Reggie Bush update

Helix HS RB Reggie Bush is one of the most highly recruited players around and after catching the Trojan victory over ND on Saturday it looks as if Reggie will be taking an official visit to USC.

RB Reggie Bush was busy tonight finishing up a science project, so directed my questions at Reggie's father, and here's what he had to say:

On Reggie's current leaders: "There's isn't a certain college that he's picked, he's not leaning anywhere right at this moment."

So what about the three schools that led the way for Reggie just prior to the weekend? "Oh, Those three schools are still up there. "

And USC? "Well, USC is considered, but you know, there isn't an order to the colleges that he likes. USC is in there. He has to take five visits, so we're gonna go to USC, we're gonna go to Stanford, we're gonna go to Notre Dame and Washington, and maybe Texas, I don't know for sure, but I think he was talking visiting them."

OK, so let me get this right, a couple months ago USC was not really in the main mix for Reggie but now they have moved up? "Well, we're going to take a visit. He went to the ND game and he came over and told me he wanted to check it out because it's so close to home and everything, but he was talking about visiting them anyway." 

So is distance going to be a factor? " Well it matters because he's my son, but I'll put it to you like this: whatever's he's happy with, I'm happy with." "He said he'll probably decide from his visits because you really can't tell about a college until you go out there and see the school".

Do you have a date set for the USC visit? "No, not yet."

What does Reggie like about USC? " It's close to home, and there are a lot of players who came out of USC so you have to look at it from that standpoint. A lot of players you know by name came out of USC."

I know Reggie is big on academics; does Reggie respect the academic side of USC? "Oh yeah definitely. They're one of the top schools in the nation, especially at what he wants to major in (Medicine) ."

Reggie has piled up approximately 1,200 rushing yards and 19 TD's on the year while averaging roughly 12 yards a carry. USC RB coach Kennedy Pola will visit Reggie tomorrow. Top Stories