Garrett Green, the Ultimate Trojan

In two years with the Trojans, Garrett Green has been asked to play quarterback, safety, wide-receiver and holder for place kicking. Green has taken on all responsibilities asked of him. SCPlaybook caught up with the versatile athlete.

Post Huddle Interview: Garrett Green

A Conversation with Quarterback Turned Safety Turned Wide Receiver

A Round of Applause for Garrett Green

Garrett Green is the quintessential role player. So much has been asked of Green, and this all-around athlete has delivered so much. Green entered USC as a quarterback in 2006. Shortly after his arrival, he was asked to move to safety. He played most of his freshman year on special teams.

His second season in 2007, Green was again asked to switch positions. He did so, and spent the season as a back-up wide receiver and was available as a quarterback if he was called upon. The highlight of his season came in the 2008 Rose bowl, where he threw a 34-yard touchdown pass off of a lateral from John David Booty. That play turned the momentum of the game and the Trojans never looked back.

As a junior in 2008, Green will be asked to accept yet another role for the team, as holder for place kicks. Green will replace Michael McDonald for this duty. In addition, he will continue to be a wide receiver for the Trojans.

Green had two receptions and a touchdown at the Spring Huddle. SCPlaybook caught up with Green to discuss his role with the Trojans.

Garrett Green throws a touchdown to Desmond Reed in the 2008 Rose Bowl

Discuss your play at spring camp.

Green said, "It's been a great spring and this is a good ‘cap-off' to it." Green caught two passes (one for a touchdown) at the spring scrimmage.

Talk about your various roles.

He replied, "I came in as a quarterback and was moved to safety in my freshman year and now I'm a receiver. I've just completed my second year."

What are your attitudes with the various roles?

Green commented, "You know, I didn't see this coming in. When they ask you to switch, it doesn't do you any good to not give 100%. I came in thinking I would be a quarterback, I had certain expectations of myself, then I went to defensive back and now I'm a receiver. Your goals, aspirations and motivations switches as you go, but the main thing is you are trying to get on the field any way that you can."

"As a receiver, everyone has different roles, my role is a little extended. It goes a little outside of the receiver role. The attitude (for different roles) really flows from the top down. It really starts from the coaches, they really try to get everyone motivated and you really want to be on the field. It definitely comes from the top and trickles down to the players."

How do you think this will affect you on the next level?

"I really would be hard-pressed to think that far ahead. Right now, priority number one is competing at practice and trying to get on the field."

Last question, how are your studies?

"I'll be a junior this year, and I've declared a major, I'm studying Business Administration."

Photos courtesy of Jaime Rodriguez, Top Stories