Quoting Carroll: Virginia Postgame

The Trojans had an impressive showing on Saturday beating the Virginia Cavaliers 52-7. Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after the game to get his thoughts on the big win and much more.

Pete Carroll on USC's preparation for Virginia:

"We had such good work leading into this. The practices have been so good. We practiced beautifully throughout the whole process. Our guys were in shape when they came to camp and it showed. That's why we work so hard."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez:

"We really have sensed that Mark has the eye for getting the ball down the field. You can just sense that if you give him time back there he is going to find guys. I am really, really excited about it."

Pete Carroll on the Trojans big play ability:

"That was an exciting aspect of our offense that I felt like we didn't have the last couple of years. We all sensed it, and we have been excited about it, and Mark proved it today."

Pete Carroll on the play of the running backs:

"You guys all worry about how many running backs we got, well five out of the six scored which was great. We are happy to be able to execute with all of those different guys involved in the offense."

Pete Carroll on the play of the wide receivers:

"A lot of receivers came through. Damian Williams had a very good game, Patrick (Turner) did a beautiful job there when we got him going in the third quarter and I thought Anthony McCoy was a big factor in the first half."

Pete Carroll on getting freshmen playing time:

"A really cool thing that happened is so many guys got to play today. Tons of freshmen were out there, and that will help them understand more about the urgency and the things that they need to do to help us. We need all of those guys ready to go here as we get through the schedule."

Pete Carroll on the week ahead:

"We will get all cranked up for practice the next few days. We'll just be working on ourselves and trying to get better and then we will get ready for the next ballgame next week some time."

Pete Carroll celebrates the Trojans 52-7 victory over Virginia. (Photo by Nathaniel Greenbaum)

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