Keary Colbert : The Seven Million Dollar Man

While recovering from a knee injury, Keary Colbert spends his days in the weight room, working as diligently as he did when he played for the Trojans.

Keary Colbert is a Happy Man on Campus at USC

Just twenty-five years old and a millionaire, Keary Colbert is all smiles these days, as he roams the athletic facilities at USC. The Denver Broncos signed the former Trojan wide out to a multi-year contract.

A Refreshing Attitude: Hard Work Pays Off

His attitude is all-world, after all, he's all-Trojan. While with USC, Colbert was known as a relentless hard-working team player. Frequently, if not always after practice, Colbert would take 50-100 extra catches after the rest of the team left the field. While always a clutch receiver, what didn't necessarily show on the playing field was his extra effort and work habits. Colbert was always about team and was around the ball when the Trojans needed that extra catch.

A Return to Campus

Colbert has spent this off-season, rehabilitating his knee, working out and watching game tape at USC. Some things never change. He is on campus these days with a nice smile on his face, but working as diligently as he did when he played for the Trojans.

Catching Up with Colbert

We asked Colbert about his newly signed contracts with Denver, he replied "I had the fortune to be blessed with the Denver Broncos." Then with a wide grin, he continued, "They gave me a little bit, they gave me a little bit." He then said, "It provides me with a great opportunity to play, so that's the main thing."

We asked him where he would be living and he replied, "I'll be between Denver and the Los Angeles."

About his time on campus, he said, "I'm here ‘rehabbing,' and being with the guys, watching film. I'm doing my thing in the training room. That's the good thing about USC, you can always come back and have a place to workout."

So whom has he been working out with? "Shaun Cody has been here, Matt Cassell, Dominique Byrd was here one day, Lendale White was here. There's probably been more, but that's who I've seen."

Colbert in the Pros

Colbert was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft, as the 62nd overall pick. In December of 2007, he was placed on injured reserve with an injured right knee. Colbert signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Denver Broncos on February 3, 2008.

As a rookie, Colbert set several team records including: 47 receptions, 754 receiving yards and five touchdown catches. He tied the team rookie mark with two 100-yard receiving contests.

16.04-yard average per catch ranks third in team history
16.04-yard average per reception ranked second among NFC players with 45 or more catches in 2004.

Colbert led the Panthers in yards per reception and finished second on the team in catches, receiving yards and touchdown receptions in 2004. 63-yard reception at Seattle (10/31/04) established career long and was the Panthers longest pass play of the 2004 season.

Colbert compiled his first career 100-yard receiving outing with 115 yards at Denver (10/10/04) to become the first Panthers rookie since 1997 to register a 100-yard receiving effort. Top Stories