More Moore, Byron Expresses His Thoughts

All is well in the land of Troy. Byron Moore is a Trojan, as he should be. His family has attended all of the USC games. His family loves USC. Moore dreamed of being a Trojan since he was 7 years old. All is well, Moore received an offer, Moore will be a Trojan.

More Moore, Byron Expresses His Thoughts

A Dream Come True for Moore and Family

At USC Rising Stars Camp, Byron Moore was a changed man. He exuded confidence and played with enthusiasm befitting a Trojan. During 7-on-7 drills, Moore frequently paired up with Trojan commit T.J. McDonald and they looked like a match in the defensive backfield. Moore and McDonald – M and M's, look for this pair to work wonders for the Trojans in the coming years.

As it has been well documented, Moore has loved USC since he was seven years old. The 2009 Trojan commit and his family has been attending Trojan Football games for years. Getting to know the family has been an extreme joy. For the last two years, the Moore family has been attending USC Football camps, practices and everything football.

Through hard work, determination and consistency, he got that offer he had been looking for. He currently holds a verbal offer from the Trojans and will confirm that offer on an unofficial visit to USC this afternoon.

Said Byron, "I'll be going up to USC at 3:00 pm today with my dad, we'll be getting a written offer then. My mom is really happy." Indeed, and Moore himself was quite excited about this change of events.

On Switching His Allegiance

The family has been Trojans, and when the offer he expected from USC did not come, the Bruins offered and Moore accepted. Little did he know, after a superb spring camp season, a Trojan offer would be forthcoming.

Moore wrestled with the idea of switching his commitment from UCLA to USC over the weekend. He received a verbal offer after the Rising Stars Camp. Speaking of his decision, he said, "It was really hard, because I really like the UCLA coaches, they are a rising program. I thank them a lot for the opportunity they gave me. In the end, my heart was just at ‘SC." Without a doubt.

Byron's father, Byron Sr. commented, "We are thankful to the Bruin coaching staff. We have nothing but the utmost respect for their staff. The Bruins are up and coming and they will be back, and do great things."

Throughout the last year and more so over spring, Moore has been building relationships with Trojan commits. When asked about whom he has built friendships with, he replied, "Pretty much all of them, Morrell Presley, Randall Carroll, Chris Metcalf and T.J. McDonald now.

Moore will be coming in at Safety, pairing up with T.J. McDonald, as he did successfully at Rising Stars Camp. About this match he said, "People have been saying we played well together."

This turn of events is exactly what the Trojan doctor ordered. And it couldn't have happened to a better family. The Moore family are Trojans. Byron Moore is at home in Troy.

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