Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

After Sunday's intense scrimmage the Trojans returned to Howard Jones field in half-pads for Tuesday's practice. SCPlaybook was there and caught up with Pete Carroll to get his thoughts on which back to use in short yardage, Thomas Herring and much more.

Pete Carroll on Anthony McCoy and Taylor Mays recovering from the big collision on Sunday:

"You noticed that Anthony (McCoy) and Taylor (Mays) weren't able to go today from that big collision they had. They both got hit in the head and had to take a couple of days off here to get back right but they will be back soon. I don't know if there full concussions but there were symptoms and all that. So they need to rest and make sure that they are cleared before they bring them back."

Pete Carroll on Malcolm Smith's health:

"He pulled his hamstring and I don't know how bad it is. He'll see the doctors and all tonight but he certainly couldn't go today."

Pete Carroll on Sunday's scrimmage:

"Coming off the scrimmage the other day the hitting was really good. God, it was a physical practice. When we show our highlights from that scrimmage we see a lot of plays where guys are making big hits and getting after it. I was really pleased with that. Like I said afterwards the running backs really did well and they all contributed something in a special way. I thought Adam Goodman did a real good job at fullback for us and showed he can catch the ball and make a couple plays down by the goal line and things like that. The whole group played really well."

Pete Carroll on Thomas Herring:

"He's a viable option alright. He's played very steady since we put him with the first group and let him play between Kris (O'Dowd) and Alex (Parsons). Those guys are helping him and he is helping them and they seem to be working together pretty well. This is a big opportunity for Thomas; it's just a big opportunity."

Pete Carroll on who will be used as short yardage back:

"Stafon (Johnson) has been a guy that has made some special plays looking at last season, but of course we are looking at the big guys too in those situations. Broderick (Green) has always been a guy that we wanted to see what he would do in those situations. He's 235 pounds or 240 pounds or whatever he is. Allen (Bradford) runs big and Marc's (Tyler) got a little bit of a knack so we are going to try and figure that out."

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