Tempers Flare as Temperatures Heat up

Practice heated up as both players on both sides of the ball had short-fuses. The tempo and competition was as fever-pitch on Thursday. More inside...

Tempers Flare as Temperatures Heat Up

It was a warm day on the field and in the backfield

It was a rather warm day on Howard Jones – Brian Kennedy Field on Thursday. With temperatures nearing 80 degrees, competition and tempers flared up on the field as well.

The emphasis for the day was turnovers and the defense kept challenging the offensive players for possession of the ball. Tempers started flaring and there were several altercations on both sides of the ball.

Pete Carroll noted, "I loved today's practice. It was a good opportunity for us. We're always trying to capture teachable moments…right from the start we were smoking, tempo-wise…it was more heated than normal and it carried right through the practice."

He also said, "You have to hit the ‘threshold' sometimes to figure out where you can go and where you can't…the ‘threshold' was challenged fairly consistently today (laughter)…"

Highlight Reel

At the start of 7-on-7's, Mark Sanchez delivered the ball to Travon Patterson, who was met with a big hit by Rey Maualuga (back on the field after nursing a hamstring irritation).

Aaron Corp passed the ball to Damian Williams whom was greeted ferociously by Chris Galippo.

On Sanchez' next series, he handed-off to Marc Tyler who was stopped emphatically by Jordan Campbell.

Stanley Havili peeled of a couple good plays on a pass and run after and a handoff from Mark Sanchez. Havili also had an impressive touchdown run, hurdling Marshall Jones as he entered the end zone.

Christian Tupou had a couple sacks and strong stops.

Tyler had a couple long runs and Allen Bradford peeled off his now signature long-distance runs from scrimmage.

Joe McKnight converted a reception for a touchdown. He also had a twenty-yard run off of what appeared to be a broken screen play.

Stafon Johnson had a touchdown run of 12 yards.

Kevin Thomas picked up a sack on a blitz.

After returning to practice (sat out Tuesday), Anthony McCoy had a few tough catches in the middle of the defense.

Rey Maualuga, Anthony McCoy, Stanley Havili and Taylor Mays returned to practice today. Kaluka Maiava participates a little more each day as he rehabs his wrist/hand.

The next practice will be Saturday (11:00 am), the Trojans will engage in another scrimmage. Concurrently, the Annual ‘Swim with Mike' fundraiser will be held at adjacent McDonald's Swim Stadium.

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