I think he is underrated


[osheajackson] That makes sense.  That's why I'll believe we're getting Harris when I see it on signing day, no matter how many times he trips here

[altadenamike] Ok, so it sounds like we're going to close with the two Long Beach kids(I

    need to speak to my buddy coach Lara),Harris,Perry and probably jackson.Bryant isa ?

[Kevin Carden] With Jackson and Caey that really maked the D-Line class good

[Logan8] Allen . . . Do High School coaches get into it for 'Bama and AU in Alabama?

[Allen Wallace] Arkansas is eassier to get kids out of because the Crimson Tide football tradition is fifty times stronger than that of the Razzorbacks. Football is religion in Alabama and Alabama is the only team in the U.S. with more bowl wins than USC.


[altadenamike] Are you guys going to watch Lake tonight on real sports at 7 pm,and will this affect our recruiting before LOI Day?

[osheajackson] I went to the Alabama v. LSU game this year, those people are completely insane

[Clay de Leon] i was hoping you said it was tough...broderick, adams, mustain, williams

[Kevin Carden] Mike -Right now Jackson and Casey are SC, Telemaque I think ends up at SC. Good shot at Perry


[Allen Wallace] I think the talent in Calif is a little down overall to me this year.

[urangajr2] Alan, Brandon.............looking ahead to 2009 class a little bit.  Do you guys think next years Cali talent is going to be better/more hearalded. I've read on some other boards that the Cali is going to be loaded next year.


[altadenamike] Kevin, what about Bryant,and I don't mean Kobie?

[Kevin Carden] I dont think it will have a big impact on recruiting unless something big happens between now and LOI day

[Brandon Huffman] Yes, I think Cali for next year will be the best in a long time

[Brandon Huffman] Specifically at QB and LB

[Allen Wallace] Next year's Calif talent should be a better, I think. Some amazing kids!

[Kevin Carden] Im not sure on Bryant will know a lot more after this weekend

[osheajackson] Brandon, do you thing Neuheisel makes a run at Barkley?

[Brandon Huffman] The OL wont be as strong as this year, thats the only real weak area

[AlumniPark] Don't all good QB's come out of Orange County or the valley?

[altadenamike] Is Barkley 100% he that good?

[Brandon Huffman] I think he'll make a run, but it will be futile

[Tripdraw] whos whos of qbs from so cal...

[Clay de Leon] Neuheisel

[Kevin Carden] Yes on Barkley

[Brandon Huffman] The I.E. has a couple of good QBs next year

[Brandon Huffman] NorCal will have some very good ones too

[Brandon Huffman] But the OC will be king.  Again

[Kevin Carden] Sorry meaning Neuhesiel makes a run


[Clay de Leon] R O B E R T

[webmasterbob] We're storming the bastille....Who is with me???

[Clay de Leon] just you, Bob

[Kevin Carden] Bob!!!

[1stTrojan] Do you think Chow will have an impact on Barkley

[altadenamike] The only run the weasel will have is the bathroom after his butt whipping

next year

[Clay de Leon] lol Mike


[Allen Wallace] I think Barkley will listen to Chow, but choose USC. However, Chow

[Clay de Leon] I have to remember to edit this transcript

[altadenamike] Any word on the kid I keep mentioning...CB Bryant?

[webmasterbob] UCLA has no O--line  Barkley would be a fool to bear baby Blue

[osheajackson] I wonder how long Chow is even there once that subsidy from Nashville expires

[altadenamike] hey web

[webmasterbob] Edit?? Cuz of my bastille comment?

[Kevin Carden] UCLA will make a run but USC is pretty far along with Barkley at this point. I think he still ends up at SC

[osheajackson] Bryant is rumored to be on a mid-week official to the U right now.

[Clay de Leon] something Mike said LOL

[webmasterbob] wassup mie

[Allen Wallace] Chow's rep should have a very positive impact on UCLA's offensive recruiting. The guy doesn't like to recruit but he has an all-world rep and can now say he's been in the pros too, which only helps.


[Clay de Leon] very good hire, Chow

[usc484] Do you think

[slc24] Any chance Crist considers UCLA now Brandon?

[webmasterbob] Chow is gone in two years. DWalker might leave sooner

[Brandon Huffman] No, I think Crist is completely solid to UCLA

[Clay de Leon] Crist has a meal ticket at ND

[usc484] Do you think Chow will have an effect on O-line or just skill guys in recruiting?

[Brandon Huffman] Dammit, I mean Notre Dame

[Brandon Huffman] That's twice now...

[lumbod] if we don't get a CB, would there be a couple of position changes?

[Clay de Leon] we understood what u meant

[webmasterbob] Crist ] jimmyC

[altadenamike] Ok, Our class is done with probable Perry,VT,Casey and Harris...I'd take that in a heartbeat

[Brandon Huffman] I'm losing it tonight

[osheajackson] Why? Did Weis tell him they're moving Clausen to LB like Meyer apparently told Jevan Snead?

[Logan8] Who's counting BH ?

[Clay de Leon] recruiting on the brain, Brandon

[Allen Wallace] I haven't heard that Crist  would consider switching. From my exposure to him, I wouldn't say he's the type who would double cross Charlie Weis. I don't think it's in him.


[Kevin Carden] Chow of course will have an impact like Allen said because he gets results.

UCLA with that staff will be a much tougher competitor in recruiting

[Brandon Huffman] 15 days till Signing Day, 15 days till Signing Day...Then my brain gets back to normal

[Brandon Huffman] Be back in a minute guys

[Clay de Leon] I think Crist knows he's better than Clausen

[Brandon Huffman] Me too Clay

[osheajackson] That's funny.

[Clay de Leon] Alright brandon

[Logan8] UCLA did a pretty good recruiting job this year IMHO

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[osheajackson] What a disaster that would be for the Clausens

[webmasterbob] The new triumvate over at Fucla will only help our SOS when they get beatdown. I think it's a good thing

[Clay de Leon] ya think logan?

[Clay de Leon] they did very well


[Allen Wallace] I think Chow will have a positive affect on UCLA's O-line and skill positions. They should be much more productive by his second year and what blockers wouldn't want to be involved in a highly evolved and successful offensive scheme.

[Kevin Carden] Its always better to beat good teams than bad teams

[altadenamike] How good is ol men Graf? I heard he doesn't even start and was given a

    scholarship because of his daddy...please clear this up fpr me

[osheajackson] I think ucla has a great staff, I just question how long they'll all be around.  I say both Chow and Walker are gone by 2010.


[Logan8] Yep Kev . . . I didn't like Notre Dame being so bad this year!

[webmasterbob] Size wise... Graf seems to have it. Haven't seen any video

[Kevin Carden] Graf is a player. SC wouldn't offer just because of family and certainly not this early

[Clay de Leon] 2010 is reasonable assumption


[AlumniPark] look who's lurking....

[AlumniPark] lurk lurk lurk

[webmasterbob] How did Clay get a radish next to his name???

[slc24] Kevin how did Horton look in San Antonio?

[Clay de Leon] I am special


[Kevin Carden] thats what that is

[Clay de Leon] lol

[Kevin Carden] Horton looked very good. He was back at DE, which is his natural position

[webmasterbob] Clay, I see you manana, right?

[Clay de Leon] yup

[Kevin Carden] He looked very good off the edge and more than held his own against the


[Logan8] Is Horton's brother a good safety?  USC material?


[scgrad97] Is Horton Strong side or Weak side]

[altadenamike] Any other possible 2009 recruiting locks to SC?


[Allen Wallace] I too think UCLA's staff may not be around for long. But you've got to give them credit for jump-starting a pretty languid situation. They need excitement in Westwood and Bruin fans I'm sure are glad to have Chow and Walker for any length of time they can get them. Those two coaches as well as Neuheisel are already heroes for just agreeing to join forces to end the misery the program has been under for the last 9 years.


[Kevin Carden] Shane Horton started some games a freshman at UNLV

[osheajackson] I agree allen - it's worth it just for the jumpstart and momentum regardless of how long it lasts.

[webmasterbob] Agreed with Allen.  Fuglyland is stoked about this

[Clay de Leon] committs: Mcdonald, Graf, Marquis, Carroll and Presley

[altadenamike] Who should I be looking at this coming summer for possible 2009 recruits? [Clay de Leon] 2009

[Tripdraw] To those that go to practice…D. Williams or P. Turner

[altadenamike] Any others?


[Clay de Leon] I think PC retires here

[Logan8] Yeah! Clay !!!!!!!!

[altadenamike] damien williams is the best wr at SC right now!

[Kevin Carden] Barkley, Cierre Woods, Burfict, Morrell Presley, Randal Carroll, Shaq Evans, Teo

[webmasterbob] Williams. But it is hard to tell with practice. Works great with Mustain

[Tripdraw] alright!!

[Kevin Carden] Lots of very good players in 09

[Tripdraw] cant help but improve everyones play

[Clay de Leon] williams is a speedster


[altadenamike] I just want to know about SC leans

[webmasterbob] However, OZ looked ALLWORLD during practice last year and.............

[Clay de Leon] we have a ton of WR's who haven't even cracked the playing field

[altadenamike] I heard Burfict doesn't have grades

[Logan8] Thanks everyone . . . goodnight and a big Fight On from Daytona Beach!

[webmasterbob] CArswell also looked great on scout team


[Kevin Carden] SC is in good standing with all those players. The staff has got a real jump on the '09 class. It will be a really special group hopefully headlined by Barkley


[Allen Wallace] One thing you've got to like about the coaching changes at UCLA. If competition is what Pete Carroll relishes, we'll he's got a whole new set of challenges now from right across town. Imagine if Mark Carrier took the DB coaching spot at UCLA! That would be wild.


[altadenamike] What about the wr at birmingham?

[Kevin Carden] Grades will be an issue with Burfuct. ASU will also be a player for him. They just got his teammates Bass and Magee

[osheajackson] Any chance of a Coach O return?

[webmasterbob] his is a Huge motivator for Pete. I'm sure he is looking forward to matching up against Chow et al

[Clay de Leon] Carswell, Williams, Travon P., for that matter Rojo

[Clay de Leon] not to mention the returning starters


[Kevin Carden] Flournoy he is very good and will get a look from SC

[urangajr2] I think mike wants to know if Allen/Brandon sees any 2009 recruits on the verge of commiting(other than Barkley)...........i do.

[Clay de Leon] wouldn't holt have to leave for O to return?


[Kevin Carden] I think Chow to UCLA is good for the rivalry.

[osheajackson] I like the trio of Vidal, Rojo, and Williams for next year.

[webmasterbob] What is Pattersons status? Did he not come up academically ineligable

[Tripdraw] i like vidals fire...

[Clay de Leon] Patterson? no

[Tripdraw] wha tabout that one rumor that had Monte kiffen to sc?

[osheajackson] I don't know, maybe they can shuffle the staff around a bit.

[osheajackson] Kiffen I heard re-upped in Tampa

[Clay de Leon] lol trip didn't hear that one


[Kevin Carden] Yeah Kiffin just got a new deal

[webmasterbob] Thought both Patterson and Rowe did. Both out of Poly, Right?


[Allen Wallace] I don't see Orgeron returning right now. But that's because I have no knowledge of who he would replace. Where's the opening?

[osheajackson] That be funny if both Lane and Pete offered Monte and he came here


[Clay de Leon] Tripdraw what about Johannson to 'SC? any truth to that?

[osheajackson] There really isn't one

[Kevin Carden] No Rowe is still in school Joseph out

[Clay de Leon] Allen: the graduate assistant position is open LOL

[osheajackson] lol

[webmasterbob] Ohhhhh Joseph...Never mind


[zachp4] sorry, i joined late...any news on Ed O?

[Kevin Carden] come on bob

[Clay de Leon] Did u go to the scotch bar bob?

[Clay de Leon] that might explain things, Lucy

[webmasterbob] Not yet. We are thinking Thursday

[Clay de Leon] ah ok

[zachp4] will a recap be posted later?


[webmasterbob] How do I get a radish icon?

[Tripdraw] haha someone posted something crazy about holt, o and m kiffen

[Kevin Carden] Yeah a transcript

[Clay de Leon] yes i'll put it up in couple hours or less

[Kevin Carden] what do you need to know zach?

[altadenamike] Allen,what is your prediction on Pryor? I hope it isn't the suckeyes

[zachp4] thank you Kevin

[AlumniPark] zach, coach O, no opening here

[Kevin Carden] Trip I saw that. It was crazy scenario

[Allen Wallace] Clay - Please clean up my answers here for the transcript. Thanks.

[osheajackson] Trip - the one where Lane wants to hire Holt but Al won't let him?

[Clay de Leon] I will


[Tripdraw] haha yea that one

[zachp4] Does Malik have an offer?

dapinoy Quit (Web Browser closed)

[AlumniPark] oh that, read that one about kiffin

[Kevin Carden] We havent confirmed but sounds like bc Daily News said he committed

[webmasterbob] Clay, insert some knowledgeable questions and answers and attribute them to me. Thanks in advance.

[zachp4] thanks

[Clay de Leon] lol


[osheajackson] I'll say this - as a Raider fan I just wish Al would let Lane hire his own staff.  I heard Lane wants to put in the Tampa 2 system, who knows.

[Allen Wallace] I said earlier I predict Michigan over Ohio State. Rodriquez told Pryor what he was going to do before he told the media. Maybe that was the smartest recruiting tactic employed by any coach all year!

[Kevin Carden] The only hold up would be grades

[altadenamike] good on Pryor, because I hate the buckeyes fan base

[Clay de Leon] he was supposed to have retaken the ACT/SAT


[zachp4] will Boyer possibly get a scholie?

[osheajackson] I hope Pryor goes to Michigan - mainly b/c I like them better and don't want to see Pryor

[Tripdraw] how many scholies can we give out

[Clay de Leon] Boyer - preferred walk on

[Kevin Carden] I dont see Boyer getting an offer


[Tripdraw] he should go to harvard

[Clay de Leon] we have about 23 this year

[osheajackson] How much trouble is Patrick Johnson possibly in if his score actually "doubled"?  That sounds almost impossible to me.

[Tripdraw] wow 23 and only 14 so far

[zachp4] are you still positive on barkley for 09 Allen or Kevin or Clay

[Tripdraw] how many in this years class do you guys think...

[Tripdraw] 19 or so?

[Clay de Leon] a few silent kabooms and big KABOOMs, lol

[altadenamike] How do we look for 2009 cb Kilpatrick from Alabama? I heard his interest in SC is high

[Clay de Leon] lol


[Kevin Carden] Remember guys like Jordan Cameron and Shane Horton are also out there

[Tripdraw] i couldnt find anything about Cameron.. what class is he from

[Clay de Leon] was Cameron offered? new is that horton will be in

[Clay de Leon] Transfer from UNLV tripdraw

[Tripdraw] oh ic.. so him and shane then

[Kevin Carden] He played basketball at BYU then transferred to Ventura College

[altadenamike] shane horton SC  material,and what position will he play?

[Clay de Leon] sorry I meant BYU

[Kevin Carden] Safety

[Tripdraw] cool thanks


[Allen Wallace] I've been hearing funny stuff about Patrick Johnson for awhile now. Not sure how much that affects his productivity in college, but sometimes those problems aren't worth the trouble.


[Clay de Leon] Jordan BYU, Horton UNLV

[urangajr2] Do you guys think they'll be any late offers to ant CB prospects. The one think I thought was odd is that CPC stayed away from the Cali CB talent this year. About a month ago Golden was looking for a SC offer but CPC never gave it to him.

[Clay de Leon] "funny things"?

[slc24] When does Spring practice start

[Clay de Leon] academic?

[zachp4] Allen, do you think Barkley ends up at SC?

[Kevin Carden] Spring March 25 I believe

[osheajackson] OT - ucla is preseason #1 according to Baseball America.

[Kevin Carden] Allen and Brandon think Barkley to SC

[Kevin Carden] Really

[AlumniPark] good the crash and burn will be more exciting that way

[osheajackson] 4 pac 10 teams in the top 10

[Brandon Huffman] Sorry folks, back now

[zachp4] sorry about the reduntant ?s



[nocaltrojan] sorry if it's been asked, do you think we use all of our allotted scholarships?

[Kevin Carden] Hey I have a question for all you guys. Do you like the site to focus on football and basketball or do more sports like Baseball, Volleyball, etc...

[Brandon Huffman] Speaking of Horton, I heard today that he's definitely leaving UNLV

[AlumniPark] is 'SC even ranked there oshea?

[osheajackson] No

[Clay de Leon] I heard he got his release....and...

[osheajackson] I like the focus on the big 2 - with news about the other ones when relevant – i.e. - a big recruit, big win, etc


Tripdraw Quit (Ping timeout)

[webmasterbob] Football.  And Songirls

[Kevin Carden] I think they will get close to a full class

[Clay de Leon] good ping, tripdraw

[Kevin Carden] More song girl featues Bob?

[webmasterbob] Hellooooooo Nurse

[Clay de Leon] ping!


[Allen Wallace] I've never spoken with Barkley. I always thought he was an SC lock. But with USC's depth at QB and UCLA's lack thereof, along with the Norm Chow factor, you have to wonder. What HS QB prospect wouldn't listen to Chow? But if Barkley's a Trojan at heart as has been stated for months now, it would be hard to believe that he'd go to the cross-town rival. But as I said, I've never spoken with Barkley, so I can't really make any re presentations on his behalf.


[urangajr2] Mike, If Kirkpatrick is high on SC that means we are in a great spot for Jerrell Harris. From what I read they're best friends and are looking to play at the same school. So I hope you're right about Kirkpatrick.


[Kevin Carden] thanks Oshea

[altadenamike] I just saw the face of reggie bush's accusser on tv...punk!

[zachp4] Allen, is Telemaque not coming here?

[Allen Wallace]

[Clay de Leon] that guy is going for the press, mike

[altadenamike] lake looks like a thug

[Clay de Leon] i would break the tv

[urangajr2] what channel is this on?

[webmasterbob] You might need to deputize a special Songirl reporter. Ruth and Sara make Clay nervous

[Kevin Carden] HBO

[Kevin Carden] Real Sports

[Clay de Leon] lol bob

[altadenamike] I hope they press him on the subjects...yes real sports

[osheajackson] Profootballtalk said it best about the Reggie thing - no one really cares anymore!  That's why so many national media outlets don't continue to rehash it.


[Clay de Leon] I am not near a TV, let me know if the guy says anything intelligent

[osheajackson] They'd better ask him how much he got paid for the book

[Clay de Leon] So, any potential visits this weekend that aren't on the list?

[slc24] He said SCPlaybook is his favorite site Clay

[Clay de Leon] and this tv show oshea


[Clay de Leon] good man

[Clay de Leon] sign him up slc

[altadenamike] I don't know about that,because he isn't intelligent...the book and now this stuff before LOI day...get ready for the internet trolls from lsu and ucla

[AlumniPark] and notre damus


Brandon Huffman Quit (Web Browser closed)

[slc24] The timing of the yahoo stuff is the most frustrating

[altadenamike] Is mcdonald junior that good?

Cougar08 has entered the room (hostname:

[osheajackson] you're presuming LSU fans have HBO and TV's

[Clay de Leon] bye bye brandon, thanks for the chat

[Kevin Carden] Yeah  on McDonald Jr

[AlumniPark] u kidding oshea? that's all they got

[Kevin Carden] Thanks Brandon

[webmasterbob] thanks brandon


[osheajackson] Joe Adams tripped to Arky this weekend, correct?

[Kevin Carden] Cliff Harris is another good cb in '09 class

[Clay de Leon] and USC this weekend

[Clay de Leon] I remember Joe Adams being a good buddy of Broderick Green last year

[webmasterbob] Whadup.  Got me an Avatar


[Allen Wallace] Sorry guys. I've got to go now. See you next week, Hopefully we'll have some news. USC's been so quiet, without any public commits since early Aug, outside of Khaled Holmes who was always considered a strong Trojan lock.

[Clay de Leon] Thanks Allen, see you next week

[Kevin Carden] Thanks Allen

[urangajr2] thanks Allen


Allen Wallace Quit (Web Browser closed)

[Clay de Leon] u are da bomb bob

[osheajackson] Thanks Allen.

[webmasterbob] Do think Allen noticed my computer chatroom saviness??

[Clay de Leon]  without a doubt

[Kevin Carden] alright guys Im heading out too. I am going to try and catch Daniel Campbell before it gets too late

[Clay de Leon] Alright

[Tripdraw] cool


[Kevin Carden] See you guys next week at the same time.

[Tripdraw] thanks guys


[Clay de Leon] I'll go work on the transcript now

[Tripdraw] next tues?

[Clay de Leon] bye

[Clay de Leon] yup trip

[webmasterbob] Excellent CYA kevin


[1stTrojan] Thanks guys

[Kevin Carden] Thanks you

[Clay de Leon] 6:00 PST, Mike

[Tripdraw] hahaha

[Tripdraw] tell brandon to study some more too Top Stories