Another Pola on the Way

Kennedy Pola was a prolific fullback for the Trojans in the early 1980's. Nephew Troy Polamalu made a name for himself in the early 2000's. Son K.C. Pola is looking to start his career in football. More Inside.

Another Pola on the Way

K.C. Pola, Son of Kennedy Pola Learning Football

The Pola family has history at USC and football in general. Kennedy Pola was a fullback/linebacker for the Trojans from 1982-1985. Pola returned to the Trojans as a coach in 2000-2003, where he coached running backs and special teams. Pola has since moved on to the professional level and is a running backs coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pola's nephew is (safety) Troy Polamalu who had a notable career as a Trojan and is now an All-Pro with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pola is proud to mention that he helped recruit Polamalu to USC, as well as Lofa Tatupu and Tom Malone, among others.

Trojan Alumnus Kennedy Pola

The Pola family is rich in football tradition. An uncle, Al Pola, played football at Penn State, a cousin, Nicky Sualua, was a running back with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Dallas Cowboys who attended Ohio State, yet another cousin, Leie Sualua, was a defensive lineman at Oregon, and another cousin, Joe Polamalu, played for Oregon State in 1987 and 1988.

Recently, Kennedy Pola's son, Kennedy Christopher (known as "K.C.") attended the UCLA and USC football camps. K.C. Pola attends Bishop Kenny High School (Jacksonville, FL) is 5'10" 205 lbs. linebacker. Pola will be a junior in 2008, where he hopes to develop his skills.

SCPlaybook caught up with K.C. Pola for a Question and Answer session:

How long have you been playing football?

"I've been playing since the 7-8th grade, but really got into it freshman year of high school. I love the game, any way to get on the field (is what he is looking for). Last year I moved up to varsity. I did a lot of special teams and backup, playing varsity. Hopefully next year I'll be a starter."

"I grew up around football, with dad being a football coach, I didn't get to play a lot until I got a little older. Both sides of the family, mom and dad's side are football families. I kind of grew up in a football environment."

What is your relationship to Troy Polamalu?

"Troy Polamalu is my cousin. I got to see him a bit when he played at USC and he played with my dad as a coach. I was in the 4th, 5th and 6th grade then. I got to be around the USC football players."

Is USC one of the schools you'd like to go to?

"Yes, it would be. I would enjoy it a lot if I could go to USC."

You're just now getting into football how are you training?

"I lift weights at my school, and I actually do ‘Sparks Training' with Lonnie Marks in Jacksonville as well. Right now I just play football. My dad helps me out a lot. He actually trains me."

Are you planning on being a linebacker in college?

"Hopefully. Whatever works. I'll try my hardest and what's in front of me is what I am going for."

What do you know about USC at this point?

"I know bits and pieces about the school. Growing up around there, and obviously, with my dad going there, I know some things. From the Rising Stars Camp, I learned a lot also."

Okay, let's talk about the camp.

"I was there for the first day. It was a fun experience, I liked it a lot. I got to talk to Coach Ken Norton a lot, it was a very good learning experience. The previous day I went to the UCLA camp, it was fun. I learned a lot there also. I met a lot of people. It was a shoulder pad and helmet camp so we got to have a little contact in there."

"Both camps were fun. USC was a really good learning camp, it was a little more exciting. But both camps were pretty good. I was at UCLA Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I stayed at the dorms at UCLA. Rick Neuheisel seems like a good coach."

What are your goals for the rest of summer?

"Lose weight, become a starter into the season. Get stronger and more flexible. Try to learn as much as I can. Do what I can to make my team better."

In two years, look for K.C. Pola to make his mark on college football. Top Stories