Quoting Carroll: Sunday Practice

The excitement was in the air as the Trojans came out Sunday morning for their first practice in full pads. SCPlaybook was there and caught up with Coach Carroll after practice to get his thoughts on Sunday's performance and much more.

Pete Carroll on the offense vs. the defense:

"I thought the offense did pretty well today at the end and the defense did very well early. We are doing fine. Both sides are battling and it goes back and forth who's winning and who's losing. We are keeping score everyday and it keeps flip flopping and the intensity is really good."

Pete Carroll on the offensive line:

"I think at this point I am most impressed with what is going on with the offensive line. For these guys being a bunch of guys that are coming together for the first time, a number of guys have played but coming together they seem to be communicating really well and they are doing really well. They are ahead of where we would think they would be at this point."

Pete Carroll on Sunday's practice:

"Joe (McKnight) had a good today. I thought he made a number of good plays today, Stafon (Johnson) had a big run. The tight ends are doing a good job, just a lot of good stuff. I have been watching the offense a lot and seeing how these guys are fitting together and it seems we have the ability to make some plays and make things happen with the individual guys that are out there and it's really encouraging."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight:

"He's so much more comfortable now. He really can run most of the routes from outside and he's a terrific catcher and we know he has great explosion and stuff once he catches the ball. He really is expanding what he is going to be able to do. This is the farthest we have taken a running back at running routes and feeling confident in the ability to continue. He can play like a receiver but he is going to do it from the running back position. We are really, really excited about that."

Pete Carroll on the best part of taking batting practice at the Coliseum:

"Feeling like I was about 12 years old playing little league again, being out there running around. It was really fun. We were very fortunate to have that opportunity….It was just like little kids. We were taking infield and the whole thing, turning some double-plays that didn't happen."

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