Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

The Trojans started the second week of spring football with an intense practice on Tuesday. After practice Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll to get his thoughts on Tuesday's performance, USC's injured players and much more.

Pete Carroll on USC's injured players:

"Damian (Williams) thinks he can get back in a couple days. He came down and landed on his foot a little wrong but doesn't feel like it's anything serious. Stanley got kicked in the hip the other day by Shareece (Wright). We got to wait and see what that means. Rey (Maualuga) got a little hamstring strain."

Pete Carroll on the play of the defensive line:

"Clay's having a terrific camp. He's really, really disruptive right now and Gerald Washington and Kyle (Moore), those guys are really getting off the football."

Pete Carroll on Christian Tupou:

"He's doing good. He's a tremendous effort football player. He's just learning so we know he has a big high end there and you can't play harder than he plays. He's just a tremendous heart and soul effort guy. So everybody is pumped up about him."

Pete Carroll on Averell Spicer missing spring:

"This is a big deal for Averell (Spicer) to miss this. This was his time and it's breaking his heart that he can't be out here, but we just have to heal him up first."

Pete Carroll on USC's Pro Day:

"I really am looking forward to it. It's a fun time for us and it's a big event. It's exciting to see these guys take this step, particularly for the guys who didn't compete at the combine. This is a huge day for these guys. We made a big deal to our players, reminding them what this day is all about for the seniors."

Pete Carroll on Ed Orgeron visiting practice:

"A number of our boosters that love Ed are jumping all over him and just happy to see him because he is such a lovable guy….I was just disappointed that I didn't see him until practice was over because I would have called him up with all the fellas. "

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