Ryan Kalil update

With the offensive line being a position of need in this year's recruiting class, USC got a big boost early on when Servite's Ryan Kalil committed after the lineman camp in the early summer. Here's the latest on the future Trojan.

WeAreSC- How's your season been going so far?


Kalil- "Oh, it's been going good.  We were 7-0 but we had a tough loss against Mater Dei, so that set us back but we're going to keep going and try to finish the season strong in league and we'll see what kind of seed we can get for the playoffs."


WeAreSC- I heard you missed a couple of games with an ankle injury.  How's that doing now?


Kalil- "It was just a sprain.  I mean, it was one of those things where I could have played but they didn't feel they were really important games, so they just wanted to keep me for the bigger ones.  It's fine now."


WeAreSC- Talk a little about that Mater Dei game.  I heard that even in the loss, you still put on an impressive performance.


Kalil- "Yeah, I did pretty well.  To tell you the truth, I don't really know what went wrong.  It was just one of those rivalry games and it didn't go our way, but I mean, I played pretty well and our offensive line did really well, and the defense did well.  We just didn't execute.  We came out pretty fast, the defense held them, and then we came out on offense and scored on the second play of the game.  We just came out too fast."


WeAreSC- So you have two more games left in league before the playoffs start?


Kalil- "Yeah, we have two more.  We have St. John Bosco, which is 3-0 in league right now.  They're pretty good.  That's coming up this Friday.  Then we play Loyola."


WeAreSC- For people who haven't seen you play, what do you think your strengths are as an offensive lineman?


Kalil- "Probably my quickness off the ball.  When I look at film, I like to see what kind of an athlete the guy is ahead of me.  How does he react when the ball is snapped?  A lot of times they're kind of hesitant and they don't get as low as they should, and because I'm faster off the ball, I'm able to get to them before they realize what's going on."


WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?


Kalil- "Right now, I'm 6'4 and 265 pounds.  I started off at 275 but I lost some of it."


WeAreSC- Talk about the factors that led you to decide on USC.


Kalil- "Probably the atmosphere and the coaches.  A lot of it had to do with the coaches.  I really like Coach Carroll.  He's the kind of guy that just gets you fired up, and the same thing with Coach Pola and Coach Davis.  I really like what Coach Davis had to say about everything, especially when I went to the camps, about offensive linemen in general."


WeAreSC- Did you grow up a Trojan fan?


Kalil- "I really did but I didn't know if they were looking for offensive linemen or not.  So I was just in there and working my butt off and it was something I really wanted to do.  I really like California but I would have gone anywhere, but I really liked SC."


WeAreSC- What coaches did you commit to?


Kalil- "After the camp, Coach Carroll called me up and it was him, Coach Davis, and Coach Pola.  They were pretty amped.  I think they're glad I'm one of these guys that's SC all the way."


WeAreSC- What coaches do you talk to regularly?


Kalil- "I actually talked to Coach Carroll today.  For the most part I talk to Coach Pola.  I really like talking to him.  We mainly just talk about how everything is going.  He talks about my football team and sometimes I ask him questions about SC and lately I've been asking how Troy is doing."


WeAreSC- Have they talked to you about what kind of weight they would like you to come in at?


Kalil- "Not really.  Not yet.  I think they're just going to let me finish my season.  That's what Coach Pola has been stressing to me, that it's my senior year and just worry about that and everything will take care of itself.  You're only a senior once and you only go to high school once."


WeAreSC- I know you play tackle right now, but have the coaches talked to you about where you might play at USC?


Kalil- "They're recruiting me as a center.  I can play that too.  I've played it before but we have a guy on our team that's a pretty good center also and he couldn't play anything else, so they just use me at tackle."


WeAreSC- Have you gone to any USC games this year?


Kalil- "Yeah, I went to the first game, the Auburn game, and I also went to the Washington game."


WeAreSC- What did you think of that experience?


Kalil- "It's awesome.  The best feeling is just being down there and looking up and seeing all of those people.  It's great."


WeAreSC- Have you met any of the other recruits at the games?


Kalil- "Yeah, I met Travis Draper.  I think he's a good player and I'm glad he committed.  I also met Sam Baker.  I think he's a really good player."


WeAreSC- Have you scheduled your official yet?


Kalil- "Not yet.  They want to see how far we go into the season.  If we do well, it's obviously going to be later, probably in January, and if we don't do as well as we think, then it would be sooner."


WeAreSC- Are other schools still calling?


Kalil- "A couple of schools.  You know, I like to talk to some of the coaches and everything, but I mean, I'm not taking any visits.  I tell them all the time that I'm pretty solid on SC.  Fresno calls a little bit, and Oregon.  A lot of the other schools just saw that I committed or I told them."


WeAreSC- Is there any chance you might take any other visits?


Kalil- "No, just SC."

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