Adam Goodman's Summer Workout

Backup fullback, Adam Goodman spends his time in the off-season working out with the team and volunteering with his father-in-law, running a football camp for youth in Orange County.Clay de Leon caught up with Adam Goodman to discuss his summer workouts, the FCA camp and his expectations for the coming season. More inside…

Adam Goodman's Summer Workout

Goodman Helped Run a Youth Summer Football Camp

USC fullback, Adam Goodman received a scholarship in the spring, after walking on to the football team last season. He and his wife, Jessica reside in Orange County and are excited to be involved with the USC football program.

Jessica's father, Mark Boyer played for the Trojans in the early 1980's. Both Mark and Jessica are involved with the Orange County Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). FCA is a national Christian organization dedicated to work with Christians, using athletes to further their mission.

This summer, Goodman worked with Boyer, holding a summer football camp for youth in Orange County. The football camp was called the "OC FCA Football Clinic" and was run by the FCA. Adam and Jessica have both been actively involved with the work of FCA. USC kicker, Jordan Congdon was also involved in FCA in high school and also does volunteer work for FCA in Southern California.

Clay de Leon caught up with Adam Goodman to discuss his summer workouts, the FCA camp and his expectations for the coming season.

Tell me about the summer camp you worked. "It's for Orange County Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), my father-in-law Mark Boyer, who played (football) at USC, is the Orange County director. He thought it would be good if we got a youth camp going this year for the kids in Orange County. There aren't many football youth camps in Orange County."

"We just thought we'd throw it together at the beginning of summer. We weren't sure how big it would get. We were hoping for about 20-25 kids and we ended up getting about 45 kids."

"It was Tuesday-Friday from 2:00-5:00 pm, we worked on basic tackling, blocking, catching and throwing, all of those basic skills. The youngest was 9 years old and the oldest was 13."

"We had all skill ranges, those who never played football at all to those who played Pop Warner for six years. It's a huge range of kids, but it's been really fun. We'll try to build on it next year – hopefully this was the ‘first annual, so we'll see how it goes."

Did you take any summer classes this year? "No, I didn't take any classes because my scholarship doesn't officially start until August. I figured I'd just work a little and get ready (for the season).

Have you been driving up for workouts every day? "Yes, I've been driving up every day from Huntington Beach for workouts."

How's Jessica (his wife)? "She's good, she's good. She's been working. She's had some time off this summer so we've been ‘hanging-out' this summer, more than we normally do. So it's good. She's been doing well."

Your father-in-law, Mark Boyer, is he a relation to Robbie Boyer (incoming USC walk-on WR)? "No, he's not related, but our families all know each other, well, actually we had dinner with them last night. Robbie Boyer actually helped work our camp. He did wide receiver (training). It's been fun."

Robbie Boyer isn't on campus yet, is he? "No, he's not here, he doesn't start officially until (football) camp starts. He's not registered for any classes yet. He's been here for a few of our throwing sessions, our unofficial stuff. He'll be here for camp, he's excited and ready to go."

Are you ready for the season? "Yeah, yeah, I'm ready, I'm probably in the best shape I've been in, ever. Coach Carlisle has been working us hard out here. You can feel each week…getting stronger, getting faster, getting in condition."

Are you going to be a junior this year? "Yes, I'm going to be a redshirt junior. I have two more seasons left."

What role do you think you'll be playing this year? "I'm not sure, I think I'll be doing a lot of blocking and I'm fine with that. However they can use me, I'll be glad to do it."

You did some special teams work last year, correct? "Yeah, right now, well, in spring camp I was on punt and kickoff return teams. So I'll do some special teams and back-up fullback duties, whatever, I'm ready to go."

Camp starts shortly, and you'll start working hard. "Yes. It's going to be a good season…we're excited. We're ready to get it going. Kind of see where we can take it." Top Stories