Drew Radovich interview

Big time offensive lineman, Drew Radovich, is inching closer to a decision and the Mission Viejo star was among the spectators at the Rose Bowl this past Saturday to witness the Trojans' 52-21 victory over UCLA. Where do the Trojans stand now?

WeAreSC- I heard you were at the USC-UCLA game.  What are your thoughts on the game?


Radovich- "Very nice win.  I mean, jeez, such a good team.  It was definitely a positive."


WeAreSC- So the game did make an impact?


Radovich- "Yeah."


WeAreSC- So how is everything shaping up for you now?  What schools are you looking at?


Radovich- "SC, UCLA, Colorado, and Oregon."


WeAreSC- Do you have a leader out of any of those schools?


Radovich- "SC."


WeAreSC- Have you set up any official visits?


Radovich- "I'm going up there [USC] on January 10th.  I think I'm going up to UCLA the 17th and Oregon the next weekend after that, if I don't already commit."


WeAreSC- What do you like about USC?


Radovich- "It's just really close to home, and the opportunities after college, just having an SC degree, and I like Pete Carroll a lot.  The program is going in the right direction."


WeAreSC- What Trojan coach do you usually talk to?


Radovich- "Coach Pola.  I love the guy.  I have a pretty good relationship with him."


WeAreSC- Have you been to many games this year?


Radovich- "I have actually.  I've been to a lot of them.  The chemistry is real good and I just like what I see."


WeAreSC- The last time I spoke with you, you talked a little about how hectic it can get for a recruit, with all of the attention and calls.  You mentioned that if it got really out of control, you might commit early.  What's the latest on that?


Radovich- "You know, that's pretty much what I've been thinking about.  If it gets really crazy, I'm just going to commit early."


WeAreSC- How is your season coming along?


Radovich- "Our team has been real good.  Last year was kind of a one man show with Robbie (Dubois).  We expected him to come out and have a real good game as usual, and we'll do our part, but he'll take care of most of it.  This year it's a whole team thing.  Everyone has to do their part to win and so far we're 11-0.  So everything is going good.  I had a little bit of a slow start at the beginning of the season but now I've picked it up and I'm doing pretty good."


WeAreSC- Who do you play this week in the playoffs?


Radovich- "Canyon Country."


WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?


Radovich- "6'5 and 280."


WeAreSC- Will you be at the USC-Notre Dame game this Saturday?


Radovich- "Yes."

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