Pete Carroll chat room recap

USC head coach Pete Carroll was a guest in the chat room on Thursday, November 7th to answer questions from Trojan fans. We would like to thank the coach for his appearance and the following is a transcript of that chat:

"Coach is now here. The first question will be "What has been your favorite part of coaching at the college level?"

Pete Carroll "Garry, First of all thanks for having me on here tonight, we here at the football office certainly appreciate all the support from wearesc. We look forward to seeing you all when we come back home against ASU. Without question the the most important aspect of my job is working with young players and the way they responded to our program has made it a joy to coach."

"Coach - On behalf of all of us we really appreciate you coming on tonight. How do you defend the growing trend of WR's in the conference?"

Pete Carroll "We try to find tall fast cornerbacks like Marcell and William Buchanon."

"When will we have the depth/talent to make a run at the national title?"

Pete Carroll "We'll make a run at it next year. We feel with the depth of our recruiting we can contend and compete at that level."

"How many years do you think Mike Williams will stay in school?"

Pete Carroll "We promised his family that we will see him all the way through graduation so we are looking forward to a productive four year career here."

"Do you have anything planned for the Notre Dame game to honor Marv Goux?"

Pete Carroll "As usual we will honor former Trojan players with the Trojan Walk that Marv began. At the Trojan function this spring that was hosted by Marv I promised him a victory in front of a large group of people..we have to see that through for Marv."

"I know you see the need to continually build the OL, how many scholarships are ideal out of 85 for the OL?"

Pete Carroll "Ideally we'd like to be three deep across the board."

"Will we continue our past success recruiting in Florida and Texas?"

Pete Carroll "We certainly will continue to look nationally for recruits and hope to have the same success we had here last year in doing so. Lane Kiffin, our national recruiter does a tremendous job of finding talent all across the United States."

"What are the chances for a 6th year with Fargas?"

Pete Carroll "Right now according to our compliance office it doesn't look good, but we will continue to look into it once the season ends. We would love to have him back."

"USC has faced some excellent RB's this year coach, who has been the toughest to defend in your opinion?"

Pete Carroll "Cadillac from Auburn was the most difficult to defend because of his toughness, ability to make people miss, and overall speed."

"How has the internet affected recruiting? Are kids aware of who else a college is recruiting?"

Pete Carroll "The internet is a wealth of information in all directions. There is so much information for opponents to gain information that sometimes it is misused which leads us to keep checking it. It has changed the scope of recruiting for sure."

"Many freshman have made huge impacts this year, could you give a short comment on how the freshmen who are redshirting are coming along."

Pete Carroll "Before I answer that I want you to know Troy just stopped in my office and will answer a question or two. Back to the redshirting, it is a continuous evaluation where we are constantly looking at our players and hoping they will play right away. As a Freshman you will always get a chance to contribute here."

"How is the ankle feeling for Troy and how has it been to mentor Mike Ross?"

Troy Polamalu "The ankle feels great, today was the best it ever felt since the injury. It's easy to mentor Mike because we approach football and life the same way. See Ya, I gotta get some homework done tonight (my coach is right next to me you know) BEAT STANFORD!!!!"

"thanks so much Troy. Coach, what is your philosophy on redshirting a player? Do you ever regret not using a redshirt year for someone like Dennis or Hancock?"

Pete Carroll "We really believe we are grooming them for next year where they will need to have an impact. They need to be leaders for next years team."

"We have open dates in 2004 and 2005. Is there anyone you owuld like to play?"

Pete Carroll "Miami."

"I would love to see that. I understand that recruiting is an off limits discussion but can you answer how many scholarships we have available?"

Pete Carroll "We hope to fill 25 scholarships. It will be our biggest year in terms of incoming players and we hope to have one of the all-time classes."

"Are the SC training facilities a real issue with recruits? If so, what would it take to bring us to par with other schools?"

Pete Carroll "At times it is an issue. We need to update our weight room and training room facilities, we do not need an indoor facility or any more practice fields....anybody want to help???"

"What are the thoughts regarding where to play Matt Grootegoed next season? Will he stay at LB or move to safety?"

Pete Carroll "I plan on keeping him at LB. I feel he has great ability and feel for the position. I would like to use his experience to help us be better next year.We use him in nickel situations where he covers and blitzes like a safety already. Because he is such a savvy player he allows us alot of freedom and versatility with our system."

"What kind of impact do you think Frostee Rucker and Lofa Tatupu will have?"

Pete Carroll "I love the potential of both of these kids. Very athletic and very natural football players and I expect them to compete in the Spring for playing time."

"Is there any timetable on Cody's injury? How about Arbet, Nunn, McGuire, Matua and Poston?"

Pete Carroll "Cody is recovering extraordinary fast already and wants to play in the January bowl game but obviously we cannot let that happen. Arbet is already starting to workout. Nunn as of yesterday he told me he felt great with no swelling and was shocked at how well he was feeling. In terms of Joe McGuire it will be a long haul, I honestly don't know when he'll be back. Matua is getting closer but won't be able to contribute this season, it's obvious he will make a full recovery. We plan to redshirt him. Poston we are going to have to wait and see. With a spinal condition we have to be real careful and patient."

"How do you see John Walker fitting in next season?"

Pete Carroll "He's a great worker and a good special teams guy. He'll compete for a spot at safety next spring."

"Is your daughter still at USC? How has it been to have your son on staff?"

Pete Carroll "Yes she's a junior and doing well. Brennan's right here with me and he says he fears for his job everyday."

"Any thoughts about having our most mobile non-starting QB (i.e. Hart) be the holder? It would give the potential for a fake."

Pete Carroll "It's always a good idea to have a QB holding for you, however Malone is such a good athlete and is always available at practice it makes sense to have him hold. How about Tommy leading the Pac-10 in punting? I hope he can hold onto that spot for the rest of the year."

"Coach - I know you are busy, how are you on time?"

Pete Carroll "I have 15 more minutes before I review the practice film."

"Is there a thought to move the Trojan March on campus to take advantage of tailgating fans?"

Pete Carroll "I would love to do that and it's a great idea and I almost switched it this year. But my guys on the staff like the home win streak and don't want to change anything."

"How do you use the high academic standards of USC to help in recruiting?"

Pete Carroll "We always make reference to the prestige of our academics. It helps to see our school on the rise in almost every facet."

"Which corner do you plan on using to cover Teyo Johnson?"

Pete Carroll "We will use our bigger guys to cover Teyo."

"How do you feel about the fan support this year?"

Pete Carroll "I think it's been good. We hope in the future our season ticket base will be larger and that we will fill the stadium on a more regular basis."

"Coach - I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you again for joining up tonight. All Trojans are thrilled with the state of the program right now and your efforts are very much appreciated."

Pete Carroll "Thanks again for having me, Beat Stanford!!!!!" Top Stories