A Discussion with Marc Tyler

SCPlaybook catches up with tailback Marc Tyler. The gifted running back red-shirted his first season at USC and looks forward to getting into the mix as a running back for the Trojans. Clay de Leon met with Tyler to discuss his progress.

A question and answer session with Marc Tyler

Discuss participating in your first Spring Camp:

"It went good for me, I tweaked my back at the beginning of practice on Tuesday, a little bit. It slowed me down a little; I didn't feel as explosive as I could be. As it went on, it got looser."

Are you feeling any effects from your broken leg?

My leg feels good; it feels like high school, like I never broke it. I don't feel it at all.

What it's like to be out there playing again?

"It's good, going in there with the one's, it builds your confidence up, learning the plays. Just going in there and knowing the plays, it gets you comfortable and brings your confidence up. It feels good to go in there and know what I am doing."

What are your goals for Spring?

"My goal is to show everybody that I know the plays. To show that I can block and I can run, to play, you have to know all of those things. To play you have to do more than just run. You have to be able to block well and know the plays."

Do you feel you have the upper hand in being able to block and catch passes?

"I think we all have the same stuff, that's why we're here, we're all good backs. We have to go out there and compete every day, and that's what I'm going to do."

You've got a reputation of being an all-around back, comment on that:

"I played receiver as a freshman and sophomore in high school, catching the ball and route running. I can block a little bit, even though that's not my favorite, you just gotta do it. Running, we're all good runners, that's why we're here. But running the ball outside and inside, I like getting it up there and making contact."

Your father, Wendell Tyler hasn't been on the sidelines, he's usually out here supporting you, have you talked to him about that?

"He said he's only coming out when we get pads on. He doesn't want to watch us with no pads on. He says he wants to watch the contact."

What are you studying in school?

"Right now I'm undecided. Classes are going well. First semester, you just have to get used to all of the time (constraints), getting used to college life. It's all good; I'm taking Exercise Science, Writing 140, and a ballet class. School's good.

How do you come to terms with the amount of great backs in the backfield, how do you understand it?

We all knew when we came here, that we would all be here. It's just whoever is hot is going to play. Whoever is the best and knows all the plays is going to play; whomever the coaches feel comfortable with is going to play. I'll just go out here and compete every day and work hard.

Are you looking to be the starter next fall?

Definitely, you know, everybody wants to play. Last year was the hardest for me, not playing at all, just watching. Hopefully I can get out there and be in there next year.

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