Spanos gives verbal commit to Trojans

The Trojans got some good news yesterday after the big win over ASU when Matt Spanos (6'5, 270) committed in the locker room. The stand out from Corona, who can play on either side of the ball in college, talks about his decision.

WeAreSC- I heard you were at the game yesterday.


Spanos- "Yes, I was."


WeAreSC- There are reports that you committed.  Is that true?


Spanos- "Yes, it is."


WeAreSC- Where were you when you committed and who did you tell?


Spanos- "It was right after the game when all of the recruits get to go into the locker room.  I was talking to Coach Sarkisian and then I ran into Coach Orgeron, and we were talking about the game and just the whole atmosphere of a big win and being in the locker room and stuff like that.  Then I told him that I had some news for him, and he asked me, and I told him ‘I want to become a Trojan,' and he said ‘Well, that's great news.  I'm glad to hear it.'  Then we immediately went over to Coach Carroll and told him."


WeAreSC- When did you decide that you wanted to commit to USC?


Spanos- "Well, I've been a big fan of USC for a long time and they were always pretty much the number one team on my list.  Whenever anyone has asked me who the number one team on my list is, it's always been USC.  These past couple of weeks, my whole family has been talking about what school I wanted to go to, and I always thought it would be USC."


WeAreSC- What are the main factors that lead you to choose USC?


Spanos- "There are several factors that made me want to become a Trojan.  I think it was pretty much the best decision for me and my family.  USC has very strong credentials, both in athletics and academics.  I think attending USC will give me the best education possible.  It will also be good playing at such a high level of football and being on a team that is so dominant in the Pac-10.  I think I'll fit right in there hopefully.  Just to play on the same field and in the same uniform as people like Marcus Allen, Junior Seau, and Chris Claiborne, I think it's an honor. Also the coaching staff is great.  It's such an outstanding coaching staff.  Pete Carroll is a really good coach.  Since he's been here, this program has been on the rise, and Coach Norm Chow, he's just a mastermind.  He knows so much about the game, it's just incredible."


WeAreSC- Are your parents pretty excited that you'll be playing close to home in college?


Spanos- "Yeah, they're really excited.  It's like that extra bonus.  Not only is USC a big school, but its close to home so it's even better."


WeAreSC- I know you can play on the offensive line or defensive line in college, have the coaches talked to you about where you're going to come in and play at?


Spanos- "They want me to try out for both D-Line and O-line.  They don't really have me at a set spot, but I'm going to shoot for D-Line but if I can't get it, it doesn't matter to me."


WeAreSC- Who is the coach that's recruiting you for USC?


Spanos- "Coach Sarkisian.  He's a really good guy about the whole recruiting process.  He didn't pressure me to commit early or anything like that.  He's just a sound guy.  He was real nice to my whole family, my mom liked him especially.  She thought he was a real nice guy.  I think he really helped out in the decision a lot as well."


WeAreSC- Are you looking forward to your future in the Trojan program?


Spanos- "Oh yeah, especially with the recruits that will be going in next year.  I read on your guys' web-site a lot how people are saying the program is on the up-and-up, and I think we're going to head into these next seasons going no where but up."


WeAreSC- Have you set your official visit up with USC yet?


Spanos- "Not yet, but I'm hoping to do that soon."


WeAreSC- Are you going to be taking any officials to any other schools?


Spanos- "No."


WeAreSC- So how has your season been going?


Spanos- "So far, it's gone really well.  We're at the end of the regular season and this week we start playoffs.  We ended up 5-5, so we had a better year than we've had the past two years, so it was kind of a big thing, especially because last Friday we beat our biggest rival, Norco.  It came down to the final seconds of the game, so it was a really big win for us.  That just put us right into the playoffs.  It was a real fun season.  We had a lot of really high points and some low points.  I think overall, we did a great job."


WeAreSC- Do you know who you play this week in the first round?


Spanos- "Not yet, but we're going to find out today.  I'm supposed to go down to the weight room in a little bit."


WeAreSC- Did you meet any of the other recruits at the game yesterday?


Spanos- "I didn't meet anybody new.  I saw Darnell Bing and Manuel Wright.  I was looking for Drean Rucker from Canyon Springs, because he also committed to USC.  I was looking to talk to him about it, but I didn't see him."


WeAreSC- Are you all set academically?


Spanos- "Yes."


WeAreSC- Are you coming up to any of the games in the next couple weeks?


Spanos- "I'm definitely going to go to the Notre Dame game." Top Stories