Carroll post-game comments

I wanted to make a special moment for us so we were all standing down there real tight and I told them "Marv would want us to be this close together and he would want us to Fight On" and right then the thunder just roared. I'm telling you what, I looked around at Coach Orgeron and he said "He's up there in the clouds, man, he's shaking down the thunder for us this time." It was just awesome, what a spiritual moment.

Pete Carroll was interviewed on KMPC radio after the game by Petros Papadakis, Paul McDonald and Pete Arbogast.

Papadakis "Pete Carroll, no third down conversions for the Irish all afternoon, only four first downs on the day and two of those came when the game was out of reach for the Irish.  Talk about your defense, coach, unbelievable performance today."

Carroll "I really don't know where to begin other than to give it to the seniors leadership-wise. For Troy and Michael Pollard and the guys, it was just awesome to have a night like tonight to end their home career.  It means so much for those guys who never had the chance to beat UCLA and Notre Dame, to get it done in the same year for everybody it's awfully nice.  I don't even know, how do you get four first downs?  I don't know what to tell you."

Paul McDonald "Hello coach, I've been introducing you at banquets all week so we might as well talk again now.  You guys did a great job of limiting Carlyle Holiday.  How did you do it?"

Carroll "Really we just did our stuff, we did our basic game plan...."

McDonald "What is this stuff were always hearing you talk about?"

Carroll "Well, did you see how many different ways we rushed him?  We called everything we had and some stuff that wasn't on the list tonight.  Really this was a basic game plan on both sides of the ball, we went back to basics and the reason why was because we were playing the biggest game of the season and we wanted to be fundamental and go right to the things that our guys know the very best.  That's all we have to do.  It just got better and better, you could see that Holiday started having trouble throwing the football and he couldn't hit the guys that we open on the short stuff.  We just feed off that and it gives us more and more opportunities to go after him and make it harder for him, the guys kept executing and kept getting after it.  It's huge, it's huge.  I don't even know how to describe this but it's awesome."

McDonald "First time since 1978 that the Trojans have beaten UCLA and ND in back to back games and you did it in dominating fashion.  These guys just got it going right now."

Carroll "There really is a special feeling this team has and they've followed along with the theme in dealing with our opponents that we had to be very tough minded from the get go and they were, we never looked back.  We didn't realize at Washington State or Kansas State what we were capable of doing but after that for some reason we just got some momentum going and guys started to really start feeling it and they had that knowing that some teams have that you just aren't gonna get beat. Think about how many times we did this in the second half this year.  We just played phenomenal football in the second halves and got stronger as the games went along.  When we sat in there at halftime tonight we knew we were gonna kick their butt in the second half.    You could just feel it.  We only had played like 22 plays on defense so we had all of our energy stored up, we were ready to explode. We're just really grateful because that's a heck of a Notre Dame team, I don't know what to tell you."

McDonald "You liking college football?"

Carroll "Oh, I'm having so much fun, you guys know that, and it's not just because of tonight.  I'm just so grateful for guys like Mike Pollard and Darrell Rideaux and everybody to have the chance to do this, I just couldn't be more happy about the whole thing."

McDonald "Congratulations again on a great season but I've got one complaint.  Palmer broke the one record I still had (passes without an interception)."

Carroll "That was the only record I had on a note card that we were shooting for.  I thought you could have been a little more flowery in some of those introductions. You know, they could've been a little longer, you never talked about what kind of player I was...."

McDonald "I'll have to get some notes from you next time."

Arbogast "All those former Trojans greats lining the sidelines and a huge collection of recruits, you don't think you wowed the recruits do you?"

Carroll "Gosh, I don't know how you could have more fun in the stadium than that.  On numerous times when we had so many good things happening I was looking up in the stands and just seeing a sea of Trojan fans having a great time.  I've been up in the shadows, sitting in some of those seats way up there, I think everybody in the place tonight had a great time.  The best thing is to get this done for the guys who played here before who have been waiting to be proud and walk around with the chest stuck out and the head held high about the Trojans. That's one of the great gifts that I get because I know the guys in the league, it means so much to them, more so than you guys might think.  Paul, you know, it means so much to be able to walk that walk so it's a real thrill to be able to do that for them."

Arbogast "I know one guy in particular, when you walk on that practice field next time and slap that Goux's Gate it's gonna mean something special."

Carroll "Oh Marvy man.  I'm gonna tell you a little something, we had a moment when we walked on the field, we always go to the 50 yard line and do our team prayer after the Trojan walk.  I wanted to make a special moment for us so we were all standing down there real tight and I told them "Marv would want us to be this close together and he would want us to Fight On" and right then the thunder just roared.  I'm telling you what, I looked around at Coach Orgeron and he said "He's up there in the clouds, man, he's shaking down the thunder for us this time."  It was just awesome, what a spiritual moment.  If Marv was there, man, he made it loud and clear to me."

Arbogast "Rose, Sugar, Orange....I suppose Rose is the first choice right now for any Trojan."

Carroll "Absolutely and it always will be that way.  We'll see what happens this weekend.  We'll have a blast this weekend just kicking back a little bit and watching that game to see what happens.  After that we'll see where we sit." Top Stories