Maurice Drew update

The top player on the top team in the nation, Maurice Drew of De La Salle, is a household name to many. Up until now however, he has been pretty quiet in discussing his recruitment, preferring to concentrate on the current season. The talented running back reveals that he's begun to spend more time thinking about his college decision and has even scheduled his first official visit.

Drew is just great at everything he does on the football field.  He has all of the skills needed in a great tailback, and at 5'8 and 195 pounds, he packs a surprising punch.  On a De La Salle squad that pounds the ball down their opponent's throats, he is the cornerstone, "I can run up the middle and I have the speed to get around corners or get the corner on people," he explained.  "Then when I go one on one with the cornerback or safety, I can run them over or shake them.  A lot of people tell me that since I can catch, I can play receiver too."  Drew also stars at safety for the Spartans.


De La Salle has been dominating as usual this year, and Drew has been putting up some big numbers in support, "It's been going great," he said.  "I've rushed for 1,052 yards on 102 carries in 9 games, because I missed a game.  So, that's going pretty well.  As a team, we're doing excellent.  This year was kind of a challenge because we didn't have Matt Gutierrez and some other guys, so me and a couple other seniors had to step up and play a big role."


As the season has gone on, Drew has received more and more recruiting attention, "I've been offered by USC, Cal, Oregon, Colorado, Washington State, and Wisconsin," he said.  "I don't have a favorite.  Every college is the same to me until I go on my visits.  I'm going to USC January 17th.  That's the only visit that I've set up.  They're all recruiting me as a tailback.  That's where I want to play. I'm looking at academics and some football.  Not mostly football, but since I'm going to college to play football, some of it better be for football.  The way their athletes perform and the way they treat their athletes and all that kind of stuff, and the social environment.  I don't want to be out in the country somewhere.  I want to have something to do."  Drew added that Colorado and Oregon are two other colleges that he hopes to schedule official visits to in the near future. 


The Trojan staff offered shortly after his impressive performance against Saint Louis in Honolulu, and have been in contact ever since.  The fact that Drew scheduled a trip to USC shows that he has some serious interest in the Trojans and he discussed some reasons why, "The way they've been playing, I mean, they've been destroying teams.  They get their running backs the ball as much as they can, out of the backfield, and things like that.  They throw passes to them and stuff.  I went there over the summer, but I have to go on the trip to check everything out."


A pair of Trojan coaches have also been a positive force, "Coach Davis and Coach Carroll," he said.  "I like them a lot.  They're nice guys.  I like to talk to them.  Coach Carroll, he talked to me about the season.  He said he'd like me to return kickoff's and punt return for them and stuff like that."


Drew is in no hurry to commit and will likely wait close to signing day before he decides on a school, "I'm going to wait to see who sticks on and then I'll decide on the last day or a couple weeks before then."


De La Salle and Drew take on Antioch this Friday in the first round of the playoffs. Top Stories