Tuesday Workout: Aaron Corp Interview

While USC coaches spent the day off-campus, the team put in an extra-effort workout at Howard Jones-Brian Kennedy Field. SCPlaybook took the opportunity to meet with quarterback Aaron Corp to get his take on the upcoming quarterback competition.

Tuesday Workout: Aaron Corp Interview

Team Puts in Extra Effort as Coaches Were on Off-Campus Retreat

USC Coaches were out of town on a staff retreat, meaning the players would have an easy workout, right? Wrong, the strength and conditioning staff was on the field and players got a heavy dose of conditioning from Coach Carlisle and staff. The team worked extremely hard, pulling ‘sleds,' running ladders, doing short sprints and extra agility drills.

While the field topped off in the 80-degree temperature range, players put their work in under the warm spring sun. Travon Patterson and Vidal Hazelton were seen running on the side of the field, while much of the rest of the team worked on strength and conditioning. This was the most intense full team workout of the off-season.

Odds and Ends

McKnight and Havili set the pace for pulling the sleds, leading the pack on the field.

Chris Galippo looks like he is dropping weight, working hard on the field.

Damian Williams is starting to take a leadership role with wide receivers.

Robbie Boyer came to campus for workouts but watched from the sidelines as the team worked drills, heavy physical drills.

Meanwhile, Aaron Corp and Mark Sanchez practiced dropping back for passes.

2008 defensive tackle signee, Pleasant Grove High School (Elk Grove, CA) Armond Armstead attended practice today.

Kris Richard has been hired to fill the previously vacant graduate assistant position for Pete Carroll's staff.


After a grueling workout, players lined-up for passing drills as the strength and conditioning staff left the field. Instead of the normal 11-on11's, the players opted to just throw the ball around.

Extra Time

Long after the team left the field, several players stayed on for more work. Stanley Havili teamed up with Aaron Corp, Mark Sanchez with Patrick Turner and Luther Brown with Garrett Green to put in extra time on the field.

Graduating senior, Thomas Williams was working out, preparing for the upcoming Pro Day at USC.

Aaron Corp in Relentless Pursuit

SCPlaybook caught up with Aaron Corp after practice to get an update on his progress on the field. Corp at times has been the ‘forgotten quarterback,' with so much media attention focused on the Sanchez-Mustain competition. What the media forgets to pick-up is that Corp is a 5-star High School All-American quarterback in his own right. Unlike Sanchez and Mustain, though, Corp is a highly mobile quarterback with extra quickness.

We asked Corp how his spring workouts have been going, he said, "Excellent, excellent, I gained some weight, and I think I'm a little bit faster. When I first came in I was 185 lbs. and now I'm 205 lbs. I'm just picking up on this offense. I haven't been clocked, but I feel faster."

We asked him his view on the upcoming quarterback competition, he replied, "I think Mark Sanchez has the edge over all three of us. When I get my opportunity, I just have to make the most of it. Hopefully I can show the coaches what I can do and all I can do is ask for a fair shot. I need to work on my passing game, honing it, to be more consistent. I've got a little bit of an edge with speed."

Corp continued, "One of the biggest things this spring, I gained an awful lot of confidence, and that's just from knowing what I'm supposed to be doing. Last year, toward the end I started to get it. But at the beginning of the year I didn't really get it. I just used my redshirt year to learn, and that's the biggest thing, my confidence level has risen. Knowing that you can do the job is key."

We asked Corp why he chose USC, with three highly capable quarterbacks on line. He replied, "Well, when I committed, I didn't know Mitch was coming. But still, it's the Pac-10 and competition is going to be stiff anywhere. It's just stiffer at ‘SC and that's why I came here, because if you come here and you end up starting, you know you are the best around. There's just a peace, you know you're the best around."

He concluded the thought, "With the coaches, they've seen Mark play, and Mitch in the SEC, but they are all about giving everyone fair shots, and that's what they are all about. They will let who plays on the field determine who gets the job. I've still got four years left at USC."

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