Pre-Signing Day Chat Transcript

Pre-Signing Day Chat Transcript for February 5, 2008. Allen Wallace, Brandon Huffman, Kevin Carden and Clay de Leon provide information on the eve of National Letter of Intent Day.

Recruiting Chat Transcript

February 5, 2008


[Oshea Jackson] I hope you're right Mike

[Drill n Die] Some people think our 2008 class is already what it is, and not much more is coming, Comment!

[Clay de Leon]  Evening Gents

[Trip Draw] sup Clay

[Clay de Leon]  hey Trip

[Altadena Mike] perry and harris will be here

[Trip Draw] what about TJ

[Trip Draw] we need TJ

[Clay de Leon]  Altadena Mike...nice call

[Uranga Jr2] If we can take Robinson out of S. Florida that would be huge for us.


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[Altadena Mike] ok, I got Clay to go with me

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Altadena Mike] Robinson won't be here

[Drill n Die] If we can any solid players at this time it would be huge for us


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[Clay de Leon]  I just said nice comment after that

KevinCarden is now a Room Moderator in USC

[Trip Draw] looks like Robinson might be lsu or Miami

[Oshea Jackson] I think Robinson could/will bolt Miami, but LSU could get him too

[Kevin Carden]  Hey everybody

[Clay de Leon]   Robinson is so off the radar

[Clay de Leon]  hey Kevin

[Kevin Carden]  Ready for the big day???

[Clay de Leon]  but he would be a nice surprise

[Clay de Leon]  this feels like the big day already


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[Altadena Mike] I want my props after perry and harris come here

[Trip Draw] will u guys be updating at midnight? hahaha im jk

[Clay de Leon]  I think I'll take my sleeping bag to Heritage Hall

[Drill n Die] If we finish in the top 10 I will be amazed

[Kevin Carden]  This what Marcus Robinson told Scout's Sonny Shipp on Monday, I'm still considering USC and FSU too but I think it's more Miami and LSU right now.

[Clay de Leon]  top ten not hard

[Oshea Jackson] Mike if we land both I'll give you props everyday for a week

[SC Grad97] Hey Kevin, anything Juicy to give us??

[Clay de Leon]  higher than that would be hard

[Uranga Jr2] Can/do recruits start faxing at midnight?


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[Altadena Mike] no

[Trip Draw] this is the 1st class to have an avg star rating under 4

[Trip Draw] in like the last 4 years

[Kevin Carden]  I just read a quote from Nick Perry in the Detroit Free-Prees that he has dropped MSU and is down to USC, Michigan and Miami. Not a big surprise but good news

[Trip Draw] something crazy like that

[Clay de Leon]  I think its midnight local time?

[Kevin Carden]  Perry Story Link: ­

[Oshea Jackson] Trip - it's tough w/o a qb or stud rb to have a huge class

[Clay de Leon]  but aren't the kids in bed at midnight? Lol


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[Uranga Jr2] Anybody see Kobe block Jason Kidd's slam dunk....nice play.

[Clay de Leon]  yeah, read that story Kevin its a good one

[Clay de Leon]  uranga u are all over the Lakers and dodgers

[Kevin Carden]  Still on the board for USC: Nick Perry, TJ Bryant, Jerrell Harris, Uona Kaveinga, Marcus Robinson and with Pete you can always expect a surprise or two.

[Drill n Die] Fortunatly, we have enough players to contend next year, our next great recruiting class will be 2009

[Trip Draw] agree oshea and thats why I dont really care about the overall team rankings


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[Clay de Leon]  hey Brandon

[Brandon Huffman]  Hey Clay

[Kevin Carden]  This class may not be ranked as high as in years past but it is filled with quality players and I would take quality over quantity and day of the week.

[Kevin Carden]  Hey Brandon

[TroJoen] agreed Kevin


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[Oshea Jackson] We'll load up at skill positions next year

[Brandon Huffman]  Hey Kevin

[Clay de Leon]  the lines will be incredible with this class

[Trip Draw] omg at next years class

[Clay de Leon]  lol trip

[Kevin Carden]  Also it isn't as flashy but when you look at the offensive line class and the d-line class for that matter USC has a ton of talented linemen coming in. Skill guys get the headlines but games are won on the line of scrimmage. I really like this class. That's just my rant, LOL.

[Oshea Jackson] May get even better tomorrow if we land Perry

[Drill n Die] Seems like this year we had a lot of trouble just getting the east Coast guys to take official visits

[SC Grad97] Kevin/Clay/Brandon, Do you guys know "stuff" but can't say at this point???

[Brandon Huffman]  I was talking to a reporter at the PE today, and mentioned that very thing about the OL class

[Clay de Leon]  OL is monster


[TroJoen] Still hoping for at least one more cb

[Uranga Jr2]   yep

[Oshea Jackson] Ohio State gets all they OL hype this years but I'll take ours

[Kevin Carden]  I wouldn't trade ours for anyone oshea

[Kevin Carden]  How about the jump on the 2009 class

[Drill n Die] I hope somebody drops a neuceal bomb on Urban Myers head

[Clay de Leon]  kaveinga still not answering the phone Brandon?

[Drill n Die] Is this last 24 hr. a silent period?

[Kevin Carden]  I hear ya on the CB trojoen

[Oshea Jackson] Anyone see the Harris article today - said of his 4 leaders, SC/Clemson/Bama/Auburn - there was very little negative recruiting.  Ironic Florida wasn't one of his leaders....

[Clay de Leon]  yes I read that

[Clay de Leon]  good article

[Oshea Jackson] I got from the article that he loved it here but pulling the trigger on committing may be tough

[Drill n Die] If our class is what it is how do you guys feel about that ?

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[AlumnI Park] so who are the possible 'surprise' recruits PC may pull?


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[Trip Draw] who knows

[Kevin Carden]  It would be still be very good I think we will add to it tomorrow.

[Trip Draw] did anyone call rhet ellison

[Clay de Leon]  yeah - rhett is a commit

[Clay de Leon]  LOL

[Kevin Carden]  Like I said you can't argue with the line recruiting and the WR's are very good as well


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AllenWallace is now a Room Moderator in USC

[Clay de Leon]  what do you mean trip?

[Trip Draw] he came out of nowhere last year

[Clay de Leon]  yes


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[Kevin Carden]  Ayles can come in and contribute early in the passing game

[Uranga Jr2] So Brandon what are your final predictions...TJ Bryant, Nick Perry, Uona Kavienga, Jerrell Harris and Marcus Robinson

[Clay de Leon]  hey Allen, thanks for taking time out for us

[Kevin Carden]  Hey Allen

[Oshea Jackson] How much of an effect did Barkley being on board already affect junior day commits?

[Brandon Huffman]  When people say a class isnt flashy, its because of the skill players

[Uranga Jr2] Same question for Allen

[Clay de Leon]  big time oshea, and "We're just getting started!"

[Allen Wallace]  Can't be here for long, but glad to drop in. It's been a wild day. Tomorrow should be fantastic!

[Clay de Leon]  kool Allen


[Kevin Carden]  Flournoy said he was a fan of Barkley and nervous to meet him. LOL Barkley is held in very high regard by the other recruits

[Drill n Die] Look how well Michigan and Miami have done this year

[TroJoen] Allen should we expect some grest news tommorow?

[Kevin Carden]  Shaq Evans also really likes Barkley

[Clay de Leon]  I'll be down on campus at 4pm, to see what pete has to say

[Oshea Jackson] that's funny if he was nervous to meet a junior in high school

[Trip Draw] I just want a fax from Alabama tomorrow

[Kevin Carden]  yeah he was almost star struck over Barkley

[Clay de Leon]  yeah Kevin, ditto


[Oshea Jackson] Has anyone heard anything from Kavienga?  Predictions?

[Clay de Leon]  barkley said, flournoy was so excited he almost couldn't control himself

[Clay de Leon]  LOL

[Kevin Carden]  Barkley and TJ McDonald will do a lot of recruiting for USC in 2009

[Kevin Carden]  I haven't talked with him since he committed to BYU

[Clay de Leon]  Kaveinga: mom and religion vs. dad and hometown

[Kevin Carden]  Huffman what do you think on Kaveinga?


[Drill n Die] Anyone have an explanation why our commits have almost all lost at least one star from one of the services

[TroJoen] I like dad

[Brandon Huffman]  I talked to Tony Perry at Edison today (their DB coach), and he said Harris loved his visit down to SC

[Brandon Huffman]  I think Kaveinga signs with SC, at this point

[Clay de Leon]  kool on both Brandon

[Trip Draw] whoa

[Allen Wallace]  I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Sorry to disappoint you. If I had solid information, I would tell you.

[Clay de Leon]  the chat is moving slow Allen

[Kevin Carden]  Harris said he would like to stay on the west coast and McDonald said he would work on him

[Oshea Jackson] Is it a big deal that Cierre Wood wasn't at Junior Day?

[Clay de Leon]  nah, there's 12 months ahead


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[Kevin Carden]  T.J. McDonald told me that Harris is an absolute lockdown corner. The Edison corners this year were Robert Golden and Cliff Harris. Not a bad combo.

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[SC Grad97] What's the word with Teo and Burflict??

[TroJoen] I'm surprised we never offered Golden

[Clay de Leon]  Barkley said he wants to get involved with recruiting some guys


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[Kevin Carden]  Same here after watching him at the Army Bowl. He was the best cb on the West in my eyes

[Holladay 5] how about nick perry, tj bryant, and jarell harris?

[Clay de Leon]  yes holladay, how about them!

[Allen Wallace]  If USC commits lost stars or rankings, it's because some people in Scout thought they were ranked too high.

[Clay de Leon]  ah


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[Holladay 5] are they coming to sc?

[Clay de Leon]  I think we can get 2 of those 3

[TroJoen] which 2

[Trip Draw] haha


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[SC Grad97] that would be nice, Clay

[Clay de Leon]  3 of 3 if pc magic works

[Kevin Carden]  SC looks good for both Burfict and Teo. Burfict has a lot of teammates headed to ASU so they could be a player

[Trip Draw] and plus Brandons feeling on uona

[SC Grad97] that would be better

[Oshea Jackson] no way Kobe has 4 points more then halfway through the 3rd

[SC Grad97] Thanks Kevin!

[Kevin Carden]  holloday who are you referring to?

[Trip Draw] Burfict needs his grades up, no

[Trip Draw] ?

[Clay de Leon]  interesting thing is TJ's absolutely quiet

[Kevin Carden]  yes

[Kevin Carden]  on grades


[Brandon Huffman]  Burfict is SCARY good.  But he's got the work in the classroom

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[Clay de Leon]  he'll score 40 in the next quarter oshea

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[TroJoen] Clay even Miami rivals board has no clue

[Holladay 5] are nick perry, tj bryant, and/or jarell harris going to sign with sc?


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[Kevin Carden]  SC has made a real push lately for Kaveinga and he has a very good relationship with Coach Norton

[Clay de Leon]  yup he has been zippo quiet for months

[Clay de Leon]  there's dave chee


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[Oshea Jackson] Everyone is guessing FSU for Bryant cuz that's what Lincoln kids do but I haven't heard one person say they have solid info

[Clay de Leon]  you cooking me dinner tonight dave?

[TroJoen] Miami thinks they get him

[Kevin Carden]  I think SC has a real shot at all of them. I think Perry is the best shot.


[Dave Chee] Clay, props for predicting VT, although I didn't like his choice

[Allen Wallace]  Nick Perry should be very interesting. It's MICH vs USC. I can't say I know what he'll do. If anyone else does, please chime in!

[Oshea Jackson] I say good for Bryant, better then this Pryor madness

[James One] f---- the  Lakers this  is USC

[Dave Chee] lol

[Oshea Jackson] laker hater

[Kevin Carden]  Bryant is as hard to read as they come because he doesn't talk with the media and so everything you hear about him is secondhand.

[Trip Draw] <-- hater


[Dave Chee] what's your prediction on Harris, TJ and Pery?

[TroJoen] Allen how much of a factor is Nick's brother in the decision

[Kevin Carden]  Bryant has to like the fact that he would be the only player coming in strictly as a corner. Baucham and Joe Adams can both play CB but they will get a look at the offensive side of the ball as well.

[Clay de Leon]  thing about pryor is that he is in the middle of basketball season


[SC NC07] Did Metcalf get an offer this weekend?

[TroJoen] TJB silence leads me to think OOS commit

[Oshea Jackson] Who is UCLA in danger of losing tomorrow?  Dean, Jones, and Knox?

[Clay de Leon]  yes scnc07, I'll talk to metcalf after chat tonight

[Kevin Carden]  I think Jones is solid to UCLA

[Kevin Carden]  Huff knows more than me though

[Clay de Leon]  yeah jones is

[Allen Wallace]  Can't say anything about the Perry brother factor. It would simply be speculation. I think the kid will make up his own mind. So I would guess the factor would be negligible in my mind.


[SC Grad97] Is Metcalf LB or Safety?

[TroJoen] I read today Jones had 43 tackles for a loss senior year

[Oshea Jackson] that's ridiculous

[SC NC07] Brandon how was Knox visit to ND?


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[Dave Chee] heard rumors about a commit TOTALLY off our radar...experts care to guess?

[Oshea Jackson] Why would Knox even consider leaving UCLA for ND?

[Kevin Carden]  Shaq Evans and Cliff Harris got offers this weekend

[Oshea Jackson] That makes no sense

[Brandon Huffman]  Jones is signing with UCLA tomorrow with the rest of the UCLA commits. He cleared admissions


[Clay de Leon]  Metcalf is a safety

[Zach P4] any off the radar recruits?

[Brandon Huffman]  Knox and Crist are best friends

[SC Grad97] Thanks Clay

[Clay de Leon]  i've been talking to his family the last couple days, they are all high on SC

[Brandon Huffman]  It's hilarious how so many of the SC commits were at our Scout Combine as sophomores


[TroJoen] Clay whose family

[SC NC07] is he related to Justin Brown from Compton?

[Brandon Huffman]  McDonald, Graf, Simmons, Presley

[Clay de Leon]  Metcalf

[Oshea Jackson] Depth chart looks better at UCLA I would think for Knox

[Clay de Leon]  his cousin, justin brown and his uncle

[Allen Wallace]  I'm very surprised that that Knox would think of switching to ND, regardless of any relationship he has with Crist.


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[Clay de Leon]  they are  a trojan family tojoen

[Brandon Huffman]  I think Knox sticks with UCLA

[SC NC07] Brandon how would you compare Knox and Curtis McNeal?

[Brandon Huffman]  McNeal is much more shiftier and quicker than Knox

[Brandon Huffman]  Knox is stronger

[Clay de Leon]  how did that trip go Brandon?

[Oshea Jackson] DaveChee - what did you hear?

[Clay de Leon]  for knox

[TroJoen] any chance Knox ends up in Florida

[Kevin Carden]  yeah McNeal could contribute on special teams early at SC


[Allen Wallace]  I have never thought Knox would leave UCLA. I'm just surprised he's drawing it out.

[Trip Draw] when are people declaring tomorrow

[Brandon Huffman]  

No chance with Florida and Knox.  From what i've heard, Florida is

running a distant third, especially with Troy Starr gone

[Clay de Leon]  its on a thread trip

[Dave Chee] just what I wrote name, no location.  Just a strong inference to a silent that is not being discussed.

[Brandon Huffman]  Knox, Davidson and Kaveinga are all annoucing on FSN

[Clay de Leon]  but Kevin knows the times

[Trip Draw] oh ok kool

[Brandon Huffman]  HS Spotlight show at 6pm


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[Allen Wallace]  I think McNeal's gonna be a big get for USC. Good things come in short packages!

[Clay de Leon]  I remember that small rb that UCLA had a couple years ago

[TroJoen] Davidson + Miami IMO

[Clay de Leon]  mighty mouse

[SC NC07] Any reason to worry about Adams?

[Oshea Jackson] he ended up being ok

[Dave Chee] Allen, how would you compare Maurice Drew to McNeal?

[Clay de Leon]  ADAMS = SC imo

[Kevin Carden]  Joe Adams was still solid before his visit to USC and we haven't heard contrary since so we have to believe he will be a Trojan.

[SC NC07] good


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[Clay de Leon]  he's pretty close to Broderick Green (Adams)

[Brandon Huffman]  LSU offered SHaquelle Evans tonight

[Oshea Jackson] Hog fans are using some backwards logic that why would anyone reannounce for the same school.  Of course Green did that last year....

[Brandon Huffman]  You talking about Tyler Ebell, Clay?

[Oshea Jackson] Shaq's have worked out well for LSu

[Kevin Carden]  Offers from USC. LSU and ND in last two weeks for Evans

[Brandon Huffman]  Yeah, thats a good YEAR for most guys

[Allen Wallace]  Maurice Drew is much, much more powerful than Curtis McNeal, who is trickier, I think.

[Clay de Leon]  I think so, the guy they called mighty mouse? yeah, he transferred somewhere, Brandon?

[Kevin Carden]  Ebell


[Dave Chee] Thanks Allen

[Clay de Leon]  he was fast and the big guys couldn't catch him

[Oshea Jackson] Ebell went to utep

[Brandon Huffman]  Yeah, he went to UTEP.  He played at my HS.  Then St. Bonnie joined the league :(

[SC NC07] played for Price


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[Clay de Leon]  except of course, USC caught him

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Oshea Jackson] I got some funny stories about ebell

[SC NC07] Ventura, Huffman?

[Clay de Leon]  he shouldn't have transferred


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[Brandon Huffman]  Yep, VHS

[TroJoen] Does UCLA get Dean back?

[SC NC07] Brandon can you rank the top 5 2009 WR's

[Brandon Huffman]  Yeah, he committed last week


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[Kevin Carden]  didn't know you went to Ventura

[Brandon Huffman]   1- Rolando Jefferson, 2- Devon Flournoy, 3- Shaquelle Evans, 4- James Johnson 5- Randall Carroll

[Clay de Leon]  UCLA got most all of their early commits


[Brandon Huffman]  Yep, graduated in 1994...Im ancient

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Clay de Leon]  you're a baby Huffman

[Oshea Jackson] Is Carroll a WR at SC?

[TroJoen] Any legs to rumor De Wayne Walkers son decommits?

[Clay de Leon]  its confirmed I think

[Kevin Carden]  could be CB

[Allen Wallace]  Arkansas just committed another WR today. I think Joe Adams sticks hard to USC.

[Clay de Leon]  Brandon can tell u that


[Dave Chee] love to see Adams and TJ at corner

[Brandon Huffman]  He decommitted and committed to Oregon State tonight

[Clay de Leon]  I think so too Allen

[Brandon Huffman]  I dont feel like a baby, I feel old

[Oshea Jackson] There's no guarantee Walker would be at UCLA longer then this year anyway so good for his son going where he wants

[Dave Chee] it's all those hangovers Brandon

[SC NC07] Allen who do you think are 3 USC commits that contribute earliest?

[Brandon Huffman]  lol, so true

[Clay de Leon]  lol


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[Oshea Jackson] totally agree, I'm 28 and feel like 40

[TroJoen] I can imagine the recruiting spin next year after recruits learn his son didn't wan't to play for him

[Dave Chee] lmao

[Clay de Leon]  this board makes me feel old

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Clay de Leon]  and young

[Trip Draw] me too im 26

[Allen Wallace]  I'm almost 56 years old! Can you believe that. Still feel like I'm in my thirties. Recruiting keeps you young!

[Clay de Leon]  it's all in the head

[Dave Chee] You've got a great surgeon Allen

[Oshea Jackson] For my second career then I'm getting into recruiting

[Clay de Leon]  running around SC will make you feel young...huh Kevin

[Brandon Huffman]  Allen, you do NOT look like you're in your 50s!

[Kevin Carden]  Oh yeah


[Allen Wallace]  My hair is getting much grayer lately. It's all catching up to me suddenly.

[SC NC07] Guys what are your houghts on Brice Butler?

[AlumnI Park] so does the fact that those east/south recruits are so quiet bode well for SC?

[Oshea Jackson] I have a question, is there any chance this waiver that Mallett is filing flies and he gets to play next year?

[Kevin Carden]  Brice Butler is a very polished receiver. He is in my opinion the best route runner in this class. He looked very impressive at the U.S. Army Bowl.

[Trojan Frank] How many commits can you not tell us about, 1,2,3,4 or 5?

[Allen Wallace]  I love Brice Butler and think he will be great at USC.

[Trip Draw] they said 5 frank

[SC Grad97] Kevin, could Ayles as a freshman chAllenge McCoy???

[Trip Draw] im jk

[Kevin Carden]  LOL good question Frank

[Trip Draw] dont know


[Uranga Jr2] Patrick Hall RB/S?  what is his best position

[Oshea Jackson] Cuz if they grant Mallett a waiver the floodgates are gonna open


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[Kevin Carden]  I think Ayles could contribute in the passing game for sure. It is hard for young TE's to be good blockers

[Brandon Huffman]  Ayles is the best TE I've seen in the last few years

[SC Grad97] Thank You Both

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[Clay de Leon]  ayles says he's competing for starting this year, but gotta tell you, anthony mccoy is pretty good

[Trojan Frank] Come on, that shouldn't tell us too much.

[Dave Chee] Allen, who was better at this stage, Tony Gonzalez or Blake Ayles?

[Dave Chee] quesiton for you too Brandon

[Trip Draw] wow ayles or gonzalez

[Kevin Carden]  I would say 2 to possibly 3 but that doesn't mean just the guys we have talked about there could be a Trey Henderson out there


[Brandon Huffman]  I played in a passing league tourney against Gonzales when I was a senior (same year he was).  He was a freak.

[Allen Wallace]  Tony Gonzalez was the best HS tight end I have ever seen outside of that Brown kid who went to ND from Forida. But I love Ayles and always fought for his high marks, ratings-wise.


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[SLC 24] I'm Late!

[Clay de Leon]  yes u r

[Trojan Frank] thanks

[Oshea Jackson] How is the Pac 10 doing this year recruiting as a whole?  I heard Stanford has a good class for them.


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[SLC 24] Have we discussed the Junior Day?

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[Matt] Allen how the heck did Tony Gonzalez end up at Cal?

[Dave Chee] I'm out.  I gotta make dinner

[Trip Draw] u should start eating later

[Dave Chee] Clay, if you're into frozen dinners, come on over...

[Kevin Carden]  Huffman has a good article on Pac-10 recruiting on our front page today

[Clay de Leon]  ha dave

[Trip Draw] on tues atleast

[Trojan Frank] I know he's not coming, but did PC go see Julio Jones while in ALA

[Kevin Carden]  Yeah SLC 24

[Allen Wallace]  Different strokes for different folks. Cal and USC seem to attract very different people in some regards. So maybe it was an easy choice for Gonzalez.

[Clay de Leon]  UCLA, washington, SC all top 20


[Kevin Carden]  Harris, Evans, Metcalf offers

[Kevin Carden]  Matt Barkley and T.J. McDonald will do a lot of recruiting for USC this year. Matt is a quiet kid but a real leader and recruits are drawn to him.


[Trip Draw] so glad he made his decision early

[Brandon Huffman]  I'll be the first to admit, earlier this year, I had Holt ahead of Ayles (primarily from seeing him at so many camps and combines), and Allen had been fighting like heck for Ayles to get his attention.

[SLC 24] thanks

[Allen Wallace]  I thought Huffman's article on the Pac-10 today was excellent.

[Kevin Carden]  T.J. McDonald is a very personable kid and as he told me "I have been a Trojan my whole life."

[Brandon Huffman]  After seeing him all year, no question, Ayles is the premier TE in the country

[Brandon Huffman]  Thanks Allen


[Clay de Leon]  Barkley said he is excited about getting involved in recruiting kids

[Clay de Leon]  he'll be more verbal now

[SLC 24] who does he remind you of?

[Uranga Jr2] Any more possible 2009 commits in the near future.......this question is for anyone

[Kevin Carden]  Metcalf could from what Clay has told me

[Clay de Leon]  I'll talk to metcalf tonight

[Allen Wallace]  I think Ayles is the number one tight end too but got outvoted by those who like ND commit Kyle Rudolph. In SuperPrep mag, Ayles rules the roost!

[Clay de Leon]  he also grew up Trojan, Uranga

[SLC 24] Todd Heap???

[Clay de Leon]  I saw that rudolph was ranked higher in scout

[SLC 24] I have to catch up on questions. LOL Who is a real sleeper in the USC class?


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[Allen Wallace]  I've got to get going. Best of luck to the Trojans tomorrow. Special things often happen to USC on signing day under this coaching regime.  Later!

[Clay de Leon]  thanks Allen

[TroJoen] thanks Allen

[Oshea Jackson] Thanks Allen

[Kevin Carden]  Malik Jackson is my sleeper

[Kevin Carden]  Thanks Allen

[Brandon Huffman]  Mine too

[Trip Draw] does Oregon have a shot at pryor?

[TroJoen] Is Malik going to qualify

[Clay de Leon]  that is the question

[Uranga Jr2] thanks Allen

[Kevin Carden]  going to be close

[Oshea Jackson] Depends what hour of the day it is Trip

[Trip Draw] haha


[Clay de Leon]  pryor said he ruled Oregon out

[Oshea Jackson] I heard Oregon is gonna land Boyd though

[Clay de Leon]  for yesterday anyway

[Trip Draw] prob not going to happen but that would be nice if he went there

[Trip Draw] oh n,

[Kevin Carden]  I have stopped trying to figure out Pryor recruitment

[TroJoen] I think he is buckeye silent

[Clay de Leon]  like that stanford kid?

[Altadena Mike] who is boyd?

[Kevin Carden]  When I was at Army Bowl buzz was Ohio St. but that was a while ago

[Oshea Jackson] Aaron Boyd - WR from Kentucky

[Uranga Jr2] Brandon does SC want Hall for O or D. Where do you think his best position is?

[Clay de Leon]  lol


[Brandon Huffman]  I think Hall should be a safety.  He's similar to Rahim Moore

[SLC 24] Brandon who is top player to sign Pac-10 non-USC

[Altadena Mike] I hope pryor doesn't go to Ohio st...worst fans!

[TroJoen] Rahim More

[TroJoen] Moore

[Brandon Huffman]  Rahim Moore

[Kevin Carden]  I like Moore and Golden a lot

[Oshea Jackson] Outside of us landing people - I'm hoping that Ohio State misses on Pryor and Bama misses on Jones.  I just want to see the meltdown.

[Uranga Jr2] LOL!!!

[SLC 24] Clay great Barkley story by the way


[Oshea Jackson] My Ohio St friends are gonna riot if they don't land Pryor and they are normal Buck fans

[Altadena Mike] I don't like Ohio st,so I welcome a meltdown

[Trip Draw] so then pryor to mich should be fun

[Clay de Leon]  jones and harris leaving bama would be nice

[Clay de Leon]  ok Brandon

[Trip Draw] ok predictions?

[Altadena Mike] yeah, perry and harris come here

[Oshea Jackson] Good stuff Brandon - my brother in law keeps trying to pull that crap with me. They had to "hand" Telemaque to Miami....

[Uranga Jr2] Perry, Harris, Bryant, Kaveinga

[Clay de Leon]  SC lands maurice simmons

[Oshea Jackson] I say Kavienga, Perry, and Bryant

[Altadena Mike] maybe on kaveinga

[Clay de Leon]  kaveinga perry harris and bryant

[Brandon Huffman]  I say Kaveinga and Bryant

[Altadena Mike] No way on bryant

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Trip Draw] Mikes been on that for a week now

[Trip Draw] hope you're soo wrong

[Trip Draw] but I know u hope that too

[Clay de Leon]  bryant is a tough one

[Oshea Jackson] Mike - I hope you're right on Harris and I'm right on Bryant.  We'll know tomorrow.

[Trojan Frank] kaveienga, perry, harris, bryant and some guy

[Altadena Mike] wrong on harris and perry?

[SC Grad97] Brandon, you don't think SC lands Perry??

[Kevin Carden]  I'm keeping you guys to all these predictions .LOL

[Clay de Leon]  that's better frank

[Trip Draw] haha


[Clay de Leon]  ok you guys been hearing about this silent commit off the radar?

[Oshea Jackson] I mean you think we're getting Harris and I don't, and I think we're getting Bryant and you don't.  I think we both feel good on Perry.

[Clay de Leon]  I will tell you now

[Trojan Frank] That "some guy" is my sleeper

[Oshea Jackson] Lendak?

[Clay de Leon]  It's Pryor

[SLC 24] lorig

[TroJoen] Leon phelps

[Clay de Leon]  lol


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[Oshea Jackson] Jason Gwaltney?

[Trip Draw] Lesean Mccoy

[Brandon Huffman]  lol

[Clay de Leon]  percy harvin

[Brandon Huffman]  Jerrell Powe


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[SC Grad97] Andre Smith

[Trip Draw] CJ SPILLER

[SLC 24] WOLF says Spiller

[Oshea Jackson] jaI eugene

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Trip Draw] mesean?

[Clay de Leon]  I still remember mesean on the fox show

[Clay de Leon]  that was a shock

[Trip Draw] yea

[Oshea Jackson] One of my best buds is a buckeye fan - we always get a good laugh thinking about how much time we wasted arguing over Gwaltney


[Trip Draw] omar bolden?

[Clay de Leon]  ha

[SLC 24] So is Barkley better than Clausen???

[Clay de Leon]  Brian Price

[SLC 24] Huffman?

[Clay de Leon]  so is the sun better than the moon????

[Oshea Jackson] Price is a beast

[TroJoen] price is decommitting to TCU

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Kevin Carden]  I think so.

[TroJoen] so you remember

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[Brandon Huffman]  Yes

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[Clay de Leon]  yes trojoen

[SLC 24] Brandon how would you rate Brendan Carroll as a recruiting coordinator

[Trip Draw] so what about Boyer

[TroJoen] any word on Johnathon Franklin?

[Trip Draw] is he walking on?

[Oshea Jackson] Nice debut for Pau

[Clay de Leon]  boyer is still deciding between SC and UCLA

[Clay de Leon]  both preferred walk on

[Clay de Leon]  he'll come to SC unless UCLA gives him a schollie which is unlikely

[Trip Draw] is money going to matter?

[Kevin Carden]  If Boyer doesn't get a offer from UCLA he is all SC

[Brandon Huffman]  Franklin is signing with UCLA

[Trip Draw] ok nice


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[Trojan Frank] pau is soft in the playoffs

[Oshea Jackson] Has anyone heard rumors of Carl Smith coming back to SC, and are they true?

[Trip Draw] I meant tuition of course

[Brandon Huffman]  Boyer is going to walk on at either UCLA or USC, according to his dad, but SC has to be the favorite

[TroJoen] damn ruins kept their class

[Kevin Carden]  How does he look tonight?

[Brandon Huffman]  Carroll is doing a great job as the RC

[Oshea Jackson] 22 and 11

[Kevin Carden]  wow

[Clay de Leon]  pao?


[Oshea Jackson] 24 and 11 now

[Clay de Leon]  wow

[Uranga Jr2] Does anybody think we offer 2009 TE Toilolo.

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[TroJoen] what quarter

[Clay de Leon]  he can be soft in playoffs if Bynum comes back


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[Oshea Jackson] Bynum and Ronny are tough down low, so Pau can just do his thing

[Clay de Leon]  yup


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[Kevin Carden]  Guys I have to run and call the surprise commit but I will be up all night and one of us will be at Heritage Hall. Tomorrow is going to be fun.

[Clay de Leon]  I already called him Kevin

[Oshea Jackson] Tell Julio Jones I say hi

[Clay de Leon]  he's in

[Trip Draw] tease

[TroJoen] thanks for the teasing me

[Trip Draw] CFB - blue balls at its best

[Kevin Carden]  Feel free to call a chat of your own anytime tomorrow if you want to get away from the madness on the boards.

[Kevin Carden]  Thanks again Brandon


[Oshea Jackson] Have a good nite guys.

[Clay de Leon]  tomorrow will be a mad house

[Oshea Jackson] Thanks to all



[Kevin Carden]  See ya guys

[Clay de Leon]  arite oshea

[Clay de Leon]  kev

[TroJoen] good night everybody

[Trojan Frank] I like Pau, you guys are a little too exited though

[Clay de Leon]  any parting words of wisdom Brandon?

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[Trip Draw] make sure to dial 1 before you fax 213

[Clay de Leon]  lol

[Uranga Jr2] both you guys are plaing games with us............I'll be expecting a pm


[Trip Draw] haha serious

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[Trip Draw] tell me or I will pull scarlett

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[Brandon Huffman]  And with that, I'm off.

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[Clay de Leon]  Good night, guys Top Stories