Bradford: "I Never Doubted Myself"

Since becoming a Trojan there has been speculation that Allen Bradford would be better suited on the defensive side of the ball. Bradford, who now looks poised to make a big contribution at tailback says he was never fazed by the talk. "I never doubted myself at all."

Q: Obviously you have been the story of camp so far. What do you attribute your fast start to?

A: I went through my first two years being frustrated, not playing and being frustrated with not really going out there and showing the coaches what I want to do. So I came out here this spring and tried to really be focused on what I got to do and come out here and really run hard and know all of my stuff.

Q: You look to be in great shape and have shown a lot more speed this year. Can you talk about your off-season workouts and what you have improved on?

A: This off-season I worked really hard on my speed. Last year I was like 230 pounds and now I am like 223 or 224. I really worked hard on my speed and wanted to get faster because I was strong enough. I can put more moves on now and can hit the sideline way quicker than I could last year.

Q: Do you think you are a better player right now than last year, or is it just that the backfield isn't as crowded and you are getting a chance to show what you are capable of?

A: From last year to this year I am way more focused. I went in and watched a lot of film in the off-season. I watched every play last year from practice and the games and saw what I did wrong. I saw the holes that I missed and now I am hitting those holes and I know what to expect now. I am able to read the defense when the ball is snapped.

Q: How gratifying is it for you to have stayed at tailback and now have success when there was so much talk about switching positions the past few years?

A: I feel that my sticking it out shows what kind of player and person that I am, and how determined that I am. I am going to go out there everyday and continue to give it my all.

Q: Obviously you have to stay consistent with the way you are performing because Stafon Johnson, Joe McKnight, C.J. Gable, Marc Tyler and Broderick Green are also very talented backs. How do you see yourself fitting into the rotation this season?

A: Right now, everyday we switch who is going first and who is going second. Whether if I am going second or I'm going last I'm going to go out there and when I touch the ball I'm going to make something happen. How I feel about it is, wherever I'm at I'm going to make the play.

Q: Was there ever a point the last few years when you weren't getting many carries that you doubted your abilities as a player?

A: I never doubted myself at all. I was just frustrated that I wasn't able to get the opportunity, but half of it was on me because I really didn't know the offense like I thought I knew it. There was stuff that I was missing but now I know the offense. With my running I was cutting back a lot or I wasn't finishing my runs. I always ran hard but I wasn't running with the physical force I am now. I am really trying to get into the end zone and get that extra yard.

Q: You look to be running with focus and a real purpose out here. What has been your motivation this off-season and now in spring practice?

A: It's kind of self-motivation. I got up there and made a few plays but I didn't get up there and play how I wanted to play. This spring the door is wide open and I am just trying to seize the opportunity.

Q: This year's offense has a lot more experience at the skill positions and you guys return a lot of playmakers. What are your expectations for the offense in 2008?

A: Overall I think this year we are going to be a more mature offense. We aren't going to depend on just one guy to make plays. I think we are going to be real high-powered and mature.

Q: Do you have any personal goals for this season?

A: Right now I'm just trying to finish out spring ball without any injuries and go through fall and try and be the starter. Top Stories