Quoting Carroll: Scrimmage Edition

Read what Pete Carroll had to say about the Trojans' performance on Tuesday, Mark Sanchez's status, which players impressed him and much more.

Pete Carroll on Jordan Campbell:

"One of the guys that jumped out today was Jordan Campbell. I thought he had a particularly good scrimmage. He has done very well in practice and shows great instincts. He really showed up to me. Usually not many guys catch my eye but he did."

Pete Carroll on the status of Mark Sanchez:

"He's looking better. He's walking around, he's starting to move and he feels better. It seems like a month but it is like day three or four from the injury. He's got a great attitude about it. I can't imagine this is going to tie him down for a long time. I think he is going to be alright."

Pete Carroll on the play of the offense:

"We didn't get much done today. We were very sluggish. I want to see what the film looks like. We did pressure a lot today to see what would happen and it was hard on us in this first scrimmage, but all in all I thought it was just a good hard-knocking day."

Pete Carroll on the play of the freshmen:

"Today the objective was to get those guys a lot of work and mix them in as much as we could. We want these guys to get the turns early in camp and show us where they are, and in this first scrimmage they played a ton, and that was by design."

Pete Carroll on why Blake Ayles didn't play:

"Blake got knocked in the head a little bit so we just want to make sure he is clear before we put him back out there."

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