Quoting Carroll: Ohio State Postgame

The Trojans answered a lot of questions with their dominant performance over Ohio State on Saturday. After the big win, Pete Carroll met with the media to answer answer a few more. Look inside to see what the coach had to say about the Trojans 35-3 victory.

Pete Carroll on the win over Ohio State:

"It's great to play again at the Coliseum with all the build up this week. To have it happen like this it just worked out beautifully. We practiced so well the past two weeks. That type of preparation is what we have been doing for years. I felt we performed to our abilities. We didn't do anything unique, we just ran the game plan. This is a great win for us, but it doesn't meany any more than the others. Next game is just as big with us."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight:

"Anything you can think of with Joe, he is able to do it. He is similar to Reggie (Bush). Reggie will get made at me for saying this but he runs routes better as an outside guy. He's a batter route runner. As he continues to grow with it we will continue to use him when it fits the game plan…Joe's a great competitor. He has a great attitude and a great will about him, and we really expect him to perform well in these circumstances."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez:

"I thought he did a great job tonight, especially against a great defense. His numbers weren't out of this world but I thought he was just beautiful out there. He made some great audibles at the line. Mark was a lot of fun to watch tonight."

Pete Carroll on the play of the defense:

"I'm just fired up by the defense. The fact that they (Ohio State) scored first and then never scored again was so cool. That play by Rey (Maualuga) was just phenomenal.

Pete Carroll on the play of the running backs:

"Joe really answered the call tonight, really securing the ball and making something happen. Stafon (Johnson) gave us great life in the third quarter and what a beautiful catch there by Stanley (Havili) on that first touchdown."

Pete Carroll on USC's offense:

"I think we feel the opportunity for explosive plays more than we have in the last two years. We just feel like we have more opportunities to make big things happen."

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