Morrell Presley, Top Tight End

After an impressive UA/ combine, Presley saw his stock rise. He is currently #1 TE in the country and the #6 player in the West. More inside...

Morrell Presley, Top Tight End

SCPlaybook Catches up with USC Commit

Morrell Presley committed to the Trojans as a sophomore last year, after attending USC camps. Since then he has worked out with future USC quarterback Matt Barkley on weekends, and has gotten familiar with his future quarterback. He has also spent much of the year on the sidelines of USC football practices and camps.

This spring and summer, Presley participated in the UA/Scout combine in Los Angeles, but stated that he would take time off from camps, to prevent injuries. Said Presley, "I kind of got dinged up a little last year in camps, so I did not attend too many this year." He has been quite busy with passing leagues and team workouts, however.

At one camp he did participate in, Presley shined. After the UA/Scout combine, he walked away with the MVP honors. This boosted his stock considerably. Coming in, Presley was the #2 tight end in the country and #14 ranked player in the West. After consideration, the 5-star recruit skyrocketed to #1 tight end nationally and #6 player in the West.

Morrell Presley walked away with MVP honors at the Los Angeles UA/ combine

Speaking about his spring/summer Presley said, "I went to the Scout Combine. After the camps, we've had passing leagues and practice." About his commitment to the Trojans, Presley said, "It's still strong, I'm staying with USC."

When asked about recruiting for USC, he replied, "We got Byron Moore so that was good." Commenting on the remainder of summer he said, "We have a passing league this weekend in Northern California. After that we'll just get ready for the season."

We asked Presley if he would be attending college games and he said, "I'll be attending USC football games and will attend an official visit there."

During Presley's junior season for Carson Senior High School (CA), he helped the Colts to the CIF-City Section title game. He had 31 receptions for 496 yards and six touchdowns.

During the UA/Scout combine, Presley measured 6'3-1/2, 207 lbs and clocked a 4.69/40. Presley said he would like to be about 220 lbs for his senior season.

Presley headlines a 2009 USC Recruiting class that includes #1 tight end, #1 quarterback (Matt Barkley) and the #1 MLB (Vontaze Burfict). Top Stories