Vidal Hazelton on the Mend

After undergoing off-season surgery, standout Wide Receiver looks to be healed for Spring Camp. He expects to have a great junior season in 2008 and that the receiver group will be improved.

Vidal Hazelton on the Mend

Wide Receiver Recovering from Surgery

Vidal Hazelton, the 6'3" – 205 lb. wide receiver from New York will be entering his junior season in the fall. In 2007, Hazelton played through a lot of pain in his abdominal region, and had off-season surgery in February. Hazelton looks to be recovered for the upcoming spring camp.

SCPlaybook caught up with Hazelton and asked him about his recovery, he replied, "Rehab is going well, I'm up to my sixth week so far, I'm able to do a lot of things I wasn't able to do before. I'm out there running and I feel like I'm back to myself. Last year I had to play through a lot of pain."

He continued, "I had two muscle tears in my lower abdomen. I played through the whole season, I took some MRI's and it didn't show up. When I finally took another one, they found the problem and stitched it up."

We asked him when he had his surgery, he said, "I had my surgery on February 5th. I'm working on strides right now, taking it easy on the cutting, but I should be good for spring ball."

As far as pain, he commented, "I can't feel pain, it feels good, it's just a little knotted up inside with the scar tissue, but it feels good."

Wide Receiver Corps

Hazelton commented on the prospects for the 2008 receivers, "We'll be ready this year for sure; we're not young anymore."


We asked Hazelton how his academics has been progressing, he replied, "I've got a lot of communications classes and I'm doing well. I'd like to get into the Annenberg School of Communications, I'm on pace to graduate. I am completing my second year here, so I'll be a junior in the Fall."

Preparing for Spring Camp

How did he spend his spring break? "Over spring break, I stayed on campus to continue to workout and train, to continue my rehabilitation with the trainers. Right now I weigh 205 and when I came in I weighed 195. I gained about 10 lbs of muscle."


Finally, we asked Hazelton what his personal goals are for the upcoming season, he answered, "My goal is to be the best. I've got a lot of expectations for myself, for the things that I do. This season I just want to go out there and just play for the team and have a good season." Top Stories