Carroll post game radio comments

USC coach Pete Carroll spoke with KMPC radio commentators Petros Papadakis, Paul McDonald and Pete Arbogast following the Trojans victory over the Ducks.

Papadakis "Did you expect to come away with a victory like this?"

Carroll "We thought we could play them really well, we liked the way it matched up.  Once we settled down and figured out how they were going to come after us our defense really took control of the game and our offense just ripped all day long. I was so pleased to see us run the football with attitude, Justin brought that to us and it was just a stroke of luck that we went to him and he really came through and brought us something different.  That's a heck of a rush defense they play and I wanted to make sure he was in the game to fall forward.  As it turned out he had a huge day, Carson had a huge day, Michael Williams had a huge day and it was just a great day for the Trojans. 

Papadakis "Talk about controlling Onterrio Smith, he looked like a very talented running back."

Carroll "Yeah, we had our troubles tackling the guy, I mean we had him locked up a bunch and I'm disappointed about that because we just had him nailed in the backfielfd and he made guys miss.  He didn't just make one guy miss though, he made a bunch of guys miss.  He's got real good quicks, he's an aggressive runner but all in all they couldn't go back to the run and we snuffed it pretty good."

McDonald "What a great win.  How important was it to the program?"

Carroll "Well it's a huge, huge statement because if you look back at the last few years it been a while since SC's beaten Oregon and they've been on top.  The last two weeks were really important for us to come back against teams we lose to on the last second a year ago and then we just take them apart, it's such a positive move for us and our program.  I'm just so happy that they came out like that because really these are the teams year in and year out that give everybody problems and really we put them behind us in the last two weeks.  We just have to march on now, bring on Stanford and let's go get those guys, let's keep it going."

McDonald "What adjustments did you make at halftime and how important is that to the game?"

Carroll "This was a really important halftime.  There's been some where you stay the course but this one was really significant.  On offense we just needed to keep doing what we were doing, we had them.  On defense the game didn't go the way we thought they would play us, they didn't do the things they were doing in other games for whatever reason and so at halftime we realized we could play just like we always do is what it amounts to.  We had a lot of adjustments for their intricate formations and we were doing em and working em, we were lining up right, but they were throwing a lot of balls in behind us and that was a difference.  We weren't getting after them enough so when we saw they weren't doing all that stuff we went right back to the style we love to play and started pressuring and getting after them and everything fell into place."

McDonald "What was the thought process behind going with Justin Fargas?"

Carroll "I walked up to him before practice on Tuesday and just said "do you want to start this week?", I had already talked to Sultan because that was a big deal to him but I just had a feeling about it.  I wanted to come up here and let Justin go at it to see what be could do, I wanted that fire that be brings, that aggressive running style that he brings to keep these guys at bay a little bit in the run game and then we got more than we ever dreamed we would get."

Arbogast "Sometimes the bye week comes at a good time and sometimes it comes at a bad time, do you like this one here?"

Carroll "I love it. I love it.  We're on a little bit of a roll right here and we can get back to business and get our guys back to focus on fundamentals, really dig in on that to get our feet on the ground.  It gives us a chance to get well.  It gives us a chance to elevate some young guys, you saw we put a bunch of guys in the game and they didn't do real well.  We'll try go get those guys up to snuff and we'll just keep on going.  The byes have come at seemingly really good times for us and we're gonna make the most of it."

Arbogast "What's on your plate next weekend with the bye weekend?"

Carroll "We'll go catch some high school games, do a lot of recruiting this weekend coming up.  Obviously it's a great time to be at the schools so we'll be everywhere in California making a lot of noise on the recruiting trail. It's really important, I think the guys at Washington and Oregon gotta kind of be thinking that the sleeping giant's starting to get roused a little bit here, we're waking up so when we go on those recruiting trails we want to hit it hard to get the big kids in and make sure they want to be Trojans."

Arbogast "It's a great time to be a Trojan right now, there's a lot of people walking around on top of the world."

Carroll "It's a wonderful feeling, there's so many people who want us to do well.  I kind of bear that responsibility and I don't mind doing it but I know how much they want to do well and have fun again so we're just gonna keep fighting every step of the way and keep on getting it done." Top Stories