Steve Smith update

There have been rumors that Steve Smith from Taft HS has committed to the Trojans. Smith was at the USC vs Notre Dame game on Saturday but was he watching his future team?

Are the rumors of Steve committing to USC true? "No, I haven't committed" With those rumors dispelled, Steve tells me that he has narrowed his focus to two lucky schools:  " I like Tenn. and USC." On the USC-ND game this weekend: " I was there, it was great, they were real explosive and I like that." On his stats for the year: "I've got around 65 catches or something, around 1,100 yards and 9 TD's, (On defense) 5 picks".  Steve is now open to the idea of playing on both sides of the ball in college: " I'll play DB, it doesn't matter." USC, however, is currently recruiting Steve to play WR. On USC: "USC is real explosive, I like the way they open up the offense, they're really exciting and fun to watch. I can see myself playing there." On Tenn: " The atmosphere is incredible and the people. Tennessee is just in need of big play receivers right now, so that's why I like them." Top Stories