Darnell Bing is a Trojan

The Trojans received good news on Friday when it was learned that Darnell Bing has met NCAA qualifying standards and will enroll at USC in the spring.

Darnell Bing has qualified to meet NCAA standards and will enroll at USC in the spring, according to his uncle Steve Bing.


"It's true, he'll be at USC in the spring.  We're all really happy right now.  This has been a real eye opener for everybody involved and we're looking at a much bigger picture now.  We're talking about his education. Darnell was always a good student but this has made him a better student.  I can't say enough good things about the people at USC and how they have been 100% supportive.  Their word has been their bond and we're looking forward to seeing him there next year."


Bing was considered one of the top players in the country last season at LB Poly HS and no less an authority than Pete Carroll called him the best high school player he had ever seen.  Darnell has the ability to star on either side of the ball as he is also a talented running back in addition to being an All-American safety and he should have the opportunity to play both spots with the Trojans.  Bing figures to have first crack at the free safety position which will be open with the graduation of DeShaun Hill and he could also provide depth at tailback.

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