A Good Man Earns a Scholarship

Adam Goodman is a determined football player. Out of high school, he wasn't awarded the scholarship he desired from a division-one college. After three years of dedication, Goodman received a scholarship from a top program in the nation.

A Good Man Earns a Scholarship

Hard Work Pays Off for Adam Goodman

Before arriving at USC as a walk-on, Adam Goodman knew he wanted to play division one football. As a senior in high school, he wasn't offered a scholarship. So Goodman decided to play for a local city college, Saddleback College in Orange County. He had an excellent freshman year as a tight end, and turned a lot of coach's heads in the NCAA.

In his second year, he was set back once again, as he suffered a torn ACL. Goodman endured better than a year of rehabilitation. Once again, teams did not offer him a scholarship; they wanted to see how he would bounce back from injury. He decided to waste no more time and walked on at USC.

In his first season at USC, as a redshirt sophomore, Goodman climbed the ladder and ended up as the second fullback behind Stanley Havili. Goodman worked extremely hard learning the system and competing on the field.

Adam Goodman during Coach Carlisles's off-season strengthening program

Coaches were so impressed with Goodman's work attitude, abilities on the field and competitive nature, that at the end of Spring Camp, he was offered a scholarship. SCPlaybook's Clay de Leon caught up with Adam Goodman to discuss his recent scholarship award from the Trojans.

Describe how you got awarded your scholarship.

"We were sitting in team meetings and Coach Carroll was ‘doing his thing' (speaking to the players). The first thing he said was, ‘Sometimes we get a chance to honor some guys, give them some money, and one guy; he's a married guy and could use some extra cash. We're going to give him a scholarship. Then everyone went crazy, and it was awesome!"

"It felt so good, it was a dream come true. Just to be recognized for all of the hard work I've been putting in, it's pretty fun."

How did your wife Jessica react to the news?

"She was excited. She was actually there, she was outside, so I called her in, I said, ‘Come in here, real quick.' She came running in and said, ‘What is it?' I said, ‘Ah, I got a scholarship!' She was so pumped, so excited and happy, it's a blessing, and God's really blessed us, so that's awesome. That was Thursday right before practice, our last week of practice, so it was awesome."

How does that change your attitude?

"We come out here, compete every day. Regardless if you have a scholarship or not, you have to compete. It doesn't mean anything is set. It's just nice to have it, to know that the coaches feel that way about me, but it's not going to change the way I compete, my attitude to play."

What are you studying at USC?

"I am majoring in Policy Planning & Development with an emphasis in Real Estate development as well as getting a Business Minor. I have really enjoyed the PPD classes so far, so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that. I have learned a ton! I am also really looking forward to starting my business minor next year so that when I graduate I will have some background in business; especially since it is so broad."

Adam Goodman goes for a pass with Jordan Campbell in pursuit

What are your future plans? Football and/or career?

"I would love to play football at the next level if possible, but obviously there are no guarantees. For right now, I am just enjoying the football where I am. As for afterwards, I am just excited for whatever God has in store for my future. He has a plan, and I'll find out when the time comes! As for a career, I don't have a specific career chosen yet, I am planning on exploring my options with my degree once things start to fall into place."

Are you planning a family with Jessica?

"Yes, we are definitely planning to have a few kids of our own, but we don't know exactly when we are planning on that happening. Probably once I graduate. For now we are just really enjoying the time we have with one another."

Goodman makes the grab and brings the ball home for a touchdown

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