Quoting Carroll: Ohio State Edition

Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans face a tough Ohio State team on Saturday at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Look inside to see what Coach Carroll had to say about Woody Hayes, Beanie Wells and much more.

Pete Carroll on Ohio State:

"It's an incredible team. They've got everybody that played for them last year playing again. They've got a great history. They've got great leadership. They've got impact, extraordinary players in all phases of their team. It makes for an unbelievable opportunity for us and a challenge for us to see if we can get a win here at the Coliseum."

Pete Carroll on facing Chris "Beanie" Wells:

"You have to tackle really well, otherwise he'll run a regular play where a guy would make four or five yards, he'll bust it. He's done it against everybody. Our battle and challenge is to not let that happen against us. We expect him to be a very big factor for them in this game."

Pete Carroll on Terrelle Pryor:

"We anticipate seeing him. He's a great running quarterback. As tall as Vince Young, and I don't know if he's as fast or not, but he sure looks it. We sure thought in recruiting that he could be that type of a player."

Pete Carroll on USC's linebackers:

"Our guys are really classic linebackers in their attitude and their approach. They're physical, they're tough. They run well. They love the game. They're really good all around athletes that can make plays in space and can make plays in tight areas. They bring it. They're the kinds of guys that their teammates respect and regard highly because of their toughness, you know. All of the things that kind of classic about great linebacker play."

Pete Carroll on Ohio State's linebackers:

"Ohio State's linebackers are really good. They are quick, agile, athletic. They pressure a lot. They put them in positions a lot to make big things happen, and they do it. (James) Laurinaitis can do anything. He's an extraordinary player."

Pete Carroll on meeting Woody Hayes:

"One of my favorite memories is I'm sitting up in I think St. John's Arena, the old basketball place. I was looking out the window. I saw Coach (Woody) Hayes walking down the sidewalk across the parking lot. I'd never seen him before, you know. So I just dropped everything and took off, ran across the parking lot and met him about halfway down. He was walking home from teaching a class and I introduced myself. We walked for about 10 minutes. And he knew who I was. I was all thrilled. You know, he even knew that I was one of the new coaches. We talked football. That was my one chance I had to visit with him."

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