Mark Sanchez Named USC Quarterback

Coach Pete Carroll announced that quarterback Mark Sanchez would be the starter for the Trojans leading into the final week of Spring Practice. Sanchez beat out Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp for the position.

And the Winner is...Mark Sanchez

Pete Carroll Names Starting Quarterback

In a not so stunning, but surprising move, USC named Mark Sanchez the starting quarterback for the Trojans, leading into the last week of Spring Practice.

Sanchez has been the favorite to win the starting position over Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp. It was thought that the starter would be named at the end of Spring Practice.

Coach Pete Carroll announced, "We decided that if we had a game this week, we would name a quarterback, and that Mark would get that call. We thought it would serve us best if we would make that decision now, instead of at the end of the week or some time in the summer. It gives Mark that chance to feel what its like to be in that position. The competition will continue, this is just a statement about where we are right now." Top Stories