Marquis Simmons, an Unwavering Trojan

Marquis Simmons is an enthusiastic, talented Trojan commit, he may be the most powerful linebacker to commit to USC in a few years. SCPlaybook's Clay de Leon caught up with the gifted athlete to discuss his commitment. More inside...

Marquis Simmons, An Unwavering Trojan

Simmons Speaks About His Commitment to USC

If there are any questions as to Marquis Simmons' commitment to the Trojans, it may be put to rest. The enthusiastic, personable Trojan has a solid commitment to Troy and he has felt that way since he played Pop Warner football.

Marquis Simmons is the youngest of 11 siblings. Each of the Simmons siblings is talented and each one of them will have gone to college, as father, Melvin is proud to profess. Marquis may be the most talented of the football playing Simmons. He is athletic, overpowering, strong and fast, but most important, has an uncanny instinct for the ball. Simply put, Simmons is a beast.

Simmons' enthusiasm for the game is infectious. When he hits the field, his exuberance and energy spreads on the football field. At a recent UnderArmour/ combine, the energy level around Simmons was exciting. He played like a man among boys, and everyone around him seemed to raise their level of play and defer to Simmons.

His most recent measurables are: 6'1.5" 215 lbs and runs a 4.52/40.

SCPlaybook caught up with Marquis Simmons to discuss his progress and commitment to the Trojans.

When asked about his summer, Simmons answered, "I'm having a lot of fun this summer. Working out everyday with the team and doing some passing leagues."

We asked Simmons to discuss the spring camps he attended. He said, "The Scout combine was fun going up against running backs and tight ends and playing hard."

"When I went to the Scout combine, I was so hyped, we got there a little late, so we just got right into it. Just a little warm up and it was right into the one-on-ones…it was fun." Indeed, Simmons shined at the combine, overpowering everyone on the offensive side of the ball. He continued, "I went up against the running backs and the tight ends. Some guys put linemen up against us, and we just say, bring them on!"

Earlier in the season, Simmons attended another camp; he had this to say about it, "The Rivals combine was fun too. I was so hyped up. As soon as we hit the field we were just playing hard."

Simmons did not participate in the USC Rising Stars camp. He explained, "I got injured so had to miss USC Rising Stars Camp. I had a slight head injury, I had a concussion so I sat out for a couple weeks."

So what's ahead for Simmons? He said, "I'm looking forward to senior year and coming to the Trojans. It was a dream come true when I got that offer. Before that I was thinking about schools like Hawaii and others. When I got the offer from USC it was like, Bam! Alright! I'll take that!"

He continued, "I always wanted to go to USC. I was in Pop Warner when "Champ" (brother Melvin) was at ‘SC and I saw all the hype and the players and the fans. I knew I wanted to go to ‘SC but that was always so far away. Champ was always a hard worker, he'd always go back to get things right."

Discussing the fact that he is the last of the Simmons brothers, Simmons said, "I'm not the last Simmons, we still have nieces and nephews, my 8-year old nephew wants to play. He says he only wants to play linebacker."

Can't wait for the next generation of Simmons. Top Stories