Lendale White recaps USC visit

Colorado running back Lendale White took an official visit to USC this past weekend for the Trojans victory over Arizona State. WeAreSC.com caught up with White to get his impressions on the trip:

Lendale White has a top five of "Texas, USC, Mich, Pitt and last slot is up in the air". He does not have a leader at the time. For the season, he's rushed for "around 1500 yards and 17 TD's, and I don't know how many carries I have."

On his trip to USC this past weekend: "pretty good, I really enjoyed myself." On the highlights of the trip: "I really can't give you any highlights because I just had a good time overall, everything I did I enjoyed." Lendale was hosted by TE Alex Holmes and the two apparently got along very well: " he was a real cool guy."  On Kennedy Pola, the USC RB coach: " He's a real fired up kinda guy. On the field, he demands the best from you, but off the field, he's the coolest guy ever."  On Pete Carroll and Norm Chow: " Coach Carroll's pretty fired up, but he's a real laid back guy. Not too fancy or whatever, he's just about the players and making sure that they feel comfortable. Coach Chow, same way, he's a good guy. Just laid back but demands the best from his players."

On why he likes USC: " Well, the fact that they are losing three senior RB's this year and the fact that I can come into camp no worse than second on the depth chart. "

On Texas: "It's a great opportunity to learn from one of the best RB's in NCAA football (Cedric Benson). I also have the chance to come in no worse than second, and I can fight for the starting job too, I mean he's a great player but there's always someone who could come in and take that spot. Also the family atmosphere and the tradition."

On Mich.: "I haven't been there yet, but they have a rich tradition, and they have two RB's who might go to the NFL, so that's another situation that might be good for me."

On Pitt: "They have young players and I think that if I go there I think I can come in a separate myself from the rest of the players. They also have a rich tradition."

On how he will make his final decision: " I'm not going to release it to the press. Whichever school I commit to, they will know, but I won't release my decision til signing day. It will be between my family and the school. I don't want to keep everyone in suspense, but I just don't want it out. "

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