Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

The Trojans had their most spirited practice of the spring on Tuesday. Cary Harris, Rey Maualuga and Jordan Campbell set the tone with some big hits but the news of the day was Mark Sanchez being named the starting quarterback. Read what Pete Carroll had to say about Mark Sanchez and more.

Pete Carroll on Tuesday's practice:

"This was the last Tuesday that we get, so we really wanted to make it a great competition day and the guys really responded and the coaches did great. We had a terrific day out here intensity wise. We know that we are into the finish phase of spring football and we want to finish really strong and squeeze every drop out of every day, and today we certainly did that."

Pete Carroll on naming Mark Sanchez the starting QB:

"We talked about if we were going to play a game this week, we were going to name a quarterback and who would it be, and Mark is the guy that would get that call. I thought it might serve us best to make that decision now, instead of the weekend or summer time and give him the chance to feel what that's like to be in that position before we get to the summer time. The competition will continue, this is just a statement about where we are right now."

Pete Carroll on Aaron Corp and Mitch Mustain:

"I'm expecting that both Mitch (Mustain) and Aaron (Corp) will continue to grow extremely fast. Once they come back again from this experience, when they come back to fall camp they will make a big leap and so we will look at everything all over again. It's so important for those guys to always be in contact with the thought that they are a play away from being the starting quarterback. They have to prepare to be that guy and be in position to take that thing over."

Pete Carroll on why Sanchez has the advantage at QB:

"It has to do with his command of the offense and the things that we can call and the depth of his understanding. Mitch and Aaron are still in a mode that they are battling to stay up with the installation and all that, which is natural."

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