New Day, New Stars-Ausberry and Patterson

The Trojans lined up for Thursday practice and the offense picked up the pieces after consecutive sub-par performances. The wide receiver corps lit up the field with exciting grabs and touchdown receptions. David Ausberry and Travon Patterson turn in a great practice.

Day 6: New Day, New Stars-Ausberry and Patterson

David Ausberry and Travon Patterson Shine in Thursday Practice

After a burp on Tuesday, when the offense couldn't throw or catch, they shined on Thursday as David Ausberry and Travon Patterson catch several touchdown passes. Continuing to impress, Allen Bradford ripped a long run. Marc Tyler and Broderick Green also ran well on the day.

The Blessing in Disguise

Until his injury on Sunday, Damian Williams appeared to be the lone standout for the receivers. With Williams still nursing a minor ankle sprain, Ausberry and Patterson stepped up and made their presence known today. Throughout drills and team practice, the pair caught no less than four touchdowns each. Both stood out, making acrobatic and long distance catches.

For this day, anyway, Mitch Mustain seemed to be the quarterback with better control and decision-making. Mustain threaded the needle on passes to his receivers. Although Mark Sanchez threw some very nice passes, he was also intercepted twice. Aaron Corp got flustered in the pocket a little and threw a pick.

Give Ausberry and Patterson silver stars on the day.

Notes from the Field

The day started routinely enough, offense on Howard Jones Field and defense on Brian Kennedy Field, practicing plays.

After a while, the team broke up into positions and practice forcing/covering turnovers.

The energy picked up as the opposing positions paired up for one-on-one drills. The running backs and linebackers stirred up the crowd with exciting blocking/rushing drills. The coaches got animated and the players responded with upbeat, raucous competition.

Players then moved to Brian Kennedy field for short action plays. On previous days, this was limited to inside running, but today they opened it up a bit, mixing passes with runs. As has become the standard, Allen Bradford opened up this part of practice with a run up the middle for a long gain on a handoff from Sanchez. C.J. Gable broke off a nice run during this exercise.

7-on-7's: Touchdown City

Excitement levels reached fever pitch during the 7-on-7 drills. Each quarterback got a series of downs, and Sanchez actually got a second series. It was during this drill that the receivers simply caught fire and the intensity continued through the rest of practice.

On Sanchez' first series, he threw a touchdown pass to Brandon Carswell. Aaron Corp took a turn, highlighted by a touchdown pass to David Ausberry. Mustain came in and lit it up; he threw a touchdown to Travon Patterson, which was followed by a pair of touchdown catches by David Ausberry. On Sanchez' second series, he tossed a touchdown to Ausberry (his third).

11-on-11: Team Practice, More of the Same, Touchdowns Reign Supreme

Picking right up where they left off, Sanchez threw a touchdown pass to Patterson. Corp took his turn, got a little flustered and fumbled the snap. On his second series, Corp handed off to Marc Tyler, who broke-off a very long run, his best of Camp thus far. On one of Sanchez' next series, Patterson was slammed by Cary Harris, raising the excitement level on the field, led by shouting and cheers by Everson Griffin.

Mustain took control of a long series, highlighted by a tough 9-yard run by Tyler, culminating with a touchdown grab by Travon Patterson. The afternoon ended with a Sanchez pass which was tipped at the line, resulting in an interception by Malcolm Smith.


Coach Pete Carroll assisted Ronald Johnson at the end of practice, taking extra time instructing Johnson on catching the ball on his knees and in difficult situations. Coach Ruel spent a few extra minutes with the offensive line, then spent a significant amount of time teaching his newest lineman, Matt Meyer.

Long over due, Coach Sam Anno spent several minutes with the special teams unit discussing techniques and strategies. The special teams unit is an area of this program that should be given a lot of attention, and hopefully Coach Anno will continue to devote extra time to this group.

When interviewing Coach Sarkisian on Tuesday, he pointed out that days four and five were the hardest on quarterbacks and offensive linemen. True to point, both units struggled on those days. Sarkisian also said days six through nine should show some improvement. Again, true to point, the line and quarterbacks performed quite well today, day six of Spring Camp.

Today's practice was by far the most spirited practice to date.

Coach Carroll said Sunday's (open) practice will include a scrimmage.

Practice resumes tomorrow (Friday), at Howard Jones-Brian Kennedy Field at 4:00 pm. Top Stories