Coaches Corner: Sarkisian's Thoughts

With just a week into Spring Camp, Clay de Leon catches up with Offensive Coordinator, Steve Sarkisian. Coach Sarkisian talks about the early stages of Spring Ball and players' progression.

A Conversation with Sark: ABC's of Spring Ball

Steve Sarkisian's Early Review of Spring Camp

What do you think about Spring Camp thus far?

I think it's been great, the competition's been excellent. I think a lot of young players are getting a lot of exposure. You're seeing some guys making some plays and doing some things in one-on-one situations. And you're seeing a lot of guys get better.

Obviously there's a lot of installation (of plays) on both sides of the ball, offensively and defensively and around day four and day five, it's when you hit a point where it becomes difficult. You're trying to learn so much on one side of the ball and they're learning so much on the other side of the ball (defense) that they're trying to do. It gets difficult, especially for the quarterbacks and the offensive line.

The installations are going to scale back here in the next few days. You should see a lot more consistency on the offensive side of the ball.

Comment about the offensive line struggles on Tuesday:

It was difficult, obviously our defensive coaches do a great job and they have great players. They've got a lot of stuff going and we've got a lot of stuff, and that's a tough recipe there, around day four and five of Spring Ball. Hopefully when we get into day six, seven, eight and nine our guys (offense) continue to get better.

Comment on the quarterback struggles the last couple of practices:

Yeah, we turned the ball over a little too much (on Tuesday), we have to have a little more regard for the football and make a little better decision. They also did some very good things, it'll get better. Like I said, for the quarterbacks and the offensive line, these are the toughest days.

Do any of the quarterbacks stand out for you at this point?

I like them all, they all have unique qualities. You saw Aaron (Corp) get another opportunity to get outside and running Tuesday. You see Mark (Sanchez)'s arm strength and you see Mitch (Mustain) being able to fit balls into tight quarters. What we are looking for from each one of them is just the consistency factor. Taking care of the football, having great demeanor, making good decisions and leading the team consistently. You know, be ‘in-charge' out there on the field.

Who stands out on the wide receiver corps?

I loved Damian Williams up until Tuesday, I wish he could have been out there, that was tough (Williams is nursing an ankle injury). Ronald Johnson had a nice ‘bounce-back' day. He's struggled a little, but made some good plays on Tuesday. You're seeing the likes of Ausberry and Turner, but earlier on, Damian Williams was really the guy that was showing up.

How about the running backs?

Joe's being Joe, you know, he's making his plays (in reference to Joe McKnight), Stafon (Johnson)'s had a nice camp. I really like what C.J. Gable has been doing coming off an injury. Allen Bradford's shown us a lot of stuff early on, he's playing well. It's a great group, a great group.

With guys like Damian Williams coming on, a new quarterback, Joe McKnight and Ronald Johnson with a year under their belt, are you planning on using these weapons a different way this season?

We always have some new wrinkles and different things going. So we're going to try to get the best guys out on the field as we can and give them opportunities to not only be on the field, but to make plays. Hopefully we can get that done and give the guys enough opportunities to where they feel comfortable being on the field, so they can go out there and play to their abilities.

Do you have a favorite for quarterback at this point?

Not yet, not yet, it's too early to tell, but we'll get there. Top Stories