USC Football Thursday Workout

The Trojan Football team continues off-season conditioning and workouts leading up to Spring Camp, March 25-April 19. SCPlaybook brings you coverage of Thursday's workout at Howard Jones Field.

USC Football Thursday Workout

February 28, 2008

A Day for Alumni and Fun

Walking into Howard Jones Field early, one had to notice the star power. While last week Matt Leinart and Shaun Cody were on campus, a couple more familiar faces attended practice today. Tom Malone, Will Poole, Keary Colbert and Dominique Byrd graced the sidelines. Even walk-on cornerback Jim Abbot walked through Howard Jones Field, on his way to baseball practice.

Strained For Time

The NCAA allows coaches a minimal time period for working out with players at this time of the year, and at that, no equipment or footballs can be used. It's sort of like a dress rehearsal without a dress. Spring Camp will begin in earnest on March 25th when the team will have roughly three weeks to have full practices.

With the minimal allowed contact with coaches, practice is somewhat awkward until coaches leave the field and players can throw the pigskin around, sans coaches.

The players have weight training throughout the week, but it's a matter of lifting weights or exercising on the field. Watching grass grow is slightly more exciting than attending any of those sessions.

Let the Fun Begin

After the half hour coaches' instruction period, the team gathered in a full huddle to end the session. Once the coaches left the field, the offense/defense squared-off on 7-on-7's and the linemen practiced technique at the short field (Brian Kennedy Field).

While the players only 7-on-7's got under way, the baseball team was in the background having batting practice and fielding balls while the new scoreboard and diamond vision were lit up at Dedeaux Field.

At quick glance, the players who impressed today: Damian Williams, Broderick Green, Ronald Johnson, David Ausberry, Stafon Johnson and Marc Tyler.

Touchdown receptions were made by: Allen Bradford, David Ausberry, Adam Goodman and Ronald Johnson

Travon Patterson who sat out most of last season with a foot injury and surgery said he'll be ready to return to the field on Monday.

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