Quoting Carroll: Thursday Practice

There was a lot of news to report from Thursday's practice. Kevin Carden caught up USC Head Coach Pete Carroll to get the coaches thoughts on Mark Sanchez, Joe McKnight's injured fingers and much more.

Pete Carroll on the play of Marc Tyler:

"I thought it was really good day for Marc (Tyler) again. He did some really goods things again. We will continue to give him chances. He's very versatile and he can catch the ball as well as run it."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez:

"He did a lot more, I mean he was over there playing catch. They are doing a real good job of getting that swelling out of there. That's really what the issue is right now. He's kind of bouncing around a little bit and throwing the ball so we are getting closer. He's going to make a speedy recovery."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight's injured fingers:

"He caught the end of his finger in the door. He wanted to go (practice) but it looked pretty nasty I guess. I think he got the end of two fingers."

Pete Carroll on Michael Morgan's injured shoulder:

"He dislocated his shoulder; it popped out and popped back in. They have to find out how much damage there was, if there is any, and see where he is. It feels OK now but it all depends on how much the ligaments got stretched and all that."

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