Jody Adewale update caught up with recent commit Jody Adewale and he had the following update for us…

WeAreSC: Tell us about your feelings on your recent commit to USC.


JA: I feel honored.  My family had always wanted me to go to SC.  My father told me if I got into SC, he would never ask me for anything else again in his life.  This gives me the opportunity to really make something of myself for my future.  I grew-up in the shadows of SC going to elementary school nearby.  I am not sure if my parents or myself is more excited about the SC scholarship.  They are still talking about it.


WeAreSC:  What are you doing to prepare yourself for USC?


JA:  I trying hard not to think about it as I owe my loyalty to Roosevelt, but it is hard!  I am continuing to lift weights and work out as I want to come in and make an impression.


WeAreSC:  How is your season going?


JA:  We are 7-1 right now.  I have about 14 TD's and 800 yards.  My yards per carry average is 13.1.  I have been really working on all the blocking schemes and clearing holes for my teammate Zach Owens.  I play a fullback position in our offense, so I do not get as many carries as the H-Back does in our scheme.


WeAreSC: Who did you play you last game?


JA: We played Garfield.  We won 14-12.  Coach Burns from SC was on the sidelines for the first half.  That game was at the Coliseum on Friday night.


WeAreSC:  Who were the coaches you were in contact that you committed to?


JA: Coach Carroll, Coach Burns, and Coach Orgeron.


WeAreSC:  Tell us about it:


JA:  My parents and I were at the game; I left for home early because my shoulder was hurting me in the cooler weather.  It was the Cal game.  My parents went down to the locker room after the game and spoke with the coaches.  I had no idea what was going on or going to happen as I watched the rest of the game from home.  Suddenly, my dad comes running through the door yelling, "Your going to SC, Your going to SC!"  I was like in a state of shock and excitement.  I guess you could say we were all fired-up to say the least.  Like I said, I am so excited and honored about going to USC.  I can't even describe it.  I have wanted to go to SC all my life.  My parents have always wanted me to go to SC.  I can't wait to get there.


WeAreSC: Have you talked to the coaches playing time/red shirting?


JA:  No I haven't, but I think I want to red shirt to get bigger and stronger.


WeAreSC:  Are you definitely coming in as a fullback?


JA: Yes, either fullback or tailback.  I would like to wear my #2, but we will see what happens.  Coach Pola told me to be ready to break some runs.


WeAreSC:  What nationality is the name Adewale?


JA:  My father is from Nigeria, so it is a Nigerian/African last name. 


WeAreSC:  Are you coming in early to SC in January?


JA: No, I will graduate with my senior class next spring and enter SC in the fall of 2003.


WeAreSC:  Do you plan on making an official visit to SC?


JA: Yes, I have not thought about it, but yes, I would like to.  Maybe I could come in and help with recruiting the other guys (recruits) visiting that weekend.


WeAreSC:  Anything else you would like to add?


JA:  I can't wait to Top Stories