Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

The Trojans opened spring football with a spirited practice on Tuesday. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll to get his thoughts on the quarterback competition, Damian Williams and much more.

Pete Carroll on the first day of spring practice:

"It was really fun to be out here. It's great to get back out here and start coaching again and cut the coaches loose. They have been waiting and chomping at the bit to get at these guys. The guys showed up in really good shape, we looked fast today and we handled ourselves well. Just the overall team quickness was obvious. I don't know that anybody stood out more than anybody else at this time. We have film to watch and all that kind of stuff. I really wasn't looking for any individuals. I was just trying to get our practice work ethic going and get our competitiveness on track. That is what is most important right now."

Pete Carroll on the quarterback situation:

"Mark (Sanchez) had some first group and Mitch (Mustain) had some first group and Aaron (Corp) had some first group for us. They handle themselves okay. It's hard right now with new centers and all that kind of stuff. There is a lot going on for them. They're not going to be real sharp yet, they just couldn't be with new receivers and all the mixing of the groups and all, but they handle themselves well and they handled the play calling and getting to the line of scrimmage and made their calls pretty well at the line of scrimmage. It was a good start, a real good start."

Pete Carroll on Damian Williams:

"He looks a little bit different than some of the other guys that have been out here. He's got kind of a fluid movement to him that looks a little different than guys we have had out here. I know Mitch (Mustain) found him a couple of times today."

Pete Carroll on Clay Mathews playing LEO:

"It's a move that we have made to sure up the depth at the defensive end spots. We are really light there in numbers. Clay has played there two years when we had Cush (Brian Cushing) there. He was the backup to Cush all the time and played in games and played a lot in practice and is comfortable with the assignments and stuff. What we have done is decided to focus his work with the defensive line technique-wise and drill-wise….The idea is just to get more speed outside on the edge. It will allows us to kind of go from a 3-4 to a 4-3 principle and we like that."

Pete Carroll on naming a starting quarterback:

"Right now I am not worried about figuring that out yet. We have a lot of practices left and a lot of opportunities to see stuff, let's just see what happens. We have a lot of information right now on Mark (Sanchez) and we have little information on the other two guys. I think early in spring football it's really important to get those guys a lot of work and see where they are and give them the chance to catch up."

Pete Carroll on Averell Spicer's injured knee:

"He's going to miss spring; he's going to miss it. He's got a situation that we have to wait and see how it calms down. He may need arthroscopic surgery. They are going to wait on it for another week or so….He was working out and did fine in all the workout programs but they just felt like it was something that was cumulating and they needed to quiet him down. So we are going to hold him out and make sure we are very careful with him."

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