SCPlaybook Chat Transcript 1/29/08

Kevin Carden and Clay de Leon presents SCPlaybook Chat Transcript for Tuesday, January 29th, 2008.

Chat Tuesday

Chat Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Now talking in USC


[Dave Chee] sup Clay

[Tripdraw] Perry would be nice too. Although I am not sure what to make out of Toby Jackson's visit

[Tripdraw] maybe free trip?

[Oshea Jackson] I wonder if we'll know VT's intentions tomorrow - even though he announces Thursday it seems that Lynn will know if he's tripping tomorrow.


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[Oshea Jackson] Assuming the two are related

[Tripdraw] what time are they announcing

[Oshea Jackson] Jackson is out

[Tripdraw] 730?


[AD Fan] 10:30

[Clay de Leon] Evening ladies and germs

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[Tripdraw] ok thanks

[Oshea Jackson] Sup Clay

[Clay de Leon] hey hey

[AD Fan] Hey Clay

[Tripdraw] Oshea I like the new song

[Kevin Carden] Hey everyone


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[Clay de Leon] Kevin

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[Clay de Leon] Uranga

[Oshea Jackson] Thx


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[Oshea Jackson] Had to figure Jackson was a huge longshot anyway

[Dave Chee] You guys (Clay, Kevin) feeling VT?

[Tripdraw] yea I figured about jackson

[Uranga Jr2] hey guys

[Kevin Carden] Another productive week for USC with the commitments of Barkley and Baucham.

[Clay de Leon] I'm not, but other folks are

[Oshea Jackson] KC - is Baucham a reach?


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[Dave Chee] noooooooooooooooooooooooo

[Clay de Leon] lol

[Dave Chee] I feel he is the missing piece to this class

[Kevin Carden] I think Telemaque was a little upset because USC waited to offer him. I think he is keeping the coaches on their toes but will end up choosing SC.

[Kevin Carden] Baucham is a talented player. He maybe isn't the type of guy that USC was considering at the beginning but he is better than most think.

[Oshea Jackson] I hope we get VT, but we really need to officially land Casey

[Clay de Leon] the trip was "o.k." bothered me a little


[Tripdraw] I saw Bauchams tape

[Tripdraw] nice stuff

[Kevin Carden] I think Casey is all SC

[Oshea Jackson] Is the general impression that if Lynn visits - we land him?

[Clay de Leon] no doubt

[Dave Chee] I'm concerned because, being a local product, you'd think he'd give signs of committing to us


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[Dave Chee] VT, that is

[Kevin Carden] yeah I agree the Poly kids have been much tougher to land the last few years

[Dave Chee] a la Casey

[Tripdraw] Warren...

[Trojan Hoya] I wish we had found a spot for Rowe last year

[Clay de Leon] they are probably promising him the world up there in Oregon


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[Dave Chee] and Nike could probably provide it

[Clay de Leon] ha

[Kevin Carden] Oshea I don't think Lynn would be a slam dunk but the fact that he is willing to wait for SC is a good sign

[Tripdraw] I heard he might have recommited to psu

[Tripdraw] lynn I mean

[AD Fan] Baucham at DB could play out very well. Looks like a great athlete


[Oshea Jackson] Trip - the recommit news is bogus

[Trojan Hoya] Wink and stay silent until LOI day?

[Kevin Carden] yeah lots of stories flying around on Lynn

[Tripdraw] k

[Oshea Jackson] I think he did say he's down to SC or PSU though

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[Clay de Leon] yes he said that much


[Tripdraw] any updates on the visits?

[Tripdraw] TJ, Joe and Jerrell

[Kevin Carden] yeah and Baucham isn't afraid to come up and hit guys either


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[Clay de Leon] but he is willing to wait, like Kevin said is a very good sign

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[Clay de Leon] Allen and Brandon must be stuck on the freeway :o

[Oshea Jackson] Piecing together all the Lynn stories - almost sounds like "I'm committed to PSU provided SC doesn't want me but if they do I want to hurry up and visit".

[Clay de Leon] exactly Oshea


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[Kevin Carden] From all of the SC commits on the visit Adams had a very good trip and he was still solid to USC before so hard to think anything otherwise

[AD Fan] recruiting has to be tough for Joe Pa

[Trojan Hoya] Any word on possible surprise visitors next weekend?  Julio Jones?  Omar Hunter (yeah right)?


[Dave Chee] Clay, did we stop recruiting Lynn, or vice versa?

[Clay de Leon] yes

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[Clay de Leon] He committed to psu


[Kevin Carden] Adams has gone underground though. Same with most of the out of state guys

[Oshea Jackson] I just wish Adams wouldn't have gone public so long ago

[Clay de Leon] so everyone basically stopped recruiting him


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[Tripdraw] right.. like PC says.. better to wait and avoid all that home bs

[Clay de Leon] then he opened it back up recently

[Clay de Leon] yup

[Kevin Carden] Hunter was all Florida for a long time


[Tripdraw] Joe did it perfectly

[Oshea Jackson] The position coach who recruited Lynn left PSU, correct?

[Dave Chee] so he's not our "second" option

[Altadena Mike] Hello,I'm so happy my Mets got Santana,but enough of BB talk

[Tripdraw] haha mike

[Kevin Carden] lol Mike

[Oshea Jackson] mets ripped off the twins


[Clay de Leon] PC said it was brutal for Broderick in Arkansas when he committed early

[Dave Chee] don't the mets have a curse?

[Clay de Leon] lol mike

[Tripdraw] thats y they wont win it this year dave! =)


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[Kevin Carden] Thats why it isn't such a bad sign when the out of state kids are silent after a visit to SC

[Dave Chee] lmao

[Altadena Mike] I don't know what the twins were thinking. But I 'll take it


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[Tripdraw] Dodgers dogers dogers

[Dave Chee] Mets lost me a lot of dinero last year

[Clay de Leon] yes silent OOS is not a bad thing

[Oshea Jackson] The twins were thinking - boy we botched this when we didn't do the Boston deal 2 months ago

[Altadena Mike] any updates on Nick Perry or Harris?


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[Dave Chee] My take on silents:  TJ Bryant and Harris

[Tripdraw] hey guys whats up w fUCLA QB GETTING THE 5-STAR?

[I a Trojan] HI Clay

[Tripdraw] is he that good?

[AD Fan] Can you give us a possible number of silent commits?

[Clay de Leon] If you count joe adams and shane horton...we have 17 commits already

[Trojan Hoya] He is not that good.

[Kevin Carden] FYI - the Golden rumor seems to have started on the ASU board and doesn't have any truth to it. Huffman talked to him Sunday and he said no more visits he is solid to Arizona


[Uranga Jr2] The NY Mets got Santana, WTF!!! j/k lol

[Trojan Hoya] I wouldn't worry about Craft

[Tripdraw] ok thanks hoya

[Tripdraw] just thought it was kinda weird

[Altadena Mike] Dave Chee, the Mets didn't an ace going into September, but that has been taken care of


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[Clay de Leon] the most likely silents would be OOS

[Oshea Jackson] Biggins on his site didn't seem too enthused about Craft

[Clay de Leon] except for casey who will announce in two days

[Kevin Carden] Nick Perry had a good visit to Michigan but definitely he didn't seem as impressed as when he visited SC. I like USC's chances with him at this point.

[AD Fan] thanks

[Oshea Jackson] Does anyone know the "in home" schedule?

[Altadena Mike] I saw craft play a little bit at sd state...and their nothing to worry about it

[Oshea Jackson] i.e. - who visits who, and when


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[Kevin Carden] Not sure on Craft getting 5-stars he is a talented QB but not 5 star

[Tripdraw] Did we ever get an update from Campbell w his visit?


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[Tripdraw] But Norm Chow will make him better than Leinart yada yada yada

[One of these Nights] how did Toby Jackson visit go this week?

[Clay de Leon] lol trip


[Dave Chee] Last couple of years, we've lost out on recruits because we supposedly "slow played" them, when in fact, we just wanted to see them play their senior year.


[Dave Chee] It's a bad trend

[Kevin Carden] Oshea I will look into that and hopefully post it later. It is pretty fluid right now.

[Altadena Mike] Clay, what about db Lynn? he a standby for that lb poly safety

[Dave Chee] and we've been hurt by this more than any other school

[Dave Chee] imho

[Clay de Leon] ok but looks like jackson is gone

[Clay de Leon] *oneofthesenights

[Tripdraw] was SC recruiting him heavily?

[Clay de Leon] maybe mike

[Tripdraw] jackson I mean

[Altadena Mike] *is he a stand by?

[Kevin Carden] Toby Jackson is still solid to Georgia. He made the visit out and the USC coaches gave it their best shot but he is headed to Georgia. No surprise.


[Tripdraw] cool

[Clay de Leon] we are pretty close to the limit I think, 17 right now

[Oshea Jackson] Toby seemed like a really good guy from the interview he gave today (some UGA site, forget which one)

[Clay de Leon] 5 more commits would fill the class I think

[Troy Mac] What's the consensus on Telemaque? How does he compare to Lynn?

[Clay de Leon] 6 max

[Altadena Mike] Clay, do we close with my favorite Harris, Perry, Casey and either Lynn or Telemaque

[Tripdraw] TJ is #1 on my list

[Clay de Leon] the consensus on Telemaque is he still comes, except for me, I have doubts


[Troy Mac] I do too, I think he's going green to prove some point

 [Troy Mac] 10-4

[Oshea Jackson] I don't buy any of this BS that Oregon doesn't have a ride for him either, they aren't gonna land any of those big OOS prosects they're after

[Kevin Carden] I really like Telemaque he really makes plays. The games against CrespI in the CIF semis he was all over the place. I really think he is going to develop into impact safety

[Clay de Leon] oh he's good

[Clay de Leon] no one is doubting that


[Uranga Jr2] Can't d'lynn play CB also

[Dave Chee] Oshea, heard rumors that Pryor is looking strongly at Oregon

[Altadena Mike] lynn's video looks awesome

[Oshea Jackson] He's gotta visit first

[Tripdraw] wow Dave - that would be awesome for the pac 10

[AD Fan] How much playing time would Telemaque see other than special teams?

[Kevin Carden] If Oregon doesn't find room they aren't being very smart you don't pass up on a guy like Telemaque especially in a rivals backyard

[Dave Chee] don't know if we'd want to deal with him for the next 4 years though

[Oshea Jackson] He's delayed/cancelled the Oregon visit a bunch of times now.


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[Altadena Mike] oregon is trying to save face

[Tripdraw] right but the fact that another pac 10 team can land #1 talent says alot

[Kevin Carden] yeah Lynn could play some corner I like him as a safety

[Clay de Leon] Right, Lynn is safety can play corner

[Tripdraw] I saw Pryor to Michigan too

[Oshea Jackson] I think maybe Oregon needs to wait to see if they can land some of these WR/RB's, they have a huge need there.  I see their logic, but I agree with you Kevin


[Tripdraw] Any updates on Pinkard health wise?

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[Clay de Leon] He should be ready to go

[Clay de Leon] Pinkard

[Tripdraw] nice.. need that depth at CB

[Clay de Leon] hopefully he can play more than one series this season

[Tripdraw] seriously...

[Kevin Carden] We will be on campus later this week and get some health updates for you

[Tripdraw] shoot last 2 years

[Troy Mac] pinkard is a coach on the field


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[AD Fan] How bout Will Harris?

[Kevin Carden] Its horrible because Pinkard is such a talented player too

[Dave Chee] Pinkard's the most instinctive player I've seen at SC in some time


[Kevin Carden] Pete LOVES Pinkard

[Clay de Leon] Saturday, Kevin Thomas was out there working with Kevin Ellison

[AlumnI Park] Pinkard is so big and fast

[Trojan Hoya] All right out.


[Clay de Leon] bye hoya LOL

[Kevin Carden] Will Harris looks pretty good at practice but coaches are hesitant to play him

[Tripdraw] imagine Pinkard instead of Mozique...

[Tripdraw] btw good luck to monzique in law school...

[Kevin Carden] see ya hoya

[Oshea Jackson] Mozique is going to law school?

[Dave Chee] Kevin, if Will making the same mental mistakes over and over again?

[Tripdraw] yea

[Tripdraw] I heard he left the team to go

[Tripdraw] right?

[Clay de Leon] hey, has anyone heard from kaveinga, kevin? he's been quiet....


[Altadena Mike] Did Pete running around and listening to every NFL offer hurt SC's recruiting?

[Clay de Leon] No Mike


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[Kevin Carden] Yeah I think it is a situation where the coaches just don't trust him yet

[Dave Chee] He's been in the system a while now

[Oshea Jackson] For the first time, after hearing the Skins news, I am becoming a bit tired of the interviews

[Kevin Carden] Curtis McNeal took a trip to Arizona this weekend but is still solid to USC. He's a Trojan

[Clay de Leon] he was running around and BAM! Barkley commits

[Dave Chee] not the first time I've heard rumors of guys now knowing what they should be doing

[AD Fan] Will was a nice surprise as a freshman then the injuries set in.

[Kevin Carden] yeah

[Clay de Leon] will Harris?


[Altadena Mike] I'm tired of these NFL interviews...Garrett needs to step up and do something

[Kevin Carden] Yeah

[Tripdraw] who do we have left at CB... KT, C Harris, Will, Pinkard, Wright and

[Oshea Jackson] Mainly b/c it isn't reported accurately.  ESPN said the 9 hour interview was "yesterday". That sounds bad.

[Clay de Leon] Mike, coaches do that all the time, Pete just admits to it

[Clay de Leon] yesterday?

[Altadena Mike] Petrino did the same thing

[Troy Mac] ESPN makes news doesn't report it

[Kevin Carden] Shareece Wright is the one player that Nick Holt is really excited to see next year


[Dave Chee] lol

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[Clay de Leon] lol

[Altadena Mike] If SC is so great why does he do this all the time?

[AD Fan] I'm a big Wright fan

[Kevin Carden] Wright can be a shut down corner and he is very good in run support

[Tripdraw] Wright is a hitter

[Oshea Jackson] Yeah - at halftime of the OU/OSU game on sportscenter, they said Carroll and Snider met YESTERDAY.  We know that wasn't true, but others don't


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[Dave Chee] Our best corner


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[Clay de Leon] you need to read his comments I think trojandave posted it in free, mike

[Altadena Mike] Wright can hit, but can't cover anybody out there...go back and check out the games

[AD Fan] How has Galippo been looking?

[Clay de Leon] but Pete said last week, he talks to them, and will continue to talk, but every year he comes back with greater resolve that this is where he wants to be

[Trojans Own Bruins] Coach Carroll has always said that you always have to listen to offers.  I dont think he seriously ever considered any offer this year.


[James One] YEAH F . PETE!

[Kevin Carden] The other player that Holt is very excited about is Malcolm Smith. He didn't get much playing time but he is a very instinctive player like his brother

[Clay de Leon] yeah fire him!

[Clay de Leon] lol

[AD Fan] Go Steve Smith

[Tripdraw] I am excited to see Spicer play

[Kevin Carden] Yeah

[James One] FIGHT ON

[Clay de Leon] Galippo looked good until the injury

[Tripdraw] # 1 at his pos in HS... man I wanna see how he steps up

[Clay de Leon] haven't seen him full speed since


[Dave Chee] Mike, remember this is his first year playing some real minutes

[Kevin Carden] Galippo will live up too all the hype


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[Trojans Own Bruins] I think that the only mistake Pete is making is that Brennan is running the recruiting.

[Clay de Leon] he is beast Galippo

[Dave Chee] he might be the best corner at SC in past 20 years when done

[Clay de Leon] yeah


[Oshea Jackson] I wasn't impressed with Wright either last year, but he'll get better.  Look how much better Cary Harris has gotten.

[Clay de Leon] Brennan may not be cut out for it

[Clay de Leon] but we'll see

[Tripdraw] we need another will poole

[Clay de Leon] if we get a top 5 class, not bad for a rookie

[Tripdraw] or an eric wright without the problems

[Tripdraw] eric wright was 2 star

[Tripdraw] and then 2nd round draft pick... pc knwos whats up

[Kevin Carden] Yeah Poole in the Rose Bowl against Michigan is one of the best games I have seen from a corner

[Oshea Jackson] We can always bring Lane back as recruiting coordinator

[Clay de Leon] Will Derting was a 1 star LOL

[Oshea Jackson] LOL

[Troy Mac] Wright will make you forget Poole when he's a senior

[Tripdraw] haha good ol will

[Altadena Mike] you guys are dreaming about s wright...the kid can't cover

[Trojans Own Bruins] Maybe one of the reasons that Pete likes college is that he can have his son on his staff.  If he went to NFL their is now way he could keep him on his st aff


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[Altadena Mike] kevin thomas and cary harris can cover

[Oshea Jackson] Cary Harris got light years better this year IMO

[Dave Chee] Mike, you'll eat your words in 2 years


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[Trojans Own Bruins] Had Eric Wright stayed at USC he would've been our best corner in the Carroll era

[Five Star Recruit] who will be the likely silent commits

[Trojans Own Bruins] era

[Altadena Mike] ok, we'll see

[Kevin Carden] by the way Perry is set to announce on Signing Day at 12 p.m. PT, last I heard

[Tripdraw] damn... I am thinking about leaving work early next we

[AD Fan] come on down Perry

[Tripdraw] wed


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[Dave Chee] gotta make dinner


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[Dave Chee] thanks Kevin, Clay

[Altadena Mike] perry and harris are must have recruits!

[Oshea Jackson] I'm shutting it down next wednesday and bunkering down at home.

[Clay de Leon] yes 12 pm


[Oshea Jackson] I'd still be shocked if we land Harris

[Dave Chee] hopefully VT and Casey become Trojans Thurs

[Tripdraw] what time do the faxes usually come in

[Clay de Leon] kevin, did you or brandon find kaveinga or is he hiding out?

[Kevin Carden] If their are silents I would say Casey and the out of state guys. I think Casey has been all SC for a while


[Clay de Leon] make me some dave

[Kevin Carden] anytime Dave good to have you

[AlumnI Park] jerrell harris, tj bryant, nick perry, kaveinga, telemaque, we get them all?

[Tripdraw] I hope we get 3

[Tripdraw] at least

[Trojans Own Bruins] Telemaque is a future star

[Oshea Jackson] I think we get Casey, VT, and TJ Bryant.  Totally opinion.  Maybe Perry.


[Five Star Recruit] wheres allen wallace

[Troy Mac] I think Perry comes west


[Altadena Mike] harris, perry and casey come in

[Clay de Leon] I forgot to remind him of the chat so maybe he forgot *allen wallace

[Kevin Carden] Allen and Brandon are MIA I know they had issues getting into chat last week


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[Kevin Carden] SC is in good standing for Perry right now


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[Clay de Leon] they are also super busy with LOI a week away

[Oshea Jackson] I'm skeptical on Harris, we had Andre Smith wrapped up.

[Five Star Recruit] what are chances of tj bryant and joe adams

[TX Trojan] Tough to get kids out of Alabama

[Clay de Leon] joe should be in


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[Troy Mac] gotta go, wife yelling at me to get off damn computer, thanks guys

[Clay de Leon] tj well


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[TX Trojan] I think we need Bryant more than Harris at this point

[Kevin Carden] see ya troy


[Oshea Jackson] Agree on TJ over Harris too.

[Kevin Carden] TX I agree we could use a corner right now

[AlumnI Park] what is your take on tj? will he come out west?

[Oshea Jackson] I think TJ is a bigger need, and more likely to come here too.

[Altadena Mike] Clay or Kevin, are you guys going to provide some kind of article on his visit? I didn't see one on any of the kids except Holmes.

[Kevin Carden] TJ Bryant doesn't really talk to the media so all info is secondhand usually


[Oshea Jackson] TJ = underground

[Tripdraw] that could be a good sign

[Five Star Recruit] who is a more legit prospect joe adams or tj bryant

[Clay de Leon] joe is in, it seems

[Altadena Mike] well?

[Oshea Jackson] You know something weird is going on when even FSU fans aren't talking about getting a kid from Lincoln HS


[Kevin Carden] Mike Yeah we have had Baucham and Holmes and Clay talked with Ayles. Most of the out of state guys aren't talking much now but we are working on it


[Kevin Carden] Yeah

[Altadena Mike] ok, thanks... is ayles solid?


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[Kevin Carden] Yes on Ayles

[Clay de Leon] the out of state guys don't answer their phone when they see the 213 area code

[Clay de Leon] ayles is happy as peach


[Five Star Recruit] I meant which guy is the better football player Adams or Bryant?

[Oshea Jackson] Ayles and Smith are both decommitting to ucla if you believe some of the stuff on BRO

[Clay de Leon] lol

[Gengola] not being able to get a hold of the out of state guys is a good sign... it seems like they all have things in common... 1) high interest in USC 2) can't get a hold of them 3) announcing on signing day

[Clay de Leon] gotta love BRO


[Kevin Carden] I think Adams is more versatile could play Corner or WR but I like Bryant as CB

[Altadena Mike] that he/she tracey pierson probably started the rumor

[Oshea Jackson] BRO is madness, the Bruin posters from Rivals are much more level headed


[Kevin Carden] gengola knows the formula with the past out of state guys we have landed

[Kevin Carden] Yeah lots of rumors on BRO

[Gengola] we had nothing to lose with toby... and we took a shot.. didn't know who the kid was before he visited.. but man he had impressive tape

[Kevin Carden] Tyron Smith is solid same with Ayles


[Altadena Mike] toby jackson used SC...I'm glad it rained on their parade

[AlumnI Park] I love bro rumors, almost as good as wild west board

[Oshea Jackson] If Ayles and Smith don't decommit, they clearly wanted to but didn't have the grades

[Kevin Carden] Yeah Jackson took the vist but is solid to UGA

[Clay de Leon] Ayles is more SC than Tommy

[Clay de Leon] Trojan


[Five Star Recruit] Who is better Kavienga or Harris?  How do they compare to Malcom smith and chris Galippo.

[Clay de Leon] Smith is a silly rumor

[Clay de Leon] Galippo is more...big time I think, he's a #55 type talent


[Kevin Carden] Kaveinga is a vicious hitter, very good in pursuit. Harris is just such a naturally gifted athlete were I think Smith is more of an instinctive player.

[Kevin Carden] Galippo has it all

[Gengola] its like chris spielman said about Galippo... there are something in his legs that make him special

[Kevin Carden] yeah

[Clay de Leon] ha

[Kevin Carden] Galippo is a big kid can run and hit and is very smart like Groots or Lofa

 [Clay de Leon] he hits like Rey


[Gengola] not sure if anyone saw that show on espn.. the one where they get like 6-7 high school seniors.. Galippo did this drill where they shufflt there feet and it was just insane at how quick his feet are and how strong they are

[Tripdraw] is there anyone else visiting?

[Five Star Recruit] ok who was the better prospect then between Galippo and Maualuga?


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[Kevin Carden] out of high school I would say Galippo

[Clay de Leon] I haven't gotten any updates for visits trip

[Tripdraw] I would think Galippo when they were both coming out of HS

[Altadena Mike] any news on next years recruits?  how about that wr from inglewood and birmingham?

[Tripdraw] thanks clay


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[Texas Troy] hi all

[Clay de Leon] Texas!

[Kevin Carden] Galippo was a lot farther along in terms as reading  plays

[Clay de Leon] Tejas

[Gengola] pc visited the big wr from tenn.. marlon brown.. so i'm pretty sure he got an offer

[AlumnI Park] when gengola?


[Five Star Recruit] So does Galippo start next year or is there just too much depth luthur brown kaluka maieva etc

[Texas Troy] Hi Clay!

[AlumnI Park] when did he visit

[Kevin Carden] By the way Charlie Weis was at Inglewood HS yesterday


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[TX Trojan] Rey will start next year.

[Tripdraw] kaluk I say

[Altadena Mike] oh lord, here we go with OOS recruits again!

[Gengola] I believe it was yesterday

[Kevin Carden] offered Shaquelle Evans

[Kevin Carden] 2009 WR

[TX Trojan] Maiava at will and Cushing at Sam


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[Kevin Carden] Galippo is a middle backer

[Texas Troy] any big recruiting news?  I will read transcript later....

[Altadena Mike] who's a better prospect evans or that birmingham kid?


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[AlumnI Park] Who takes Rivers spot

[Kevin Carden] Hard to say at this point both top 5 probably in th state


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[TX Trojan] Maiava takes over for Rivers

[Gengola] not much separating flourney, evans and jefferson

[Five Star Recruit] Is he good enough that pete will be forced to find him a spot aka cushing pinkard


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[Texas Troy] any good news from the last recruiting visit???

[Clay de Leon] cushing pinkard?


[Tripdraw] was clay matthews a walkon? I love the way he plays

[Gengola] definitely some solid wr's in state for '09.. thats for sure

[Clay de Leon] yes he was

[Kevin Carden] Top 2009 WR's James Johnson, Rolando Jefferson, Devon Flournoy  Brett Thompson Shaq Evans and Randal Carroll

[Tripdraw] I take it he is not anymore right?


[Altadena Mike] forget about the 2008 class, because it's going to end up with perry, harris and the two Poly kids...50/50 on bryant. So, let's get a jump start on 2009

[Clay de Leon] lol mike


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[Texas Troy] ty, I think

[Matt PCS] for those of us who just got on who else would you expect to see commit by signing day?

[Texas Troy] lol


[Clay de Leon] its true though there's only a couple spots left anyway

[Oshea Jackson] Mike I still like our chances for TJ better then Harris

[Altadena Mike] any good DT 's in calif next year?

[Five Star Recruit] brian cushing josh pinkard. defensive end/linebacker safety/ corner Galippo inside/outside linebacker?


[Kevin Carden] Casey for sure this week and I think Telemaque most likely to SC

[Tripdraw] will malike jackson get in? heard his sat scores might be lacking

[Altadena Mike] I think our chances are better with Harris, because he has family out here,and he barely completed his ‘Bama visit

[G Bendes] got stuck in traffic -- what's the headline/surprise of the chat? thanks!


[Kevin Carden] Jackson will be a real close call. If he gets in he is probably the most underrated guy in the class. He is a big-time pass rusher

[Tripdraw] well let's hope that he hits the books! come on MALIK!

[Altadena Mike] I like what I saw out of jackson

[Oshea Jackson] I think the problem for me with Harris is two big time local schools who are in the mix

[Kevin Carden] He didn't get attention bc of his grades but anyone who has seen him play says he could be the best pass rusher in the state

[Gengola] the tackles we will be going after next year are most likely out of state... cory adams and justin chiasson (although he's listed as a de) are the ones we have the best shot with


TrojanOrder has entered the room

[Tripdraw] where hector

[AlumnI Park] hector will forget again

[Altadena Mike] wow, no good dt's in state next year

[Tripdraw] haha Manti Te'o looks like a stud

[Kevin Carden] the 2009 Class is going to be very special


robertlconrad has entered the room

[Texas Troy] I like how we started....

[Kevin Carden] lots of good wr's lb's in Cali

[Oshea Jackson] gonna run - you guys all have a good nite - see ya at the next chat!


[Texas Troy] take care

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[Altadena Mike] but no dt's...forget bout wr's

[Kevin Carden] next year is a very good year for in-state talent.


[Clay de Leon] we have a good start on next year

[Clay de Leon] better than this year

[Kevin Carden] guys It has been fun but I have to run

[Texas Troy] take care


[Matt PCS] can you just give us a sum up?

[Kevin Carden] See ya next week at the same time

[Kevin Carden] clay will have a transcript


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[Altadena Mike] we need to start cloning dt's in cali

[Tripdraw] later kevin

[Clay de Leon] k


[Altadena Mike] take care guys...mets get santana!

[Clay de Leon] lol mike

[Kevin Carden] Casey in, Telemaque, probably in Lynn will visit depending on Telemaque situation Perry still looks good mattpcs


[Kevin Carden] We will have a full tarnscript for late arrivals

[Tripdraw] clay what time will the faxes come in

[Clay de Leon] midnight

[Tripdraw] what time will you guys be there

[Clay de Leon] I think its midnight local time

[Tripdraw] haha nice


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[Clay de Leon] i'm gonna sleep there

[Tripdraw] dedication!

[Clay de Leon] fightonjon

[Clay de Leon] I'm about 3 blocks away trip

[Clay de Leon] lol


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[Zach P4] will there be a recap?

[Clay de Leon] yeah i'll have transcripts in couple hours

[Zach P4] Thanks Clay Top Stories